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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

L-"O"-ng awaited

After No-O-vember ended, early December was such a whirlwind of medical tests and worry, that the decision "to O or not to O" got postponed until this past weekend. But Rosa decided that December would be neither be O-less, nor the O-fest October was. Instead she decreed what will be a reasonable (and I think, still generous) mix. I am to have one O per week.....and to start things off, I had my first that morning very much like this:

The differences being that I was laying on my side and kissing her feet as it happened......and I'm not nearly as big as this guy! LOL

The other thing that we do differently at these times, is that Rosa just reclines back and uses ONLY the vibrator in an almost lazy way to stimulate me. No other touching....except to reposition me when she wishes. It makes for a VERY submissive experience to be brought to orgasm so literally "offhandedly". It was a fun time. Rosa did a few start-and-stops with the vibrator and after a while I was kissing and licking her soles and toes like a starving puppy who'd just been given his kibble. And then I informed her as I "got close" as per our rules, finally asking for her permission to orgasm.

Today Rosa texted me to surprise me and say I should do a that is what I'll be up to a bit later. 

Interestingly, I am not sure if the strategy of O-ctober and No-O-vember did as much to restore my libido as the favorable culmination of the various tests and procedures that were all lumped together recently. But I do think they helped. O-ctober was probably the biggest contributor since it was the first time in a long time my body had to process so many orgasms. And I think that was probably a good therapy for me. No-O-vember got difficult a few times, but the stress of the impending procedures did knock some of the edge off. Now, however, I am eager to get "all things 'lifestyle'" rolling again! I just need a bit more recovery before getting into anything TOO demanding.