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Wednesday, May 8, 2019


What people should be concerned about:

What people are actually concerned about:

I read an article recently that said that on the campaign trail, candidates are hearing from their constituents that they are  more concerned about health care than whether the president has or is abusing the powers of his office. So I am left with a disturbing question: "If a totalitarian czar took over this country.......but promised really good health care, would the 'average American' be just fine with that?" If so....FUCK YOU!

I love the hypocrisy of Trump's asslickers who will stand by complacently as every aspect of "checks & balances" are thwarted and made impotent......empowering the Executive Branch to a level intentionally made difficult by our monarch-hating Founding Fathers, who will then wave their flags on July 4th and Veterans Day extolling the sacrifice of those who died for the freedoms of our country singing a nasally country twang of "Proud to be an American". What shit! What fucked-up stupidity! How dare you?!  How dare you wave the flag and drag out the corpses of the honorable and noble dead, and yet not have the balls to criticize the most blatant threat to those hard-fought freedoms we have seen? FUCK YOU! 

But I also question the rest of the country.  Where are the protests? Where are the riots? The demonstrations? People react more for one person who gets beaten up by a cop than a would-be dictator trying to undermine the entire system of American government. And so to you also, I say, FUCK YOU!

And I'm not a Democrat, so 'no' I didn't like when Obama did it either. But what sort of precedent are we setting here now? If Trump is successful in empowering the Executive Branch with unlimited, unchecked power, and if the newly-loaded conservative courts support it all, should I be happy knowing that all we will need is an election where a Democrat gets in.........and now has the SAME LEVEL OF UNCHECKED POWER? Well 'NO" I'm not! I don't want a Democrat having unchecked power. Hell, I don't want any president to have unlimited unchecked power! And if you know your fucking history, neither did any of the folks who constructed our government.

I just spent a weekend in Washington DC, and while it's not as historically relevant as Philadelphia, the question still hangs in the air: "Is this what our Forefathers had in mind when drafting the Constitution? Could these men who risked being hanged as traitors, have ever envisioned that had a person like Trump come along that the Legislative Branch would have been just fine with it?" They envisioned the possibility of a Trump. They had seen what unchecked power could do in the hands of monarchs and tyrants and constructed a government to ensure that such a person could be easily removed. They knew "trumps" existed. What I think they never envisioned was a party so complicit in enabling such a person to retain power. How could they? Even with their own differences, they all could agree on keeping power limited. What better way than with, not two, but three co-equal branches? Could these men have ever guessed that even with this safeguard in place, one just wouldn't matter?

Republicans who are complicit in this will go down in history as the gutless scum that they are. Democrats who bide their time thinking it will be soon their turn to exploit the same abuses will be equally guilty. So hey, "elected representatives", here's an idea: TRY DOING THE RIGHT THING for a change. You might find out that if you just look at what  is right and good for our country the answer transcends whether you think like an elephant or a donkey. And if you can't do the right thing despite being elected to do so? Then really, truly, and deeply......FUCK YOU! (And don't try to retaliate by saying "fuck you" back, because if this is what we've devolved to, we're all already fucked.)


  1. A couple of years ago, I read a biography called Hitler - Ascent, that tracked Hitler's life and career up to the Nazis taking over the government in Germany. The point that really, really stuck with me is that Hitler and the Nazis were *voted* into power, and they had been pretty transparent about the fact that they did not care for democracy and that the vote to put them into power would be the last vote the people ever cast. So, yes, I think that democracy is incredibly fragile and that people will indeed vote away their rights quite easily in favor of someone who talks big and loud, plays on their fears, and promises to deliver the economic goods.

    1. That is a point I regularly have to point out to people. The post-war Nuremberg chant of "we were only following orders" and "we did what we felt compelled to do" won over a lot of war-weary people with very short memories. The German people eagerly welcomed Hitler and his message.....which was clearly anti-Semitic from the start.

      That's what makes this all so scary to anyone with any awareness of history.

    2. Exactly. Make America Great Again is virtually indistinguishable from Hitler's appeal to rise up after the "humiliation" of Treaty of Versailles. National chauvinism and tribalism are very powerful forces, especially to people who feel themselves falling behind economically and that it is the fault of some "others."

  2. It's not "Fuck you!" It's "We're Fucked!!!"

    1. ;-) Ah.....why not a little bit of both? A good "fuck you" feels great when pointed in the right direction.

  3. Hello KdPierre. I understand your concerns, but here's a view from Europe (Netherlands). Democracy is protected by the legislation. Your president cannot rule without considering the laws of your country. He is not almighty.
    The Trump/Hitler comparison is not valid, since Trump cannot bend all the rules to his own liking.
    There is still hope for the US.

    Your constitution has survived over 300 years.
    It will survive the crisis too, it must!

    Kind regards,

    Marco (from Lindsay)

    1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)May 17, 2019 at 8:17 PM

      Ummmm, the Weimar Republic in Germany (1918-33) was also 'protected' constitutionally, wasn't it?

      The only way to maintain democratic government is to be vigilant in protecting it, and Americans should indeed be alarmed, because the president IS doing his damnedest to "rule without considering the laws of your (our) country," notably via his attempts to restrict and demonize a free press and to seize governing power from the U.S. Congress.

      Adolf Hitler was never elected to any office in Germany, and when he was appointed chancellor at the beginning of '33, the German military and industrialists believed that they could 'control' him, since his authority was far from absolute at the time.

      Well, they were wrong, in spite of supposed legal protections to limit Hitler's authority. The U.S.A. of course has a much longer tradition (to be a touch picayune, 231 years) of being a constitutional republic, yet that's no guarantee that its democratic system can't be subverted. The best way to protect it is to defeat 'Von Trump' and the Trumpicans in the 2020 national elections, and to do so emphatically.

      It does seem that more Americans are becoming aware of how corrupt and potentially totalitarian the "Von Trump crime family" truly is, that's the major 'ray of hope' which I perceive... --C.K.

    2. Marco: One of the things that has become very clear to anyone watching is that the system put in place by our founding fathers only works when at least the other two co-equal branches are behaving responsibly. Currently that is not the case and as such, an unchecked president is demonstrating just how much can be done that would normally be considered an abuse of power.

      I too hope this is resolved. But it is a hope that is slim, since so many still support what is going on.