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Thursday, October 4, 2018

No Rest

I have never held the RenFaire as late as I did this year. It is always towards the "early-middle" of September, or even the beginning, depending how the calendar falls. But with conflicting weekends for key people and my surgery, I pushed it all the way back to the 29th. 

On one hand, that turned out to be extremely fortuitous, since the weather was not just good.......but downright PERFECT! So no regrets there. (Feedback keeps coming back that this was the best one ever. And having hosted a LOT of these, I would have to agree.)
However, by the time I got everything from the party down, it was time to put Halloween up!

As regulars here are well aware, Halloween in our household is not something to be taken lightly. Anyway, I usually try to have a lot up by October 1st or 2nd, but here it is the 4th, and I still have a bit to go. The other thing is that some of my 'usual' props were in need of some repair and refreshing......which takes time. I have a couple of creative projects to finish as well, but fortunately they are not crucial to the main set-up.

One thing nearly 90%complete, is the outside. One thing I try to do every year is change what my skeletons are doing. Last year they were making S'mores. Before that, they were digging graves, and one year even changing a faulty light bulb (probably one of my favorites). This year, in honor of imminent legalization of marijuana in NJ I did this for my graveyard:

Thumbs up!

Not only are the party-ers coming out of the woodwork to celebrate......they're clawing their way up out of the ground!

So I have been busy, and will continue to be for a while yet. On a side note, 'O'-ctober is fully underway and I have had 2 O's already with more to come!


  1. Don't you mean more to cum?

    Oh I am definitely feeling naughty today!

    1. Oh, go ahead. Be as naughty as you'd like.