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Thursday, September 6, 2018

A different look at 'coloring'

Often the contrast of dark and light is just beautiful.

I’ve written about faked kinky photos before, and even touched on the loaded issue of D/s situations where a person of color is the clear dominant over a much paler submissive. It’s pretty obvious that if you just want to explore some BDSM in a photo shoot and decide that mixing races could make for a new angle, that certain pairings are going to evoke predictable responses. Have a White male dominate a Black female and you’ve triggered every red flag for racism and slavery possible. Similarly make the Top a White female with a Black male slave and you’ll be thinking of Kathy Bates as Delphine LaLaurie in the “Coven” series of ‘American Horror Story’ 

But reverse the colors and whole new emotions are triggered. Unfortunately, for me, a Black Mistress dominating a White sub still reeks of exploitation. I continue to get this, “you’re getting off on this because deep down you think she IS inferior to you”-vibe. It may not be true, but it’s there, hovering in the air like a musty smell that won’t go away no matter how many windows one opens. 

Personally I have written in the past about Nickki’s authority over me and she is a woman of color. And while it’s hard to completely ignore that, it’s not the driving attraction for me as much as her personality, and if her white partner, Jean, was the kinky dominant type and displayed the same attitude, I’d be equally vulnerable to the dynamic. Still, Nickki’s color is an objective fact……..and that fact carries some baggage with it.

But, make the D/s dynamic between two different races of women, cast the lighter one in the subordinate role, and well…’s kind of powerful and yet interesting. I must not be alone in this because there are a lot of images out there of precisely this situation, however, so many are fake!

This one looks like someone was sitting around with some magazines, scissors, and too much time on their hands. 

Why is that? There are definitely studios who have “gone there” with this topic. 

The "real thing". Lana Miller has been out there whacking away at bottoms of both colors and making them all redder for a while now! No fakery here. Go, Lana!

But is the market bigger than these studios think? Are there fewer models willing to be a part of this? I have a hard time to believing that and feel a model is more interested in making money than angsting over the color of the feet she’s being paid to kiss.

This young lady doesn't seem to be agonizing over skin color.

But maybe I’m wrong? Maybe there are fewer willing models out there than one might think? Whatever the underlying reason, it does seem like Photoshopping fake Black Dominant/White submissive Lezdom scenarios is VERY prevalent, especially when the racial aspect is being somehow highlighted. And it therefore seems to me that professional studios are missing a lucrative market……..for some reason.

Here are a few that I just happened to find the "before and afters" for:

Issue-laden........and fake.

Cool idea........but fake.

Believable........and fake

Here's to Black Women in charge.......ooops, not.

So, obviously somebody has been very busy with their brown Photoshop 'crayons'. LOL  Maybe if there is so much interest in this dynamic, some willing and real people should capitalize? It is kind of interesting though, how once one sees the mixed race image, the original White-on-White seems less powerful. I wonder what this says about us, no matter how enlightened we may think we are with regard to race and equality?


  1. the two pics of what appear to be children are issue laden

    1. Only the super-imposed young African-American girl appears to be underage. When you look at the original, they both appear to be at least "barely legal"....or at least at the age of consent to play with each other. And everyone does have their clothes on. The reason I wrote "issue laden" as my caption was due to that factor in addition to the public display aspect, and of course the notion of reversed 'ownership' as represented by the leash.

  2. It seems to boil down to objectification. The mythical BBC (big black cock) the powerful black Domme that only beats white men, even race play. At my most prurient, all I can think in my head is "Bullshit!" Does this all really exist?

    Sure, up to a point. Every once in a while, I've run across a black man with a surprisingly large cock, but it's not nearly as common as porn would have you think.

    The Los Angeles/Orange County kink scene is surprisingly low on people of color, even though one of the larger dungeons (Lair De Sade) is owned and operated by a black man. (Sire Kane)

    That's my take anyway.

    1. Reality often departs from the stereotypes. But you used the word "mythical" at the beginning of your comment and that made me think if besides stereotype there might also be an air of "mythos" to the whole thing?

    2. Hmm. While I admit my data set is small, in general and based almost 100% on what I've seen in the gym, there do seem to be some racial variations on size, and that black men have bigger cocks seems to have at least some basis in reality.

    3. Okay Dan... How many black men have you fucked?
      Are you seeing them flaccid or erect?

      Experience trumps observation.

    4. Merry & Dan: One of the perks of running a blog is the occasional swerve into bizarrely unexpected territory. Innocent locker room comparisons and interracial fucking in response to a post about Photoshopping 'color' over originally white models? Priceless.Thank you both for surprising me with a tangent I never saw coming.

      (and no, Merry, I never saw a Black man coming either. ;-) well maybe in a video. )

    5. KD: Yes, I've found that those unexpected twists and turns are perks, and also one of my best sources of new topics.

      Merry: I reminded of the scene in Skyfall when the villain has Bond tied to a chair and is toying with him with a very, very homo-erotic vibe and says, "Well, there is a first time for everything, yes?" Bond replies cooly, "What makes you think this is my first time?"

    6. A final thought: Some men are growers others are show-ers, a flaccid penis isn't a good indication on how well-endowed a man is.

      Okay, no more penis talk from me here.

  3. I do not mind the 'fake' pic at all, but I think I would (marginally) prefer it if it was whiteboys like me strung up for whipping :D

    1. I really think I'm more fussy about stuff like this than most others. I just prefer things to be real.....or fake.....but not one pretending to be the other. ;-)