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Monday, November 19, 2018

Paddles & stuff

It was an eventful weekend, starting with Friday. I had planned on installing a custom sliding pantry for Jean & Nickki after a doctor's appointment I had in the morning. What worked out nicely was that we had a 'contract' of small payment installments for a lawn mower they gave us, but because of the project, (which they were going to pay me for) Jean & Nickki asked if I was willing to just do the work as a even trade. I loved the idea.

However, it had snowed the day before and that almost ruined my plans but instead, enhanced them. Jean was going to be off from work but because of the snow, Nickki also stayed home so I was able to see BOTH of my friends while I installed the unit.

When I discovered that Nickki was going to be home, and because our lawn mower contract was now void, and because I know she likes contracts, and she had just recently become an active spanker with me & Rosa.......I decided to offer her a custom lucite paddle I had in my glove compartment (for away-from-home spanking emergencies) as a sort of 'permanent loan' so that she would have an effective implement in her own home so that she could feel free to spank me not only when she visited us.....but if we visited them! So before I left, I quickly made out a new contract and inserted two copies along with the paddle in a large manila envelope. Here is what I printed out:

Since I know you like ‘contracts’, here is a special one for you. I am offering you possession of a custom, lucite paddle I made that I am willing to give you as a sort of “conditional, permanent loan”.

If you agree to the conditions, you may keep this paddle right up until you no longer wish to observe the conditions. And at that time you just need to return it to me. The conditions are extremely simple:

1: You must use it. How frequently is up to you, Jean, and Rosa, but it must be used. There is nothing sadder than a good paddle laying around with dust on it! 

2: When you DO use it, you should understand that having the paddle in your possession is like a Queen holding a scepter: you have POWER. So if you feel a little mischievous, or want to play a little unfair, or if you want to really whack hard? It’s your call. I have only one option: compliance with a “yes, Ma’am.”

If you agree, keep the paddle somewhere safe and handy and sign here:



At one point, Jean left to go out with another friend leaving Nickki and me with some privacy. Even though Jean is on board (Nickki told me that after I showed up with the custom unit and started working, Jean was so pleased with it that she whispered to Nickki, "you are going to have to give KD another really good spanking now as a reward." I guess she is truly OK with this.) I still felt funny presenting the offer with her there. I wasn't even sure how Nickki would respond so I preferred to present the idea just one-on-one. 

Well, I didn't have anything to worry about with Nickki! She signed immediately after she read it! Not a second of hesitation! So, we talked a bit after and went over a lot of things that would take up pages if I wrote them all here. However, one big takeaway for me was that Nickki admitted she was definitely interested in being an active party in the arrangement we all had, and that she was also with me in being interested in making subsequent spankings more intense than our introductory session. 

We discussed that more fully and I tried to put into words how I see myself always being somewhat "in control" with her and that I think it would be a really refreshing and healthy development in our friendship if she could "put me in my place" as the "sub friend" by being more assertive in her role. She seemed to relate to what I was getting at and said she understood how spanking me when she felt like it and harder than I would "enjoy" .....all with me being honor-bound to accept it, would dramatically and permanently tilt certain aspects of power and authority in her direction.

We both joked about how it did seem unlikely that once she had me in genuine distress, there'd be no way I could somehow dismiss that later on and try to act like it didn't happen. It was both exciting and a bit scary to hear her chuckle at the idea and agree that such a development would indeed be a powerful one-way street of sorts. I think the terms 'cocky' and 'take down a peg' came into play, signifying an understanding of the significance of our now mutual goal.

Even though the models are both female, I found the expressions so perfect that I could not help but see this as the perfect illustration for my point.

I also assured her that Rosa & I both wanted her to feel empowered to indulge herself freely and that was part of the reason I was giving her a paddle to have in her own home. This way she could summon me across her lap whenever the mood hit.....even during one of our visits. I told her I would be OK with whatever she wanted to do but explained my only condition for compliance: she could spank as hard and long as she liked for real or for fun, (with Rosa's approval...which, let's face pretty much a given) but if she declared a 'real' one, it had to be somewhat fair. If she just wanted to flex a little Domme muscle, she could be as mean or unfair as she liked if she prefaced it as 'playing'.  And just saying she wanted to roast my butt because she felt like it would have me mentally still be fine with it....... even if the end result was her roasting me but good. The issue I explained was not the intensity of the spanks but the REASON for them. She understood and was cool with that and said she could see herself doing both types depending on the situation.

Rosa was happy that Nickki accepted the paddle but didn't seem too surprised. She also didn't seem that surprised by Jean's comment.  Interestingly when I texted Nickki that Rosa wasn't surprised, she said she wasn't surprised by that! Now, it will just be a matter of time and opportunity.

This is an in-progress shot of the unit I made. There are still a couple of things I need to do to fully finish it, but I had to install it before I could do them. At least Jean & Nickki can use the thing while I tweak and finish the front fascia.

I suppose the whole episode also put Rosa "in a mood" because on Sunday, she gave me a list of instructions for the next few days, had me give her a nice pedicure, spanked me THREE times......all ostensibly for 'fun' though she admitted the last was a mix of fun and also to help highlight her points and instructions. Then I was allowed a long self-tease as I kissed her feet with clips on my nipples while she watched TV, and then I had to put on my CB cage which she then locked with a smirk. All of these things were HER ideas! So, like I said, it was an interesting few days.......and my still-pink and sore butt is proof of that as well as my locked-up and frustrated 'front'!


  1. Interesting gift you gave her. In your future I can see you bent over with Nickki on one side and Rosa on the other both toasting your presented bottom.

    1. I had not thought of a simultaneous 'double' with them, but you are right: it is NOT outside the realm of possibility. Hmmmm, interesting thought!

  2. Your experimentation is totally epic. Thanks again.

    1. You're welcome. I have to admit, I sort of live by a compulsion towards experimentation, regardless of the arena. I think that's what drives me to find new foods, drinks, AND experiences.

  3. The unquenchable Explorer........

  4. I don't doubt that a double spanking is in the future. I think age has something to do with it. Many years ago I would have never thought, I would be as comfortable with how and who I am. Younger me didn’t know I could enjoy receiving as well as giving. Older me is fine with letting folks know and love conversing about it. Quite a few times there has been more than one spanker or spankee in my life. Love my wife. The more that know there seems to be more opportunities in both directions. As experiments go this is better than most. Sent from one house to the other and back again could be fun and painful. I think it’s wonderful that Nickki might be more involved and that her wife prompting is amazing. Good luck. John G.