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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Street scene W.I.P.

Nothing overly exciting to report on the DD front. My brother's condition is stable and we even got some relatively good news in its regard, but the situation is still not very conducive to raucous adventure. So, besides still working on my daughter's place, I am working on another diorama for my son: a NYC 'street scene':

Humble foam origins and reference material.

The first round of paint.

More paint, some windows, interiors, and a sidewalk.

Second story window frames installed along with magnets so the store signs can be easily switched out to turn each property into different businesses as the need arises.

Even more paint, a scale fire hydrant I made from dowels, and some other touches.

And as of a few minutes ago the finished......except for some rust and escape.

At this point there is a bit more to go but I'm sort of in the 'home stretch'. There will be a street, signs for the businesses, props for their windows, and other tidbits (like signs and poles) to make the scene more realistic. 

And though not pictured, each storefront has various styles of security grates for their doors and windows to allow for after hours scenes. All of the shops have shallow interiors where a figure or two could be added for realism, but the corner pizzeria has a full interior complete with working door, table & chairs,  and a counter.

The weather here has finally warmed up sufficiently for me to begin wok in the garden. I've cleaned it up a bit, and will be heading out shortly to continue.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Charmed DD lives

I saw this on another blogger's site and just loved it. It also works nicely for today's topic.

A question on Dan's blog rekindled a feeling brought about a couple of weeks ago as I was reading other blogs but not posting here. It is a nagging feeling that somehow Rosa and I are very different from most other couples.....and certainly not just DD couples. I broached the subject with her and we discussed it. Rosa, without prompting, said exactly what I was thinking: we definitely let stuff get to us more than most.

Reading other people's blogs has made me think (often): "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US?" One popular blogger is always posting about a seemingly endless string of spankings, sex, and vacations. His mood is always upbeat. But when you think about it, if his life is even slightly close to what he posts.....who wouldn't be?

Another popular blogger writes pieces about adventures most other people only dream about. And these do not occur infrequently but regularly. The nature of the adventures bespeak of two enabling factors that Rosa and I cannot relate to: seemingly sufficient money for a lot of perks and the freedom of not having kids to get in the way of some raunchy fun.

Other more moderate blogs still echo a sort of blissful existence where spanking and DD is the icing on a pretty big cake. The only current exceptions are two blogs where the folks there are going through some rough times.....and these blogs I can relate to better than the others.

Seeing two possible reasons for other's bliss, I asked Rosa whether she thought other people were somehow luckier than we were with daily circumstances, or whether they were better at not letting other things affect their personal life? She focused on the latter though I still think it's a combination of both. I admit we let things get to us and ruin our moods more than other people we know. We can even read a news story about Trump, or watch a documentary on Nigeria, and have that wipe out an entire evening of planned adult interaction where instead we just wrestle with anxiety. But when I see people going on a string of vacations when I am perpetually struggling to just make sure there's money left after paying all of our bills, I am inclined to think that our circumstances are different as well.

We also seem to be cursed with loved ones getting serious illnesses.....the impact of which can be draining. 

A couple of weeks back Red posted about how more frequent sex was good for one's health. Perhaps. But reading that article nearly gave me an aneurysm! I logged off in apoplexy railing about "WHO THE FUCK WOULD NOT WANT MORE SEX?" If someone is NOT having frequent sex I don't think it's because the idea did not occur or appeal to them. I think it is because factors unique to that person or couple are getting in the way. The same is true for DD. Maybe the doctor recommending more sex should come by and rather than point out the benefits, drive my one stepson to and from work and band practice?

I have two kids and three stepkids. On any given day, someone needs something that impacts us negatively.....either with mood-bashing timing or just draining of energy. And while not bad kids, all three have enough going on with entrance exams, jobs, personal issues, school stuff, and the unavoidable domestic issues of not doing something they should, or doing something they shouldn't or losing something or breaking something, or....well any parent here gets the idea. Or at least I would think so. But why does it seem like you all manage to have your moods remain unaltered by this inevitable stuff? Any one kid has the potential to ruin an adult evening. Multiply that by two or three and the odds of having fun versus going to bed stressed get multiplied as well.

And then there's us. I love my Rosa, but she's not perfect. There are things she does that drive me crazy. And there are things she does that even she knows make her difficult to live with at times. I asked the question at Dan's blog of how does a DD husband, after being stressed by some quirk of their spouse, suddenly melt into a compliant little subby-boy when challenged on a misbehavior that pales in comparison? One aspect of my personality that I have come to see as pretty different from other DD husbands is that I have a lot of self-discipline and a very strong work ethic. Our DD is more about my hyper-active nature (the same one that allows me to get as much done as I do) going out of control and negatively affecting those around me. It's not nearly as much about what I don't do as what I do to stressful excess. And when you know you are delivering a lot to the table, the pointing out of little faults.....while potentially cute in a fun DD/spank-rationale sort of way....can also make me very resentful.

So when I read people discuss their own DD and gush over being called out for infractions and loving it, I am tempted to wonder: "Do you all just live a charmed life? or are you all just experts at not letting anything bother you? OR....are you just writing fiction of what you think a DD life should be?" I am sure there are phonies out there and I am sure there are real couples out there.....but what I read often presents relationships that seem radically different from how my day-to-day life with Rosa goes. And I believe we have a good relationship and a pretty decent life! I look at a lot of what we have and do and feel grateful for it......right up until I read someone else's post or comment. And then I wonder: WHAT THE FUCK ARE ROSA AND I DOING WRONG? Maybe I should take Bill Murray's advice and stop comparing....but it's difficult when comparisons are everywhere.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Quick update

Not that anyone asked, but I thought it might be time to explain my blogging absence and share a few brief updates:

1: Right about the time I left my last post, my brother was rushed to the hospital. Tests revealed he has two types of brain cancer. After a stint in Sloan-Kettering, he was released pending treatment. Needless to say, this is not good news. I will be going along with him and his fiance to Sloan on Wednesday for a treatment discussion where specifics will be shared. We also kept my niece with us through the worst of it, though she is back home now.

2: I just got back from a couple of days at my daughter's house working on their mini-renovation. It's going as well as can be expected when dealing with an older house.

3: I will be hosting 2 separate St. Patrick's Day dinners this weekend. I have an interesting menu planned and will be food shopping later today.

4: Rosa and I are doing fine and even did a bit of spanking. (I even got 700 whacks in a single evening, which eliminated another overdue slip!)

5: My 2 month-plus o-less period has ended with a massive bang.....or should I say: 'squirt'? I am feeling a lot more balanced as a result.

6: I am still working on dioramas. Currently I am making progress on a NYC storefront/street scene. I may post some pictures at some point.

7: And I am currently embroiled in a 'going nowhere battle' with Tumblr over their inexplicable policy enforcement. For example, this image:

...has been declared unsuitable for view with no chance of appeal. Since there are no nipples, genitals, or sex acts visible, I have asked why and they won't answer me. [there will be an entire post devoted to this at some point] Meanwhile THIS image (and many like it) can be seen on another Tumblr:

My Tumblr has never been popular nor of great interest ....even to me. It's more of my frustration therapy over terrible captions, but now that this issue has surfaced, I have decided to just see what happens......though so far it hasn't resulted in much. Still it's sort of entertaining to keep sending them emails about it.....just to be a pest.

Lastly, I just don't seem to find much that appeals to me 'blog-wise'.....whether here or elsewhere. In fact, I find myself being irritated by a lot of what I read and inclined to respond accordingly. However, I also think that such response will be construed as belligerent and therefore I'm just staying quiet and avoiding interactions. And since I have so much going on with family issues and projects, I don't have much to entice me to drop those things and write posts that don't seem to be of much interest to anyone anyway. So, that's what's been going on. I am not sure if this post will serve as an ice-breaker of sorts and prompt me to write more or just serve as an explanation for why I may not be around much going forward.