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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why not?

It's simple, inexpensive, and mostly symbolic. It doesn't mean laws will change overnight. It doesn't mean courts will decide in anyone's favor. It's just a little by all means....DON'T DO IT!

Kudos to all the states and embassies currently flying the rainbow flag for Pride Month in defiance of the U.S. Liar in Chief. If it was a Dixie Flag, he'd probably support it as 'historical'.

And on a lighter note, here's a kinky take on Pride Month focusing on the day when kinksters might one day march in solidarity.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day

Another amazing painting by Sargent.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. 

It's not an easy job, but it's not one anyone should ever walk away from.


Today I will be heading over to my daughter's house in PA (The one I've been helping renovate) with my son and step-clan in tow for a day of eating, drinking ....and CORNHOLE! This is her first party for us as a group and I'm really looking forward to it. My Son-in-Law's family will be there as well.

I hope all of you other fathers out there are the subjects of some appreciation and attention from your offspring...biological or otherwise. Enjoy it!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Airsoft kink

In looking about the internet one day I stumbled across a video that intrigued me. So I watched it. Then......I watched it again. The next day I went back and watched it yet again. It fascinated and admittedly titillated me. In the video a woman tortured another woman by binding her and then shooting her with an Airsoft gun. First she merely aimed at her bottom, but then she spun her around and went to town on her more sensitive spots.

While I watched the entire thing, the first segment where the butt was the main focus, was the segment I re-watched the most, eventually just skipping the latter genital-based portion entirely. (If you would like to see for yourself, the link is here) . It got me thinking.......especially since we happen to own two Airsoft guns already, but never used them in this way. 

So, I worked up the nerve to bring up the idea to Rosa and ......Rosa being Rosa......she agreed to give it a shot (pun intended) at some point in the future.

Now, to be honest, Rosa is no stranger to the idea of "shooting torture". We have a BDSM-type game we've played several times involving shooting a sturdy rubber band gun at a target where the center bullseye is cut out to allow for a penis tip (mine obviously) to be popped through and used as the marksman's goal. The game is fun, but painful, and even a bit nerve-wracking as the uncertainty of whether each new shot will hit or miss begins to render one 'jumpy'. But she likes it quite a bit and, in a masochistic way, so do I.

It will be interesting to see how an Airsoft game would play out and experience how much the pellets might sting. From the video, it seems like "significantly" could well be the answer. 

This is a still from the video showing the welts left by the pellets. As you can see, they don't quite break the skin, but they do strike with significant stinging impact. Also, in the video, the 'victim' is shot hundreds of pellets fired at times in an automatic, 'machine gun' firing mode. Our guns are single shot pistols that need to be cocked for each shot. If we did 'play' I am thinking I would probably only be subjected to a few dozen rounds and not end up quite as stippled  as this sore-bottomed young lady.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Be afraid!

According to a Chapman University poll, more people are afraid of the devil than a large volcanic eruption. Amazing. Even more disappointing is that ..........

......"Fear of an angry wife with a hairbrush" didn't even make the list while "zombies" DID!

There is a lot of fear in our country and politicians of every party love to play upon that emotion. Now there’s nothing wrong with being afraid ….if your fears are realistic. Warranted fear can keep you focused, prompt action, even save your life by scaring you away from a dangerous situation. But the key is that the fear needs to be based in a genuine threat to be constructive.....what is usually called 'healthy fear'. So why should we be afraid for our society?:

Not because of immigrants. Several studies have confirmed illegal immigrants are significantly less likely to commit a crime than a native born American.

Not because of Muslims. In fact crimes against Muslims have increased.

Not because of homosexuals, who are victimized by others two and a half times more frequently than their straight counterparts in society.

But perhaps because:

Being an “influencer” is an actual job.

People would rather watch a story on Cardi B than an in-depth analysis of the real issues regarding immigration…...and then fashionably complain about the quality of news reporting.

And here are some troubling bits of data:

-Only 39% of American born citizens can pass the citizenship test for their own country.

-Pew research found that 95% of people believe in some sort of “higher power” while only about 55% think there’s any validity at all to the Theory of Evolution.

-According to the Bureau of Economic Research, approximately half of the adult population in the US can’t read a book on an 8th grade level.

There are gulfs between what people know and don’t know and more troubling, issues over how much of what is known is accurate or correctly understood. (roughly half of the people in a National Science Foundation study understood how an experiment  needs to be conducted in order to have some validity)  What good is learning a statistic when you don’t understand how statistics work (or don’t work.....i.e. a statistic doesn't prove causality unless causality is specifically tested for) or memorizing a greatly distorted version of a historical event? (anyone up for some chopping down of cherry trees?)

But here’s some promising news: over 40% of eligible voters don’t vote. And instead of being a bad thing maybe we can hope there’s a huge overlap between the ignorant people in the statistics above and this one…...but it sure doesn’t seem that way. One thing is pretty certain though…... scapegoating people we don’t like or understand to shift blame from our own ignorance is NOT the solution.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Plumber's crack

Yesterday I went over to Nickki and Jean's place to see about that faucet installation. I was prepared to either give it a try, or just evaluate what I might need to remove the old one and come back another day to do it. As it turned out the situation was a bit complicated (age and corrosion made removal a challenge) but not as bad as I thought it could be.  So, armed not only with the usual bag of wrenches but also with a can of WD-40 and a Dremel, I wrenched off the stubborn parts and ground off the ones that would not cooperate at all.

Nickki and Jean were both thrilled that this was finally happening, having been unhappy with the sink since they purchased the new place. Nickki  even hung around as my helper at several points while Jean was cooking in the kitchen. A couple of hours later my friends were able to admire a shiny new faucet set on their now more secure and steady pedestal sink. 

Then after putting away all of the tools, cleaning up the residue from the drain, and a short rest, Nickki said it was time for 'payment'. Since Rosa made the condition of my front being covered at times when she was not present, Nickki eschewed my offer of the thong panties in favor of an apron she preferred. So, deprived of the traditional "plumber's crack" while I was working, Nickki now had the full moon on display.....and ready for chastisement!  Thus attired, (or semi-attired) over some pillows I went and Nickki gleefully laid into my butt with her paddle......crisply!

She seemed determined to end up with a particular shade of red.....which took some effort, but that she eventually achieved. It was not a wimpy spanking by any means.

This was me when I got home.

Her other goal was to have me remain red and sore for a second day. She said that if I recovered too quickly, she would make sure to go harder the next time. (She still owes me for the pool opening and once her frames are finished. So she will have two more chances quite soon.) 

Besides the spanking itself, there was some discussion of the negotiations among the four of us. Since my last post, Rosa began to think that Nickki did not want to do the punishment because she wasn't as into it as I may think, but Nickki assured me that was not the case at all, and said she would talk to Rosa and seek to do a joint punishment rather than a merely witnessed one to show her interest is mitigated solely by physical limitations of doing 400 hard smacks herself.

Afterwards I told Rosa everything that happened, including some very interesting comments from the once-reluctant Jean, that were deliciously ominous. (Jean said she had discussed the spanking idea with Nickki and said something along the lines of wanting the spanking to be what SHE wanted it to be ......which was my intent when I suggested "real" type spankings rather than play ones. Jean totally understood that and agreed that was what they should be. Very cool. In fact, when we were alone, Nickki warned me that when it does become Jean's turn for the deck, that if she indulges in a couple of drinks beforehand, that given her strength and determination, I might be in for a far more painful experience than I might realize. LOL)

So things are definitely off to a start and it doesn't look like anyone is unhappy with this new arrangement.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Final Decisions

Yesterday, after waiting to get more definitive answers from my uncharacteristically cryptic friend, Nickki, she texted me a string of what were her 'final decisions' on all of the things previously on the table. I say 'final decisions' because she made it pretty clear that any "rebuttal" from me would not sway her. She said she would explain her reasons.....but not change her mind. Each revelation surprised me in some way and to differing degrees. 

First, she informed me that the 2018 close-out punishment she had promised me and had been discussing with Rosa would encompass 400 smacks..........BUT due to her arthritis Nickki decided that amount was too high for her to give personally and so she wanted Rosa to give them, though she did agree that she'd be a witness to the proceedings.

I was surprised about the number because Rosa had told me that in their discussions, Nickki had been trying to come up with a total and that her initial suggestions were quite low. Rosa said that she suggested adding all of our 4 ages together which would be a bit over 200. Not a horrific spanking by our standards, but Rosa felt that at least it was more substantial than the previous musings. So to then end up with 400 seems to indicate a definite change of heart. It even surprised Rosa, though she is fine with spanking me as Nickki requested. (And I think my Honey is going to do her best to "show off" to the expense of me sitting comfortably!)

Although Nickki claimed arthritis, which is valid, her unwillingness to give even a part of the 2018 "400" makes me think there's more to it, and given the reasons she gave for why I was being sentenced to this number, I got the feeling that she wanted Rosa to 'have the honors' because the things cited directly hurt her. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty good at reading a situation. I think if Nickki wanted 400 and only felt like giving half herself, she could easily have split the total with Rosa rather than deferring the entire amount to her. Being surprised (and admittedly disappointed) that Nickki declined to give them though made me also wonder if she was backing out of her role, but her very next text, proved that to be incorrect. 

She then informed me that both she and Jean like the "spanks for work" bargain and that she would be giving me a spanking soon for opening their pool and Jean herself offered to deliver the pool deck reward spanking she had playfully threatened. After hearing about Jean's willingness to administer the smacks, I admitted surprise to Nickki who said that it had surprised her as well.....but was exactly what happened. Nickki even told her 'how' to do it. So for whatever reason, "Vanilla Jean" is apparently ready, willing, and able to do some ass-whacking! Nickki said Jean had just one condition, and that it was that she didn't want to see my "wee wee". (I am totally fine with that but find it humorous only in that Jean has already seen me naked twice when I was skinny-dipping with  her.) Rosa and I both felt the best answer to this was not so much positioning, but me just wearing one of my thong pouch-panties for the spanking. 

But wait, there's more. LOL. 

After some banter Nickki then wrote this:

"So if you really want to play we need our faucet changed just because it is old and has crud around it. I bought a new one but couldn't unscrew the nuts. Remember me telling you?

And when you come to work you must be paid immediately so be prepared.


I now had ample proof that my offer was being taken very seriously and that Nickki, and to a degree, Jean as well, were happy with the mutual benefit in such a policy. It also seemed like Nickki was enjoying my "no back out"/ "no say about the spanking" conditions and was taking full advantage by now just telling me what she wanted and what would be the result for me. ( I think Nickki may enjoy this "bossy-power" as much or perhaps more than the spanking authority itself. Rosa agrees.)

Nickki seems pretty eager to get things rolling too, even suggesting a visit as early as last night and all through this weekend. Unfortunately circumstances on our end may prevent that from happening, but Rosa is definitely on board for all of this. Then later last night, Nickki texted me with an offer of "spanks for work" for a mutual friend! Both Rosa and I were a little uncomfortable with this and I told Nickki that my spanking offer was "exclusive", but that I would be willing to help this person out if time allows. She said they both understood and were fine with that. So it's not like Nickki sounds reluctant about any of this! She's already willing to 'pimp me out'! LOL

My only question for my Honey was if she was OK with Nickki giving me "immediate spankings" on the days I do certain jobs even if that may mean Rosa herself would not be present? Since this was something Nickki came up with on her own I thought it good to ask. In the past Rosa either persoanlly witnessed Nickki spanking me (October), or was just a floor away (January). Interestingly, Rosa made the same condition as Jean, saying she was fine with it because she trusted us both, but that she wanted me in pouch panties at the time of the spanking and not bare in front......just the back. I find this interesting with Rosa also because she has never been shy about me being exposed before. But I think it could just be a symbolic thing .....kind of a friendly, subtle reminder between women of territory....which I get and have no problem with. In fact, given how tiny I get in front when spanked, pouch panties at least will hide that fact......while doing NOTHING to protect my bottom!

Pouch panties of a style very similar to a pair we own. It is quite likely I'll be wearing something just like this to Nickki and Jean's place sometime soon.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

More on Nickki & Jean

Could this be Jean going over my "to-do list"?

Soon after my exchanges with Nickki, I started having........ideas. So I texted Nickki and asked if she liked when a person in my role makes an offer that they can't back out of which could end up more fun for the Top than for the sub. Her replay was "Be bold. Take a stand. Let's see where the cookies fall."

So I wrote up the following email and hit "send". She told me she reviewed it last night with Jean and that "was positive". But that's all she said and told me she had a lot to do today and that she will speak to me later. Here's the email:

I was obviously thinking a lot about 'stuff' given our recent conversations and naturally my imagination got the best of me and I started to think of an idea that is so simple yet so mischievous I just had to run it past you. As I said in text if you agree that’s it. Period. It’s on and I can't back out.

Ironically the basis for the idea really came from you and Jean. On several occasions where I did something for you, you guys teased about me getting a reward spanking for it. It came up about the pantry and then more recently about the deck with even Jean getting involved. So I really started thinking and wondered, "why not take that joke and making it official policy?" What about from now on anything you think is substantial enough gets me a spanking as a twisted little payment?

And before you think this is just me trying to have way too much fun let me put a major twist in it: what if we agree that whatever spankings I get won't be "fun" ones for me but real, genuine, like-getting-it-from-an-angry-mom type scorchers? No cutesy ones with giggles and teases, just hard whacks and loud 'ouches'. Does that  sound a little more challenging?

 So here are my suggested guidelines. I will agree to the following rules if you do, to make sure this ends up more fun (and helpful in a practical way) for you than me:

1:Anyone can suggest a spanking reward, even me. If you feel like I should get one for a job you want done, then I get one no matter what. You don’t need me to agree. But if I want to ‘charge’ one for something I make that offer up front, but not after the job is already done, and you can agree or not. And if you do agree then again I can’t back out later. So for example, it’s too late for me to suggest one for the pantry or opening the pool but I could suggest one for closing it in September and if you agree it becomes official. If I help close the pool and rather not get spanked for it, too bad. I get spanked anyway.

2: Since the work is for you two, one of you has to do it, not Rosa. It can't just be filling out a "slip". It can be one or both of you, but I’m thinking Jean is probably not really going to want to, so it’s basically going to be up to you.....which I don’t think you mind lol.

3: They have to be done relatively soon after the job is done without waiting too long. Only fair.

4: Now here’s the condition for me: even though the reason for these will  be rewards, and even if they are fun for you.......the spankings themselves can be as real as a punishment and as bad as you want. Meaning even if the idea is fun for me the spanking itself will end up being anything but. And that’s the catch for me: yes I can get a spanking...... but no playful ones, only real ones. Like I said that doesn't mean they can’t be fun and playful for you. They should be. In fact this condition means you don't have to scale back on a paddling just because it’s supposed to be a reward. Instead you can go all out and let yourself enjoy the power.

Now I should explain that when it comes to real punishment for things I actually screwed up on, I do like them to be fair. It's how I rationalize getting real spankings as an adult. However when the reason is a reward or just playing around between friends, then I actually get a kick out of things being UNFAIR. So working hard on a project and then getting a really hard spanking as payment is funny even to me. Painful yes..... but still funny. So you don’t have to worry about me resenting anything you do. After all, I am the one suggesting this, so I can't be too against it.

And that brings us to...

5: You have total say about the spanking itself. If you want to reward a small job with a major paddling because you feel like it, I can’t refuse or complain. Major or minor it’s your call. The only thing is that you need to let me know the deal when you ask me to do whatever it is so it’s all up front with no wondering on my part. For example, if you say "KD, will you help me move the patio stones?" and there's no spanking offered, then it's just helping you. But if you say "KD I want you to help me move the patio stones, and you're going to get a spanking as a reward."  Then I can't say no, and after the job is done, I have to accept whatever kind of spanking you feel like giving.

Now if you like this idea, let me offer a couple of starters. You are the ones who mentioned a paddling for the deck so why not make that official?. Instead of money, if you agree, I will get a paddling. And since you offered $300, feel free to use that number. Of course you can go higher........and there’s nothing I can do about it. LOL Hell you can say "300 from Jean and another 300 from me" and there's nothing I can do but say "yes, Ma'am." ;-)

And here’s one from me: the frames. The frames are a simple job so I won’t set an amount ....especially since that’s your job. But I think that could warrant a spanking, don't you? Mutual benefit and mutual cost .......only difference is which of us ends up sitting less comfortably afterwards.

So that's the offer.  I'm thinking that you have been reluctant at times to use me for stuff because you felt funny bothering me. This policy provides a way to not feel hesitant to ask me for help since I will be getting something out of it each time, and yet it's free, easy, and hopefully fun. As for me, I will admit the idea is very enticing since I like when stuff like this ends up being more challenging than expected. Knowing I'll get attention on a regular basis,  but also knowing that attention isn't going to be easy in the moment, is a very appealing contradiction. And for you, I think it gives a way to be able to use that paddle of yours even when I'm being a pretty good boy. You need not wait for me to do something wrong. And if I do, you still can give a behavior spanking whenever you want. That's our standing agreement between us already. This is just something extra.

I think the funniest irony would be for you to agree to this and then give me such a scorcher of a  punishment spanking that I'll be regretting I ever sent this email. Imagine what I'll be thinking if you really roast me but good and I think about all the spankings to come ......and not being able to back out of them. You should love that! A real "be careful what you wish for"!

Let me know what you think. Once I hit "send" I can't back out and this email can be kept as a contract and proof of my agreeing to all this.

So she has read it and discussed it, but that's all I know.Still  I wanted to share it with my readers. This way we can all wonder what is going to happen next. She has been unusually reserved in her responses though. And so it would not surprise me if there were further amendments or caveats. We will see.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Cleared up

So I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to know.

For months I’ve been owed a genuine punishment from Nickki that she had discussed with me several times and teased about on quite a few occasions. If you recall she even started carrying her paddle around in her handbag and sent me a picture saying this was so she could just pop over and deliver a scorching whenever she felt like it. And yet, that never happened. The promised punishment we are discussing was decreed back in January. It is now June. Given my experiences with people who start out willing and then have a change of heart, I started to become worried that Nickki might no longer be embracing her authority as enthusiastically as she did at first. So I just bluntly, flat-out asked her about it in a text.

Because some personal stuff was shared in the texts, I am not going to repeat all of them here this time, but suffice it to say, she was just overwhelmed with life but still very interested. It was more of procrastination fueled by stress and circumstance than not wanting to do it. She even brought up carrying the paddle around, saying how she purposely did that so she could just impulsively pop over and surprise me.....and yet she just kept putting it off. However, Nickki did understand why I was asking and admitted that it was indeed a long time to put off something that should have been dealt with months ago. 

I assured her I understood her reasons and admitted to having the same sorts of things happen here as well, but that I was relieved that was all it was. And after a bit of mushy nice-nice between friends, she shifted gears right into “disciplinarian mode”, warning me that now that everything was cleared up I should know that I had indeed roused “the sleeping giant” and would pay the price all too soon.

Admittedly, her tone was a mix of humor and threat, which is typical of Nickki’s style, and when I tried to assure her that I was ok with it all, she went full-Domme on me and said that at this point only her perceptions matter and that she was going to give it to me but GOOD!

Later I went to pick up Rosa from work and as Rosa approached the car I could see she was on her phone…...with…..(you guessed it) Nickki! And i know they both spoke again last night went  went out fishing for a bit. So, I think my punishment is not far off now. And based on how my butt was burning and throbbing from our last encounter…..which was not nearly as serious as this issue is…….I’m thinking that this is probably going to be even worse. One thing about Nickki is, friends or not, she isn’t afraid to spank hard and now she seems motivated to make that happen.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Of Monarchs, Masters, & Mistresses

“I am monarch of all I survey,
My right there is none to dispute,
From the centre all round to the sea,
I am lord of the fowl and the brute.
O solitude! Where are the charms
That sages have seen in thy face?
Better dwell in the midst of alarms,
Than reign in this horrible place.”

― William Cowper, The Poetical Works Of William Cowper

Several days ago, before my new chaise cushions arrived for the two outdoor lounges I built, feeling proud of my accomplishment and feeling quite smug in my chair, I took this shot......

........ and, as a joke, put it on Instagram with the caption: "I am the master of all I long as I don't look past my fence." I can't relate to being a 'monarch', so I switched it to 'master'.

Then today, I was looking at my phone photos and saw that over the weekend, after the new cushions arrived from Wayfair, Rosa had taken THIS shot on MY phone and left it there for me without telling me:

Obviously my Honey feels like she is the "Mistress of all she surveys" and if you notice....I am part of what she's surveying!  Who am I to argue? 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Moishe the Tailor

The nuances being expressed this week on Dan’s excellent blog made me think of the old "Moishe the Tailor" joke where the protagonist bemoans the fact that he had admirably performed the duties of the village tailor for decades and yet was never referred to as "Moishe the Tailor"........

"...but suck just ONE COCK........"

[ Apologies to Motol (not Moishe).....who as far as I could tell, never sucked any cocks in "Fiddler on the Roof", but who had the perfect gesture to illustrate the punchline.]

Think about the specific conditions we all accept regarding labels that are not written down anywhere, but pretty much understood. You have to sing fairly often and publicly to be considered a 'singer', but you only have to kill one person in private to be a 'murderer'. One sex partner and you're no longer a 'virgin', but how many beyond one do you need before "slut" applies?

And so, how pervasive does a female partner's control have to be before what you are doing is “FLR”?  Does it have to be  the last word in EVERYTHING? Including things the wife has no expertise in? Or does very limited authority count as long as it is fairly one-sided? How many times does a husband have to obey his wife in order for their relationship to be somewhat defined by that dynamic? How many things can he resist being controlled in before it is no longer that type of relationship?

I may have mentioned before that prior to Rosa I was engaged in a play relationship with a woman who was very  active in groups and parties. We were not in a relationship or even romantically inclined. We just had a play agreement that seemed mutually satisfying. Interestingly, one of the things I remember well from the time we were together was a recurring criticism from her that I was "not a true submissive". I remember countering her accusation with a simple question: "What have you ever asked of me that I refused?" She stopped, blinked a few times in thought, and then made a telling admission, "you're right," she said, "you have done whatever I've asked and accepted whatever I've wanted to do to you." And then she added what proved to be HER qualifier: "But you never act submissive no matter what you are doing or having done to you." Interestingly, we went on to discuss this and she admitted that other men she topped had way more restrictions than I did, and did far less.....but all acted more deferential and meek and so to her seemed more submissive, even though I was doing more than they were. It was something that caused us both to reconsider how we label things.

I have long been amused by the irony of people (including myself) rationalizing various aspects of what we do with mental gymnastics and selective compartmentalization. But how silly is some of that when you’re bent over?

Even if this young lady only agreed to a session of paddling and not to a life of obedience and service......would it be unreasonable to think her Top is really not going to let a prior insult fuel his spanking enthusiasm?

Regardless of what you’ve agreed to, how reasonable is it to think that certain thoughts are not running through a dominant disciplinarian’s head just because they were never agreed to? Has a Top.....even a part-time one, never punished someone for one thing while not possibly thinking of something else that they are wise enough to not say aloud?

I think for me that's the main qualifier of who's doing the "leading"......even if that person isn't deciding which investment to make or what car to purchase.