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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Rosa's "warning"

So, yesterday Rosa bemusedly informed me that she had spent some time talking with Nickki during the day. And while much of what they discussed is confidential, Rosa did want to assure me that if I had any doubts over whether the proposed "spanking event" would actually happen, that I could lay my worries to least THOSE worries. I may need to trade them in on a different set of worries! LOL

According to Rosa:
1: She can't tell me much because Nickki wants a lot to be a surprise.....but...... 
2: It IS going to happen and that Nickki has a few "tricks up her sleeve"
3: Nickki is also VERY determined and enthusiastic about this adventure.

In fact, it seemed like my Honey was more than a little amused at just how eager Nickki seemed, and of course, Rosa told me that she gave our friend every "green light" she could! Now it's just a matter of when this will transpire. It's supposed to be for my birthday which is the beginning of December, but I'm also having my second surgery at the end of November, so I think this adventure will probably happen sometime before then.


Part two of today's post is just a nostalgic look back at an image from last year:

My little Monster has been busy at school lately and had to skip her usual weekend home last week, so I'm missing her a bit more than usual. Ana will be home this Friday though and asked if we could do a family movie night of snacks and a viewing of the Tim Burton classic, "Beetlejuice" (since Ana is going to our party as Lydia this year). It should be fun.
In the meantime, if I can't have my entire Monster, at least I have a cute shot of her pretty feet! 


  1. My birthday is coming in a few days. There will be no birthday spanking this year; or ever again. The love and creativity on those occasions cannot be replicated and the memories are sufficient anyway.

    1. Happy Birthday. Perhaps it is wise to not try to recreate something special, but another option is to substitute something else? Just a thought. All the best to you, sir!

    2. Thanks. Good advice. I will gift myself with a trip to a hiking place that is further than I would normally drive to, but is spectacularly nature-opulent.

      (I shouldn't have even posted that in the first place. Sorry about that.)

    3. No need to apologize. I fully understand where your comment came from and how it was intended and took no offence. You are a welcome guest and a great "online friend", so feel free to post 'from the heart' even if at times that means coming from a slightly less jovial place.

  2. Sounds like the perfect birthday present!

    1. It is certainly not available in many ( or any) stores!

  3. Replies
    1. Well, it's that 'candy corn time of the year'!