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Monday, October 1, 2018

RenFaire 2018

Sir Dynaden of the Villa Alava

I have been conspicuously absent from all blogging for the last few days because setting up, hosting, and then cleaning up after our annual RenFaire is an incredible amount of work. I want to publicly thank everyone who helped that may read this, (I know Ana will and she was our resident face-painter once again.....and did a very fine job of it!) And I want to really heap some hefty praise on my Honey, Rosa, who made my tunic so that I could alter my usual late Renaissance attire to something much more Medieval.

Here I am posing with my crossbow.

And here I am with Lady Ana....which also gives an 
overall image of how the full tunic looked.

The one worry I had was weather, and it turned out to be literally one of the finest days of the entire year! Lady Marta reprised her role as resident disciplinarian and got to whack quite a few behinds......of all willing victims......including mine! LOL And by sheer luck-of-the-draw, she was also chosen for our coronation:

Here, Rosa, who was last year's Queen, passes the crown to Lady Marta 
posing with both scepter AND her leather strap/slapper!

And here I am with my bevy of full and part-time disciplinarians: Rosa, Nickki, & Marta!

There was only one dark moment (but I am not going to discuss it least not today) but it was brief, probably inevitable, and resolved itself quickly.

Me and my Royal Honey just as the sun started to set.

Today also begins O-ctober! I'm figuring on the first O tonight with Rosa.


  1. Great outfits KD! Sounds like it was a great event.Would have loved to be there.

    1. Thanks, Glen! Considering your name, I would expect to see you all "William Wallace-like", kilted with sporran and claymore!

    2. Not to mention lots of blue body paint....Maybe next year ...if you invite some spankable maidens!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of that. It's grand, it's fun, it's creative, and there's spanking too.. Wow. You da Man KD

    1. Thanks, Tomy. It's a LOT of work though.....but worth it!

  3. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAV POSTS!!! The party was great, and a lot of fun! The games were diverse enough for everyone to have something they excelled at! This was probably the greatest year to face paint! I basically covered my best friend in paint! More people decided to get face paint than previous years so my creativity was definitely being used! The punishment of spankings were fun haha, I tried to put someone up there who might enjoy it ;)
    Great party and excellent food with amazing people!
    -Ana :)

    1. Thanks, Honey! And you are an integral part of it all!

      (I was trying to get "Lady Marta" to give your friend some good whacks but she didn't catch on to my hints.)