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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Time shift

Anyone who has been following my blog knows that besides Halloween, my favorite party of the year is our annual backyard RenFaire! In fact, you could say that while Halloween is my favorite holiday, the RenFaire is my favorite party. As I am recovering from surgery, I am a little more apprehensive than usual because I will be more dependent on others for decorating, since there is quite a bit of lifting involved.

Anyway, the RenFaire is fast approaching (the 29th.....the latest I've ever held one) and I am using my convalescence to work on the various "paper" stuff. We have been doing a faux "Quest for the Holy Grail" the last three years and each year involves coming up with new clues, dares, and riddles. So far, that is progressing nicely and I'm nearly done with the changes.

But, speaking of changes, the most interesting change for me this year is going to be my costume. Since its inception, the RenFaire was always moderated by me in my role as "Sir Dynaden" dressed in late Renaissance attire.

Me as "Sir Dynaden" posing with our resident effigy, "Torvald Drumpf", who bears a striking resemblance to a fairly well known figure in modern day politics.

But, as I've mentioned earlier in the year, the surprise gift of a chain mail coif from my Little Monster, Ana, and a badass mace from my son, have prompted me to roll back my attire a few centuries to something much more Medieval.

"So don't be vain and don't be whiny. Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your heinie"----------Weird Al Yankovic

Recently I also picked up a few yards of a rustic, cream-colored fabric so that Rosa can make me a tunic that looks something like this one from Medieval Replicas Ltd.

I love the look of this, but will not be wearing the mail shirt.

I have some new surprises in store for this year......but as always am already worrying a bit about the one thing I cannot control: the weather.  One thing that won't be changing that is more apropos of this blog is the role of "Lady Marta-Disciplinarian". Marta stopped by recently and I told her that I was working on the RenFaire stuff as she mentioned she was going to make a new dessert for this year. Then I teased her that I was concocting plenty of situations where she should have no shortage of bottoms to whack. She smiled and assured me she was very willing and ready to once again execute her duties to her best ability! She sounded pretty eager. So 'watch out, everyone!'. 


  1. Watch out world...the mighty knight is coming. Have a very happy party!

    1. Thank you, Don. I am hoping I'll feel more like the "mighty knight" than the "wounded knight" by then! LOL

  2. N-I-C-E hat Man! I love all kinds of head gear and that one is something really special....

    1. Thanks, Tomy.

      Personally I have always wanted a legitimate fez, but could only find either cheap costume ones or old Shriner ones.

  3. Nice coif! You look positively mid-evil! I love Museum Replicas. I have several of their swords and spears, and some clothing. Hope your party goes well, have fun.

    1. Thank you! And it is really great to hear from a fellow collector, too! I would very much be interested in what pieces you have......if you are willing to share that? I have been ordering from Museum Replicas (in frugal moderation LOL) since the days of like their third catalog. My first purchase was their Crusader sword from the old days. They don't even make a lot of what I have anymore.

      In the photo shown I am holding one of their later versions of a cinquedea. I really regret never having purchased their first version. It was so much nicer. On my belt is a main gauche they put on "clearance" that I got for like $45! We also have a flamberge rapier, the old Sword of St. Michael (falchion), two Polish pieces: a karabela and a pole axe..... and most recently the Pilsen Rapier for Rosa and my son's gift of the German mace.

      I would have liked to have gotten their Irish sword with the open pommel, but I am not as wealthy as I would like. LOL. Also their bec du corbin is a real temptation. Maybe someday?

      Oh and ....LOL..... there is nothing "mid" evil about me. I am full bore evil. LOL