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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Curious fate

So, yesterday......rather than watch my 401K crumble....I decided to take the advice of my wife and son and focus on more pleasant things. In my case, this is easily done through working on Halloween. Now one of the things I told myself going into this year was that I really didn't need to buy anything new or do too much in the way of additional props. Yes, there were a few things that needed to be repaired, and there were some minor projects that I wanted to do to enhance existing set-ups ( like my outdoor "Headless Horseman" ), but nothing on the scale of making the full-sized corpse I did last year! LOL

However, on a trip to Michael's with Ana, I saw this figure set of Lemax zombies that just sort of called out to me.

The strange thing is this set must have been a "made for Michael's exclusive" because any internet search of any Lemax site shows each of these folks being part of different sets. Mine however, came as a couple.

Once I saw the crawling female zombie, I had all sorts of thoughts and had difficulty settling on one. But, fate sort of stepped in by having me drop my crawling skeleton on the hard floor, breaking it into several pieces.

 Since I had to fix it, it got me thinking and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and go for something near and dear to my heart. The one thing I hate about Lemax is the crappy quality.....BUT I love how easy it is to customize them. So, with the help of some spare parts, tools, and some Milliput, I brought the zombie girl back to vibrant life.....but tore up her dress. 

I can't help but picture the young lady thinking: 
"and here I thought that zombies only wanted to eat brains!"

And here they all are in Sunnydale, mingling with the crowd.

The thing is, while I love this new addition, I'll need to amend my Sunnydale story (link)  to include this little scene. And I'm not sure what to do with that. There's a certain ambiguity to the piece now that lets any viewer sort of decide for themselves what's going on, or about to happen, and once I commit to my own interpretation, that flexibility is lost.

It's not something I have to do right away.....or I suppose even at I have time to figure out what this little scene is actually depicting. What do you all think? What's the fate of this buxom, raven-haired beauty?


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe she voted for Trump, so her brains are in her ass!

    2. That could be! Thanks for the compliment. I actually did write her into the original Sunnydale a professional stripper (Fanny Tingle) who showed up at the wrong address and ended up working for 13% commission luring patrons to the inn for drinks. The two patrons following her in this case are: Marty Tushlieben & "Dirty Floyd" Farquhar.