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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Yesterday I had my second, and hopefully last, hernia repair. Last time it was for an inguinal hernia, and this was for an umbilical hernia. Both surgeries were performed robotically with a da Vinci device and the recovery period afterwards is just amazing to me. You just bounce back so quickly! And no sutures......just glue.

I have a bit of pain today, but nothing I can't handle. Still, with all of the trips to the hospital and all of the little 'indignities' that can mean, I have to say, nothing really tripped any fetish switches for me. So when I see imagery like this, I just feel like I missed out on an opportunity:

I mean if I'm going to be uncomfortable, why not at least have it be a little edgy?

Everyone was very nice and professional and the only 'glitch' was that my scheduled surgery had to be delayed due to an emergency appendectomy that required the room. But if my going hungry a little longer meant saving someone's life, how can I complain? 

Another positive to this recent procedure is that besides correcting a problem, I will now once again have a normal navel! I know that doesn't sound like a big thing but it has been a bit embarrassing in the summer to have this pop-out 'outie' like a woman in her last months of pregnancy. If I'm going to be embarrassed, I think I'd prefer something more like this:

How would I tell the technician that her therapy had to stop short of an orgasm.....or else be postponed until after "No-O-vember"?

So I am again on some minor physical restrictions like no lifting for a week, even though  want to begin decorating for Christmas, but I can work around that. And I don't have any other real restrictions besides that main one that did not come from my doctor. LOL I suppose I might be given a tease though? And besides, there's only a couple more days left in the month. I don't know what December will bring and Rosa and I have had bigger issues on our minds than when I might once again have an "O". But I am definitely feeling the frustration and would love some attention......even if it was purely clinical in nature:

I have to admit, even with a bit of belly-pain, I am definitely envious of this young man right now!