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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Socio-political Entropy

........and once it's out, may all those who thought it was fine be made to swallow it.

I'm done. My own outrage has done nothing but consume me rather than my targets. For my own sanity I need a different approach......and perhaps selfish hedonism is the way to go? 

I feel like I did when Disney acquired Marvel. Now, I just look back on the old days with warm nostalgia and ignore what's currently presented. It's the same with our country. Though never perfect, I can still look back on the good and the aspiring aspects knowing:

1: By the time global warming and species loss destroy human life, I'll probably be dead.

2: None of the progressive legislation being challenged will affect me personally if overturned. Nor will I likely be the target of a hate crime. Robbery maybe? But I won't have my church bombed since I don't go to any. And no one is going to try to deport me. (I'm an older, straight, white, atheist, male citizen with a 401K. Good luck everyone else.)

3: I can't change the world. I'll still vote as I think I should, but I can't convince anyone else to see things the way I do.

4: "Hey, I didn't break it!" I have the dubious comfort of being somewhat guiltless, or at least as guiltless as someone who tried can be. 

5: A nightmare can't end until those in it wake up.

In the meantime, warm weather is coming. Liquor stores are still operational. I have good people around me. And so Summer can be wonderful in my own backyard, if I don't bother to look too far past it.


  1. I've been having similarly resigned thoughts. The power of pure partisan tribalism to overcome any sense of the public good couldn't be more on display than when you see evangelicals and former "conservatives" tripping all over themselves to stand in line to act as lead fluffer for a total degenerate human being and con man. Anyone who can justify this as normal simply cannot be persuaded by small things like facts, reasons or what used to be agreed upon ethical standards. So, why bother? As you say, better to throw some read meat on your CO2 emitting charcoal grill and toast the decline of Western civilization as we've known it.

    1. Yep......that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

      It was a good run despite some of the lows. Maybe it's time to give another species a shot?

  2. There are none so blind as he who will not see. Faults abound everywhere. Would you have been more happy with a treasonous lying thief as president? Our choice was poor or poor. Life goes on and better days are possible don't give up.

    1. >>>>>>>> Would you have been more happy with a treasonous lying thief as president? <<<<<<

      Umm, isn't that what we have now?

      All kidding aside, I didn't vote for Hilary, but honestly? As bad as she was, while she may well have engaged in unsavory ventures as president, I seriously doubt she'd be flushing the Constitution down the toilet on a daily basis.

      Better days are possible. I saw a great bumper sticker yesterday that made me smile: It was all red,white, & blue and said, "Any responsible adult 2020"

    2. As I said two choices bad and worse, play pick it. Great bumper sticker I want one. As to flushing the Constitution Congress does that on a regular basis.

    3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)May 17, 2019 at 8:34 PM

      Hillary Clinton probably would've made at the least a decent U.S. president, however she had liabilities as a candidate, some of her own making and some due to having been smeared by the Republican ultra-partisan 'attack machine' for over three decades.

      She's never been a narcissistic pathological liar, nor has she been misogynistic, white nationalistic, gay-bashing or theocratic. Was there a "lesser of two evils" choice during the 2016 election? Of course, there pretty much always is, but figuratively Hillary was a sore throat compared to 'Von Trump' being double pneumonia.

      If you look at the U.S. House of Representatives, since this past January it has been doing its best to defend the U.S. Constitution against massive executive-branch overreach--the U.S. Senate, however, has not... --C.K.

    4. CK: Again, we pretty much agree. Personally I don't trust either party as ample evidence is presented regularly. Still, like you said, what is going on now is just.........mind-numbing.

  3. Well said, I totally agree. In the meantime, TGIF