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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Nickki's packin' heat!

Yesterday, my friend (with spanking privileges)  Nickki, texted me to tell me that I was on her mind "all weekend". It's always nice to hear things like that from someone, and given our situation, I just had to ask exactly what sort of thoughts she was thinking:

Me: "BTW I hope your thoughts about me over the weekend were appropriately perverted" >laugh emoji/kiss emoji<

Nickki: "They were. I'm carrying my paddle with me."

And to prove her point, she sent me this photo:

This is the lucite paddle I gave to Nickki which you can read about in the November 19th, 2018 post, "Paddles & things". It is still in the same manilla envelope. It is the same one she used on me in her home as described in the January 5th post "I dare ya".

What intrigued me was that Nickki was at work and she sent me this shot from there! She and I have discussed my long-overdue 2018 Punishment spanking a while back (though I did not post about it at the time) and in that exchange I confessed to pondering what our next session was going to be like, given its punitive intent. We've always discussed the difference between sexy spankings that are given in a way that stings in the way the recipient wants and punishment spankings that sting the way the person doing the discipline wants. I went on to say that despite our friendship I wanted her to feel totally free to punish rather than play, despite it meaning that only one of us was likely to end up finding it 'fun'. She texted back a series of Bitmojis assuring me of her enthusiasm in this regard.

Rosa seems to think that Nickki's past thoughts and experience about spanking were much more erotic BDSM-oriented, but that she is finding this more behavior-oriented  spanking very appealing. Rosa thinks she is enjoying seeing how she really does have genuine and sanctioned authority, especially given our differences. And my Rosa tends to be pretty perceptive with stuff like this.

So I know Nickki is serious about this upcoming least in the sense that she seems not only OK with spanking hard, but apparently eager to do so. Carrying a sizable paddle around though? I couldn't quite figure that one out. But, as with all situations like this it seems, just as I was about to ask, she texted me that she had to go and do some work-stuff.

So now I am wondering what's up......but obviously in a pretty promising way.