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Friday, June 14, 2019

Airsoft kink

In looking about the internet one day I stumbled across a video that intrigued me. So I watched it. Then......I watched it again. The next day I went back and watched it yet again. It fascinated and admittedly titillated me. In the video a woman tortured another woman by binding her and then shooting her with an Airsoft gun. First she merely aimed at her bottom, but then she spun her around and went to town on her more sensitive spots.

While I watched the entire thing, the first segment where the butt was the main focus, was the segment I re-watched the most, eventually just skipping the latter genital-based portion entirely. (If you would like to see for yourself, the link is here) . It got me thinking.......especially since we happen to own two Airsoft guns already, but never used them in this way. 

So, I worked up the nerve to bring up the idea to Rosa and ......Rosa being Rosa......she agreed to give it a shot (pun intended) at some point in the future.

Now, to be honest, Rosa is no stranger to the idea of "shooting torture". We have a BDSM-type game we've played several times involving shooting a sturdy rubber band gun at a target where the center bullseye is cut out to allow for a penis tip (mine obviously) to be popped through and used as the marksman's goal. The game is fun, but painful, and even a bit nerve-wracking as the uncertainty of whether each new shot will hit or miss begins to render one 'jumpy'. But she likes it quite a bit and, in a masochistic way, so do I.

It will be interesting to see how an Airsoft game would play out and experience how much the pellets might sting. From the video, it seems like "significantly" could well be the answer. 

This is a still from the video showing the welts left by the pellets. As you can see, they don't quite break the skin, but they do strike with significant stinging impact. Also, in the video, the 'victim' is shot hundreds of pellets fired at times in an automatic, 'machine gun' firing mode. Our guns are single shot pistols that need to be cocked for each shot. If we did 'play' I am thinking I would probably only be subjected to a few dozen rounds and not end up quite as stippled  as this sore-bottomed young lady.


  1. i think i would have to be restrained to endure such torture

  2. talking of stumbling accrosd. i stumbled over this some time ago
    your post reminded me of it totally not a femdom thing but humiliating...a you tube clip....and shoots a gun sort of. a dude gets tar and to wonder about the tape over his mouth

  3. Followed the link and watched the video. WOW never saw anything like that and you are right the butt portion was interesting and made me wonder. The second part I can do without.

    1. Yeah the second part seems a bit extreme, but I don't think the victim minded. Some folks just like to play on a more challenging level.

      Still I like torture games to be a little more playful.

  4. From the thumbnail I thought it was a rash or disease... or candle wax, even. I wouldn't have thought air-soft gun.

    1. It's innovative to say the least.

    2. It's been a kink/fantasy for me for as long as I can remember, though my preferred targets are belly and belly button. You can imagine how much of that is floating about on the internet :P

      Maybe I'll flood the place with these kinds of videos if I ever meet a woman who's into it