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Friday, April 26, 2019

Tops, Subs, & Easter Eggs

Easter may be over but a comment on another blog, made me think of the interplay between Tops and subs and consequently......Easter Egg hunts.

Every year for decades I have been integral to ensuring that Easter Sunday had an Easter Egg hunt. When we had small kids there were rules to guarantee that everyone got to find something and be challenged. (It was as simple as telling anyone older than the target group of kids that they could not pick up any eggs of one or two particular colors, whereas the younger kids could pick up anything they found. It worked beautifully.)

Not one of our hunts, but the feel is the same!

But when you do a hunt, you need hiders as well as hunters. And that has always intrigued me. We have never had a problem with having plenty of both without anyone having to take on one role while wishing they were doing the other. And the attitude of hider is quite different than that of the hunter......and while not exactly the same, the difference reminds me of D/s.

The hiders usually have a mischievous streak and glean their joy from making others go through hoops to get their rewards. Meanwhile the hunters go out like adventurers, determined to get the most prizes, and prepared to endure whatever trials it takes to find them. 

Hiders aren't happy if people find their eggs too easily, but also frustrated if people can't find them at all. Similarly, hunters don't like the challenge to be too easy.....but also get frustrated if certain eggs are simply impossible to locate.

I may be way too obsessed with DD and BDSM, and spanking in general, but ......doesn't the analogy hold? 

It is one activity requiring two very different roles. You need both hunter and hider. One is way more in control than the other and gets to enjoy watching their 'victims' struggle to deal with what they've done. They want to cause some strife....but not make it intolerable. Meanwhile, the other role ventures out, hopeful and childlike, yet fully aware that they are going to have to work and endure to get their enjoyment. They also want a challenge and hope the hiders did a good job hiding. The only difference between this and spanking....besides the bare bottoms....... is the egg hunters usually have no trouble sitting down after the hunt is over.


  1. It also is probably true that the hunters want a challenge, but making it too hard will lead to resentment and anger.

  2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)May 4, 2019 at 9:48 PM

    Well, I never noticed any analogy between an Easter egg hunt and a consensual spanking session before, although I would note that both egg hunters and spankees don't want their experiences too be overly short and/or easy either.

    Of course, I have read (and even written one) numerous 'Rejuve Universe' Easter stories in which there's a very direct connection between egg-hunting and getting spanked. Perhaps you should try having an all-adult, spanking-oriented Easter egg hunt some year... --C.K.