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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there with "stinging tails"....and those who provide the "sting"!

------------------part 2--------------------

"Two-word Offensive"

Betcha can't guess the two words that fuck us all of the time.

On a day best known for the "three most important words in the English language: 'I LOVE YOU' ", my other thought for today is a bit of discussion about a common two-word phrase we hear more and more often that is completely offensive. I've noticed that the older  I get, the less I mind "fuck you" and the more I loathe: "please wait".

It seems that the more of a hurry I am in, the less of a hurry is everyone...and everything else in! I've never been a patient person and age has not imparted any additional patience, because as I get older the less time I feel I have left to get everything done that I want to accomplish.....and I have no tolerance for indolence.

The dangerous aspect of this issue for me is that impatience is a punishable offense around here and my fidgety, crotchety annoyance with waiting has, and does, often put me in a position where the only thing I have to worry about waiting for is the next stinging smack. ;-) So, I do try to be careful.......BUT.....ARGH! Why can't everyone just move along at a reasonable clip?

But besides lethargic people, the WORST is when some electronic device tells you to "please wait"! You can't even yell at the fucking thing! ( Well I suppose you can......but it's not going to hear me. Unless it's Alexa....and so far she hasn't learned how to recommend a spanking.) 

Anyway, that's my position. If any of you out there wish to recommend that I strive for personal change and just learn to accept life at a slower pace, fair enough. I'll eventually try................please wait.


  1. Sooo...
    Happy Valentines day, and may you get fucked (in a good way!)

    1. Thanks, but that won't be happening anytime soon. LOL