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Monday, November 5, 2018

"5th of November"

"Remember, remember
the fifth of November,
the Gunpowder Treason and plot.
I can't think of a reason
the Gunpowder Treason
should ever be forgot."

It's a tradition in our home on or about November 5th to re-watch the classic movie "V for Vendetta" based on the graphic novel by the talented Alan Moore. As evidenced in the above movie poster, one underlying theme was that: "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." Within the context of the story, this sentiment is both chilling and stirring, and with Election Day being tomorrow, it almost sounds like it should be a rallying cry of sorts. And yet? This year, thinking of "V" and his message has chilled me with an alternate thought that has never plagued me as deeply as today: What if PEOPLE are of afraid of their people?

I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, but what's worse is that whatever happens, I am unsettled by whatever that outcome may mean going forward.  I wish I could say that my concerns are solely "Trumpian"..........but they're not. Trump is one person and as such is much more of a product or symbol of what we have become than the cause of it.

The only way I could feel good about tomorrow is if there were no close races and that having seen the truth of the person in office, all people would rise up as in "V" and renounce it. But that is clearly not the case. This is not an unwanted tyranny.  And to me that is the bigger problem. 

And even if the opposite was true and everyone embraced the Democrats as saviors, what then? Does any thinking moderate-minded person believe the answer to our problems lies with them?

The issue I have with American polarity now is that it is not rooted in opposing idealism. It is unapologetically based on two competing  and diametrically opposed philosophies of selfishness: the worst element supporting the left wants a continued existence of unwarranted handout while the worst element of the right wants a sort of sanctioned privilege for a certain type of person: white, male, religious conservative. It's the heroic victim versus the heroic victor-at-all-costs. And as one of the "people" THESE "people" scare ME!

Meanwhile there are so many people who are not of either extreme who could easily recognize that 'fairness' is all anyone reasonably wants. "Don't take the money I worked for and hand it to someone capable of working who just doesn't want to, but at the same time let anyone who IS hard-working and decent be able to live to the fullest standard society can offer.....regardless of their color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation." The problem with tomorrow is that because each Party only offers differing halves of that message, who does a moderate vote for? 

Still, for me there is a clear answer, but only because of the type of person Trump is. In my mind he clearly has to be kept in check, and I will vote to make that happen, but that is only because I think I am in danger with him unrestrained. The irony is that every person casting an opposing vote is probably also thinking they are in danger by doing otherwise.  In a fucked-up situation like this, I think even V would be confused as to what to do.


  1. I will state this, it is my opinion, accept it please. Trump is not good for this country, it has been proven this year. We are divided as never before. We have families fighting over politics, this not right. A change is needed and I hope those who voted for him realize they made a mistake. They wanted a change in government, thought he was the person for job, learned is not. So I hope that people and they are coming out in groves to pick see what is happening and vote to change. Jack

    1. I would agree that he has to go, but my concern is for what needs to happen next to get this country back to a reasonable "middle" on things. So far I can't say the recent trend towards Democratic Socialism is thrilling me any more than unchecked freedom on businesses to shut down strikes and pollute with impunity.

      It seems to me a moderate middle is right there begging to be heard.

  2. I share the same tradition. While at times I can't due to my work schedule,I post up the most prominent speeches by V on Facebook. Especially with their significance in reflection of our current day.

    While you and I have had our differences of opinion on a few matters, I believe that you can appreciate the following.

    1. Welcome back, Loki. And thank you for the video link, it was a thorough recap of the story.

      Now let's see how today plays out.

  3. It looks like the Democrats mostly came out on top. Hopefully Trump will take it as an indication of his failure as a president. But he probably won't "get" it!

    1. Well, they took the House, lost some ground in the Senate. An overall look confirms what I wrote here: you can actually be a walking, talking, lying piece of shit, and as long as you protect the notion of a white, conservative, religious "America", you are a tasty chunk of milk chocolate. Just look at a Red/Blue map. Yesterday was a battle, not an ouster.