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Monday, December 17, 2018


Well folks, today is purportedly the day when Tumblr begins their campaign to save the world from any evil, female-presenting nipple that is not in a baby's mouth.

A Tumblr crew busy making the online world safe for us all.

In my last post about this I ended by suggesting someone devote an entire Tumblr to nipple close-ups that appear to be female, but are actually cropped shots of select, female-looking male nipples. I still would LOVE to see someone do that. recently I came across this image which made me think of the same irony:

How cool would it be if the model was actually a young male?

I am very curious to see how the new policy is going to play out. Will sites begin to be censored? eliminated? Will Tumblr challenge photos that technically don't violate their own written rules and be forced to amend them? (If you read the guidelines, a photo of a person getting spanked on a bare bottom without revealing a nipple or genitals, is technically not prohibited.) 

My sincere wish is not that Tumblr bow to pressure to reconsider, but rather discover through experience how impossible it may be to determine what "adult content" truly is.

And in the midst of it all perhaps someone somewhere is going to see how downright silly the fear of nipples is. ( I wonder if Jeff D'Onofrio puts stickers over his National Geographics?) 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Uh-oh! Somebody misbehaved?

    I think Shilo said he was getting rid of his Tumblr

    1. If you mean my Tumblr, I believe you can still view my edited version through your dashboard. They had flagged about 5 posts which I appealed and they promptly stated that each flagged image DID in fact comply with their rules and were "unflagged" with an apology. But they are still putting up a screen warning visitors that the material there is "sensitive".....which I suppose it is.

      If you mean Loki's deleted comment, he deleted it. I did get to see it before he did and found it totally acceptable and was going to reply to it. I don't know why he chose to remove it but it's his choice.

  3. (Left a comment earlier but it disappeared- couldnt log in as fondles)

    I deleted my tumblr as i didnt want to bother with blocked posts. Ive been seeing quite a number already. And now that nipples arent allowed, it seems pointless ��

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I've missed you! I understand the temptation to delete, but I love watching this nightmare unfold and want to see the ensuing debacle. to that last line of yours......if that was intentional, it's a gem. If it's just luck, well then, you just stubbed your toe on a chunk of gold in the dark!

      "and now that nipples aren't allowed, it seems pointless" Absolutely fucking priceless, my dear!!!!

  4. So, here we are a few days into this Tumblr adult content ban. What is the result. Well, of those Tumblrs I linked to on my blog, basically every one of them that had some interesting and creative art--though admittedly some erotic or having "female-presenting nipples" are gone. What survived? The Tumblrs that mindlessly forward photos and videos of men getting spanked, with no creativity or artistic pretensions whatsoever. Even though they are MORE sexually explicit in their own way than those that had genuine artistic merit, the former survived and the latter got deleted. Welcome to the combo of AI and content-based prudery.

    1. Well to be 'fair'......if they are gone, it's by their own choosing. Which is understandable. Perhaps they felt "what's the point?" But even the most offensive blogs can be reached through the dashboard with the offensive images blocked.

      Also, they flagged 5 of my Caption Hell images and I appealed them and every one was promptly 'unflagged'. So they are trying to be consistent with this nonsense.....which is kind of like staunchly following the rules to a nonsensical drinking game.

      The more or less 'deserving' is the essence of the quagmire I think a lot of us saw coming. However, some people have commented to Tumblr complaining about that content as well with someone saying something that because of their definition of "adult" Tumblr will now become the home of "CP" sites. And if they respond to that, they could amend their rules to eliminate spanking and toe-sucking as well. So who knows?

      Like I mentioned to Fondles, I have a morbid desire to see the cataclysm unfold. And having a Tumblr that challenges their own rules of acceptable content in several ways puts me in a good seat for the game. I sent them a message saying that my use of imagery is for social commentary not prurience since I'm mocking the captions not reblogging them for gratification, but heard nothing back. They are being deluged with criticism and have a lot of users quitting them completely.

    2. You may have a different understanding of the operation of the ban than I do, and mine could be totally wrong. Those that are now verboten that I had linked to, seem to have been taken down in toto by Tumblr, i.e. no author decision involved. And, if there is a way on My Dashboard for me to adjust my settings to allow adult content outside their banned categories, I can't find that. Please direct me to it.

      If they ban toe sucking . . . I'm OK with that. ;-)

    3. Dan: here's all you need to do: click on the site you wish to go to. If the owner has not deleted it on their own, you'll get a screen that sort of looks like the inside of Ultron's mouth with a little box in the middle saying "this site may contain sensitive material- go to my dashboard". Click that and you'll be taken to your Tumblr "dashboard and the site will appear to the right with another warning and asking if you wish to continue. Click that and you'll see whatever is on the site that has not been flagged. I've done this repeatedly and it works for all sites I've saved whose owners still wish to keep them going.

      I also read Tumblr's own post on their "staff" site vehemently denying the repeated accusations that they have deleted sites without the owner's consent. I don't like what Tumblr is doing, but I have not seen anything in my own site or in those of many of the sites I follow to suggest they are lying about this. They really have no reason to. Anything objectionable is blocked out and so some archives look like collections of gray boxes. Other sites have had very little blocked. Spanked butts are still everywhere! Just no female-presenting nipples.

      Also just for sheer amusement, you should go to the "Staff Tumblr" and sift through some of the thousands of comments to their latest post! Some are a hoot!

    4. Thanks! I did go to the Staff Tumblr. You're right, there's some funny stuff on there.

      When you look at what they are allowing outright and what they are blocking, you can't count me among the commenters who question the IQ of the Tumblr staff. As I said above, some of the Tumblrs I tracked that were no more than spanking porn with little or no commentary are almost totally accessible. On the other hand, my favorite erotic art sites have every other post hidden. You're right that they probably are adhering to the policy they announced, but you've really got to ask what exactly they think they are accomplishing when the most "adult" content with the least artistic value seems to pass, while much content that is neither illegal nor offensive to most people is being taken down.

    5. From what I've read, I believe what they're accomplishing is complying with enough of Apple's conditions in order to be welcome in their "App Store"....which seems to be a goal for them. All business......nothing to do with porn issues. That's why the approach is a semi-cookie-cutter/legalistic one.

      Do you really think these people personally care about content given what they've allowed before and even now? It's just like someone who has a great screenplay but needs to adhere to Disney guidelines to get the picture made even if t means cutting things they had originally envisioned.