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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lock her up!

"Lock her up!" It is one of Trump's favorite chants. And because I enjoy irony more than most anything, I am loving the news on Ivanka's eerily-Hillary-similar misuse of  personal email. And because Trump's comments and attitude towards Ivanka have always been a bit inappropriate and creepy, I can't help but imagine 'daddy' publicly defending his daughter from these chants while privately picturing her like this:

And let's be IS much sexier picturing Ivanka this way than Hillary.

What goes on in Trump's mind is anyone's guess, but if his private thoughts are anything like what he says or Tweets, then I am fairly convinced the above image pops into his head every time someone ironically says "lock her up" regarding Ivanka. He is clearly a very vulgar person.

I mean, just look at how he responded to Adam Schiff! "little Adam Schitt"? ( Ol' Lyin' Shitbag really likes his nicknames.) Trump should realize that even a "little shit" can still be a BIG pain in the ass depending on the situation. And I think come January, he's going to find that out the hard way.


  1. Nice! You should find more pics that link to political cliches. 'Bring back the birch' springs to mind :D

    1. As in "John Birch"? No thanks. We have enough of that thinking already. LOL

  2. Is the John Birch Society still around?

    I'd have to doubt it, since there are right-wing, conspiracy-buff whackos around today who make the old 'Birchers' seem rather mild--and unfortunately there are lots more of them these days.

    It doesn't make much sense for 'Von Trump' to offend Adam Schiff either, since he'll soon be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee--and unlike his predecessor, the inane Devin Nunes, it's obvious that Schiff will be using the Committee's investigative authority quite seriously.

    I've always thought of Hillary Clinton as the *toppish* type, I even remember an old Nu-West cartoon showing her with Bill bent over her lap as she employed a hairbrush atop his bare butt while exclaiming "We won!", celebrating his 1996 reelection.

    Ivanka would look much better nude and restrained, that's certainly true, while her father's media lackeys scramble to somehow justify her e-mail problem as being "nothing like Hillary's"... --C.K.

    1. I saw an article saying they were.

      I find Hillary utterly unappealing on almost every front. Still I do see your point.

  3. Getting back to the birch suggestion by QBuzz. Would not want to miss an opportunity to consider Ivanka getting punished with an old fashioned birching.