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Friday, April 26, 2019

Tops, Subs, & Easter Eggs

Easter may be over but a comment on another blog, made me think of the interplay between Tops and subs and consequently......Easter Egg hunts.

Every year for decades I have been integral to ensuring that Easter Sunday had an Easter Egg hunt. When we had small kids there were rules to guarantee that everyone got to find something and be challenged. (It was as simple as telling anyone older than the target group of kids that they could not pick up any eggs of one or two particular colors, whereas the younger kids could pick up anything they found. It worked beautifully.)

Not one of our hunts, but the feel is the same!

But when you do a hunt, you need hiders as well as hunters. And that has always intrigued me. We have never had a problem with having plenty of both without anyone having to take on one role while wishing they were doing the other. And the attitude of hider is quite different than that of the hunter......and while not exactly the same, the difference reminds me of D/s.

The hiders usually have a mischievous streak and glean their joy from making others go through hoops to get their rewards. Meanwhile the hunters go out like adventurers, determined to get the most prizes, and prepared to endure whatever trials it takes to find them. 

Hiders aren't happy if people find their eggs too easily, but also frustrated if people can't find them at all. Similarly, hunters don't like the challenge to be too easy.....but also get frustrated if certain eggs are simply impossible to locate.

I may be way too obsessed with DD and BDSM, and spanking in general, but ......doesn't the analogy hold? 

It is one activity requiring two very different roles. You need both hunter and hider. One is way more in control than the other and gets to enjoy watching their 'victims' struggle to deal with what they've done. They want to cause some strife....but not make it intolerable. Meanwhile, the other role ventures out, hopeful and childlike, yet fully aware that they are going to have to work and endure to get their enjoyment. They also want a challenge and hope the hiders did a good job hiding. The only difference between this and spanking....besides the bare bottoms....... is the egg hunters usually have no trouble sitting down after the hunt is over.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Nickki's packin' heat!

Yesterday, my friend (with spanking privileges)  Nickki, texted me to tell me that I was on her mind "all weekend". It's always nice to hear things like that from someone, and given our situation, I just had to ask exactly what sort of thoughts she was thinking:

Me: "BTW I hope your thoughts about me over the weekend were appropriately perverted" >laugh emoji/kiss emoji<

Nickki: "They were. I'm carrying my paddle with me."

And to prove her point, she sent me this photo:

This is the lucite paddle I gave to Nickki which you can read about in the November 19th, 2018 post, "Paddles & things". It is still in the same manilla envelope. It is the same one she used on me in her home as described in the January 5th post "I dare ya".

What intrigued me was that Nickki was at work and she sent me this shot from there! She and I have discussed my long-overdue 2018 Punishment spanking a while back (though I did not post about it at the time) and in that exchange I confessed to pondering what our next session was going to be like, given its punitive intent. We've always discussed the difference between sexy spankings that are given in a way that stings in the way the recipient wants and punishment spankings that sting the way the person doing the discipline wants. I went on to say that despite our friendship I wanted her to feel totally free to punish rather than play, despite it meaning that only one of us was likely to end up finding it 'fun'. She texted back a series of Bitmojis assuring me of her enthusiasm in this regard.

Rosa seems to think that Nickki's past thoughts and experience about spanking were much more erotic BDSM-oriented, but that she is finding this more behavior-oriented  spanking very appealing. Rosa thinks she is enjoying seeing how she really does have genuine and sanctioned authority, especially given our differences. And my Rosa tends to be pretty perceptive with stuff like this.

So I know Nickki is serious about this upcoming least in the sense that she seems not only OK with spanking hard, but apparently eager to do so. Carrying a sizable paddle around though? I couldn't quite figure that one out. But, as with all situations like this it seems, just as I was about to ask, she texted me that she had to go and do some work-stuff.

So now I am wondering what's up......but obviously in a pretty promising way.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Latest project

On Wednesday, after returning from working at my daughter's house, I said  to my Honey that I wanted to start the miniature shade arbor near my pond and that before it got dark I wanted to get at least one or two posts cemented. I did. 

The next morning I got up and started work.

The third post hole contained big chunks of old brick and mortar fragments that had to be excavated from the hole. But after that unexpected complication, things went more smoothly.

By around noon I sent this previous image to Rosa. And by the time I went inside after dinner, this is what I had done:

This morning I got up early and went to Home Depot for more screws and some channel moulding. And by lunchtime today I was done! All that needs to happen now is staining.....which I can't do until the lumber dries out. The recommendation is to wait a year, but if the summer is hot enough, I might stain it before the RenFaire.

I will be growing thin vines only on this arbor. No wisteria! No Trumpet Vine! Only honeysuckle, clematis, and perhaps some annual vines like dolichos or cypress vine. I am very happy with this project.....which has been in my head for over a year, and very pleased that I managed this with no help whatsoever.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Proof for Merry

This post is definitely only geared to Merry ( who said, "Pictures or it didn't happen"), and those like her, who enjoy seeing things at their grittiest. LOL  And to be honest? When the shoe is on the other foot (or the plug is someone else's orifice) I too enjoy seeing the graphic proof of it. So without further ado, I give you "Mr. Squid Goes Exploring".

A pretty clear depiction of Mr. Squid obviously firmly and fully embedded. There is just enough outward flare at Mr. Squid's base to prevent accidental engulfment even when the harness is pulled tight . 

Here is how I went about my morning chores......once I pulled my pants up. ;-)

And here I am after Mr. Squid went back in his drawer. Interestingly, even though it had been a while since wearing him, and even though my chores had me moving and bending (thus allowing me to fully 'appreciate' my stout friend) if you compare this image to the one from Jackass July's Squid Dare, you'll notice far less........shall we say 'trauma'?.....'wear-and-tear'? Yes I was tender and there is obviously the puffiness typical of having been recently stretched, but I really think the new slick, smooth surface went a long way to minimize the irritation.

So, there you have it (Merry LOL). Photographic proof it happened! LOL

Friday, April 5, 2019

The New Mr. Squid

Things went pretty quickly on finishing the squid. Warm weather and low humidity yesterday reduced drying times drastically allowing me to put a final gloss coat on before nightfall......and then this morning it was totally dry!

The scowl that means business!

Naturally I was excited to give Mr. Squid a try......sort of a maiden voyage on a revamped ship. And when I mentioned  to Ana that the squid was back in business, she of course thought I definitely should go about my morning chores with Mr. Squid along for the ride. And who can argue with Ana?

Having not played with the squid in a while, I was pretty surprised at how easily he slid into place. I think it may have had to do with his fresh, super-glossy coat. Admittedly it wasn't a breeze, and some care and effort had to be taken as is usually the case with something this girthy, but overall it wasn't so bad.

I did take a few shots for posterity of me wearing him for the first time, but I didn't want to unnecessarily flash something like that at readers who may not be interested in such a graphic display. However, if you DO want to see them, drop me a comment and I'll consider posting them. 

Currently the squid is back in his drawer, and my bottom is recovering from the intrusion. And most importantly, Mr. Squid is now back as a possible choice for those days when I am told to plug up.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

A different W.I.P.

With everyone getting the benefit of my craft skills and labor, I thought it appropriate now that my work area is not freezing cold, to work on a project that affects ME.  And what could affect me more profoundly and tangibly than my old nemesis "The Squid"?

Now, I made Mr. Squid many years ago, and he's seen a lot of action......probing the depths.....or more accurately my depths.....making his presence felt while hiding in a place not easily seen. (Just like the real architeuthis: link

But as with anything, life takes a toll on all of us, and after so many 'voyagers', Mr. Squid was no longer his sleek, debonnaire self.

In this shot from "Jackass July" where Mr. Squid made a few embarrassing dares possible, you can see the wear and tear . You can also see his SIZE!

But giving Mr. Squid a makeover is more than mere vanity. When you are going to have something this large slid into your behind, it's a good idea for the surface to be as smooth and slick as possible, and Mr. Squid was starting to get some chips and divots that weren't very butt-friendly (Even smooth, he is a challenging intruder.) So not long after "Jackass July", I retired Mr. Squid until such time as a renovation was possible......and that time has finally come.

Here is a shot of Mr. Squid as he looks today, drying with his first coat of primer and sealer after being thoroughly stripped to bare wood and sanded silky smooth:

He looks like the ghost of his former self in this shot. 

The next coat will be his distinctive red color and drawn-on features, followed by several coats of clear gloss finish. Anyway, it won't be long now before Mr. Squid is once again able to roam the depths (of my butt. LOL) and it got me thinking that his return should be celebrated with something special. I haven't decided yet on what that will be, but I am willing to entertain suggestions. 

[Anyone intrigued yet unfamiliar with Mr. Squid and his past exploits is encouraged to scroll back to this past July......though be warned that the images presented are a bit graphic.]

Monday, April 1, 2019

Awkward confession

We all have a lot of personal history that prompts us to behave certain ways. In the past I was badly betrayed by an online person who ingratiated herself into the most personal aspects of my life, using heartfelt communications and even shared images. In the back of my mind there were always a few things that bothered me about her and made me wonder if perhaps my 'friend' was not what she seemed, but I dismissed these thoughts in favor of trusting she was real. And as it turned out? She was a 'he' who was using his wife's photos to appear as though it was her talking with me. I was devastated and became very suspicious of any online persona who triggered any number of 'red flags' for me ever since.

As a result, I now use my instincts to dismiss people that I suspect are imposters without a lot of self-doubt. Most of the time my instincts have served me well......but I am not infallible.

Recently I have come to believe that I may be wrong about someone I have interacted with elsewhere. I still have some doubt.....but in all fairness the doubt has diminished considerably over time. Further complicating the issue is the fact that this person comes across as someone I would probably not get along with if we were to ever meet. Not that she's bad, or crazy, but just has certain traits and thoughts that conflict with my own.'s the thing: I KNOW I have not been very nice to this person.....because I believed them to be fake.  Now that I don't think she's fake, I am feeling bad about how I interacted with her. I feel like I owe her an apology, and if the situation presented itself, I think I would do just that. 

Now those of you reading this are probably thinking: "OK, I get it. It makes sense. But what's so awkward about admitting a possible mistake and regretting the behavior that went along with it?" Well, it's because the situation falls squarely into a kind of "DD weakness" of mine. One that I described a bit in the "Larry's Story" portion of my two-part story, The Raffle.  (link)

I sort of have this 'thing' about feeling genuinely guilty over behavior I have come to regard as mean with people I don't particularly like. And as a result, I have begun to imagine a ......shall we say......more elaborate resolution than a mere online apology.

First off, this person is admittedly an experienced disciplinarian, and one who is unashamed to admit enjoying the role. So IF she were to ever punish me, I'm sure it would be thoroughly punitive and I'd be in for one sore hinder! You would think that would be a deterrent......but for me in this instance, it's a huge attraction.

Second, she seems to be of a certain 'proper' and conservative character. Something that always makes me a bit apprehensive, since I am more of an iconoclast. And while comfortable in my rebel uniform, I do have this stereotype of rebels as undisciplined idealists who could benefit from established structure. On one hand I know this is silly, but it fits a kind of Hollywood notion of what personality types are like.

Third, I am sure she is as aware of my past cantankerousness as I am and other than probably not wanting to interact with a guy who is not her husband, might think some time with me over her lap could be satisfying.

So, we have two people who both know which side of a paddle they belong on. We also have admitted rudeness that now seems to have been there's a clear offense that is not being contested.  Put these together in the right situation and you might end up with something like this:

"So do you still think I'm not real?"

Now, I am sure this will never come about. There are so many issues that would make such an outcome highly unlikely......and yet? I can't seem to shake the idea.

In my adult, consensual-spanking past, I have probably been spanked by almost dozen women who were as different as can be imagined.....and yet? I can't say I was ever spanked by someone I didn't like at the time. It has always been a nagging unanswered question as to how I would react to being spanked by someone I was not particularly fond of......but who had good reason to do it. I imagine all sorts of conflicting feelings. I could see myself agreeing to the punishment but vowing inwardly to resist letting it crack my stoicism, not wanting to let this other type of personality win. And while maybe I could manage it, deep inside me is some strange voice rooting for her to reduce me to an apologetic mess. (See my story Pride. LINK ) It's a dizzying web of tangled contradictions.

This situation is ringing all of those very unique bells.......and I find that awkwardly appealing.