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Monday, December 31, 2018

A New Year already?

You can believe that to be sarcasm. Hell, it feels like I aged a decade since 12/31/17, but despite my eagerness for this year to end, I can't help but feel like the dates are all wrong. Is it really the 1st that's worth celebrating this year.....or does the 3rd actually hold more promise for a brighter new year?

Rosa and I have no plans for this evening but we are booked solid for tomorrow with a New Year's brunch with Marta & Wally at another neighbors' house to start the day, followed by a dinner here for family and friends towards early evening. We even have a whole new table setting concept we are going to use for the first time. (I'll post pictures afterwards)

As I mentioned on Dan's blog, I'm ambivalent about resolutions......

....since they are so prone to being easily abandoned.

But Rosa and I have discussed how we'd like to approach the New Year now that I am pretty much recovered from my surgeries. Hopefully we can see our intentions through. I have yet to broach the Year end/New year kick-off Punishment 'tradition' with Nickki or Marta......but I'll post about it when it happens. Ana has already told me that she'd be happy to join in again, and Rosa likes the idea but is taking a more down-and-dirty approach to it rather than my sentimental 'it's a tradition' outlook.

I do anticipate 2019 to be a very busy year for me "project-wise" with promised aid going out to Jean & Nickki AND to my biological daughter and her husband since they just purchased their first house and are looking to do some make-overs. I also have a small backyard project planned for here. But I'll go more into that as things develop.

Anyway, I'm heading out to get the food for tomorrow's dinner....and I'm honestly just not feeling very festive. And I'm not sure why. But like I said earlier......maybe my mood will improve after the 3rd?


  1. Happy New Year!

    Just got home from a weekend away with you-know-who while Shilo and Stitch held down the fort.

    1. Thanks, try to have some shared fun with everyone today!

  2. Food-Dinner should brighten spirits, one hopes :)

    1. It's already happening today. The new table setting turned out very nice. I will be posting pictures later this week. Happy New Year, Tomy.