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Thursday, April 4, 2019

A different W.I.P.

With everyone getting the benefit of my craft skills and labor, I thought it appropriate now that my work area is not freezing cold, to work on a project that affects ME.  And what could affect me more profoundly and tangibly than my old nemesis "The Squid"?

Now, I made Mr. Squid many years ago, and he's seen a lot of action......probing the depths.....or more accurately my depths.....making his presence felt while hiding in a place not easily seen. (Just like the real architeuthis: link

But as with anything, life takes a toll on all of us, and after so many 'voyagers', Mr. Squid was no longer his sleek, debonnaire self.

In this shot from "Jackass July" where Mr. Squid made a few embarrassing dares possible, you can see the wear and tear . You can also see his SIZE!

But giving Mr. Squid a makeover is more than mere vanity. When you are going to have something this large slid into your behind, it's a good idea for the surface to be as smooth and slick as possible, and Mr. Squid was starting to get some chips and divots that weren't very butt-friendly (Even smooth, he is a challenging intruder.) So not long after "Jackass July", I retired Mr. Squid until such time as a renovation was possible......and that time has finally come.

Here is a shot of Mr. Squid as he looks today, drying with his first coat of primer and sealer after being thoroughly stripped to bare wood and sanded silky smooth:

He looks like the ghost of his former self in this shot. 

The next coat will be his distinctive red color and drawn-on features, followed by several coats of clear gloss finish. Anyway, it won't be long now before Mr. Squid is once again able to roam the depths (of my butt. LOL) and it got me thinking that his return should be celebrated with something special. I haven't decided yet on what that will be, but I am willing to entertain suggestions. 

[Anyone intrigued yet unfamiliar with Mr. Squid and his past exploits is encouraged to scroll back to this past July......though be warned that the images presented are a bit graphic.]


  1. is there a parallel to a sub is made to go cut the switch from the yard that will be used for discipline getting excited by the humiliation of the task and yourself maintaining or creating the device that will give you the exquisite torture?

  2. While I think from time to time about initiating that play into our relationship, every time I see your squid, I lose any and all leanings in that direction and just think, "Oh, fuck."

    1. Well now, Dan, a person can go into a bar determined to try alcohol and NOT order a straight double-shot of 192 proof Spirytus as their first drink. Nor should they. ;-)