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Friday, December 14, 2018

Darts & Targets

One of the things I've always enjoyed about writing for this blog is the opportunity to come across things that prompt thoughts I might not otherwise be exposed to or consider. I had just such an experience and came across some images that initially made me grin and  then actually got me thinking. And I don't believe I've ever really examined this area as a point of interest: human dart boards!

And while I tend to doubt this is anything other than body paint, the notion is kind of cute. Although in this case....and a few others, I believe the intended "dart" is something fleshy attached to a male groin rather than a pointed projectile.

Yeah, somehow I'm thinking her goal is  penetration, not puncture.

And this is just a gaudy nightmare!

More neat craftsmanship with a definite goal in mind.

And as appealing as burying your own 'projectile' deep into the bullseye may seem, what about the other more "BDSM-ish" option......true pointed darts?

Here is a cartoon version I believe is from a recurring Penthouse comic.

She seems less than happy with her tormentor's marksmanship. But she is still a cartoon character.

But here is a poor gal whose bottom is all too real. Granted the darts are the lighter, more pin-like ones that in this case I believe came from a blow-gun. Even still, there must be a bit of sting in being the human dartboard for them:


I have to admit that I immediately began to think of the dangers in a game like this. Foremost being stuck in the tailbone, and at first I figured that these darts don't penetrate very evidenced by the way some are barely staying 'stuck'. Here's another:

This is a pretty fleshy target. And perhaps that adds a layer of protection? Although being a bit zaftig also presents an easier target to hit.

But then I found a few images where it seems like the darts did indeed stick quite emphatically:

I would not have predicted the reaction I had to this shot. I found it pretty hot.

Here you can see the blow-gun.

Wow! This young lady must have had a terrible ride back home!

And, while some of those blow darts definitely made an impression, I found another ample bottom that ended up pierced....only this time it looks like real darts were used! Big ouch there, right?

I can't help thinking this is a bit dangerous.

And speaking of danger, I have to think this last shot is posed. As risky as being a human dartboard may be, I can't imagine anyone wanting to risk a bullseye like this one:

So there you have it! Something new and different. Love it or hate it, but whether you are thinking someone should hire a psychotherapist for these people or wondering where you can buy a blow-gun, it is something that it seems appeals to more than just one oddball in the world. Like I said, I didn't like all of these scenarios, but a couple had me daydreaming. Did I mention I used to play a lot of darts back in college? ;-)