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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Holy Turkey

TRUE STORY (i.e. not fake news):

The other day I went food shopping and since I have a Shop Rite Plus card, over time I accumulate enough "points" to earn a free turkey for the holidays. Since I have a lot of people to feed, when I see the larger ones out, I grab one even it's a bit early.

Such was the case when I was at the checkout counter recently and told the cashier that I was looking to cash in my "points" for the frozen fowl on the conveyor. She looked at me and said, "so you want to redeem your turkey?"

(Now I'm sure she meant 'redeem my points FOR the turkey' but I couldn't resist responding to her actual words.)

I looked back at her with a smile and said, "well I'm not sure what this turkey might have done during his life that requires redemption, but I am pretty sure that at this point it's a little late for him."

When life tosses you the perfect straight line, sometimes you just have to take the cue.


  1. "When the door is open, Walk In" another way of saying it. Jack

    1. Yep. I've also used: "Don't hand me a loaded gun and expect me NOT to pull the trigger."