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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Be afraid!

According to a Chapman University poll, more people are afraid of the devil than a large volcanic eruption. Amazing. Even more disappointing is that ..........

......"Fear of an angry wife with a hairbrush" didn't even make the list while "zombies" DID!

There is a lot of fear in our country and politicians of every party love to play upon that emotion. Now there’s nothing wrong with being afraid ….if your fears are realistic. Warranted fear can keep you focused, prompt action, even save your life by scaring you away from a dangerous situation. But the key is that the fear needs to be based in a genuine threat to be constructive.....what is usually called 'healthy fear'. So why should we be afraid for our society?:

Not because of immigrants. Several studies have confirmed illegal immigrants are significantly less likely to commit a crime than a native born American.

Not because of Muslims. In fact crimes against Muslims have increased.

Not because of homosexuals, who are victimized by others two and a half times more frequently than their straight counterparts in society.

But perhaps because:

Being an “influencer” is an actual job.

People would rather watch a story on Cardi B than an in-depth analysis of the real issues regarding immigration…...and then fashionably complain about the quality of news reporting.

And here are some troubling bits of data:

-Only 39% of American born citizens can pass the citizenship test for their own country.

-Pew research found that 95% of people believe in some sort of “higher power” while only about 55% think there’s any validity at all to the Theory of Evolution.

-According to the Bureau of Economic Research, approximately half of the adult population in the US can’t read a book on an 8th grade level.

There are gulfs between what people know and don’t know and more troubling, issues over how much of what is known is accurate or correctly understood. (roughly half of the people in a National Science Foundation study understood how an experiment  needs to be conducted in order to have some validity)  What good is learning a statistic when you don’t understand how statistics work (or don’t work.....i.e. a statistic doesn't prove causality unless causality is specifically tested for) or memorizing a greatly distorted version of a historical event? (anyone up for some chopping down of cherry trees?)

But here’s some promising news: over 40% of eligible voters don’t vote. And instead of being a bad thing maybe we can hope there’s a huge overlap between the ignorant people in the statistics above and this one…...but it sure doesn’t seem that way. One thing is pretty certain though…... scapegoating people we don’t like or understand to shift blame from our own ignorance is NOT the solution.


  1. sadly what seems so obvious needs to be debated and explained these days.
    us humans have a lot to answer for

  2. I can't agree completely with that statement. Ill. Immigrants can cause more crime take a look at Calif. where most of their crime is committed by them.

    1. All I can say is that I checked every statistical claim before posting and after seeing your response went back and fact-checked it through Politico and found the claim to be substantiated by more than one study, including one in California itself. (To be totally transparent, they did say that the way the data is compiled is not ideal and that there should be a more direct way to track crime by illegal immigrants.)

      However, to the point of the post, even if immigrants committed more crimes, their behavior does not justify Americans being essentially ignorant of things taught in grammar school.

    2. You also have to be very careful about statistics relating to criminal activity by illegal immigrants, because one thing that has a major impact is whether the study counts being in the country illegally itself as one of the crimes included in the results. Saying that immigrants commit more crimes than natives, but including their immigration status as one of the underlying claims, obviously drives the amount of criminal activity way up and is pretty misleading if you are trying to assess which demographic commits more crimes that are *independent* of immigration status.

    3. Dan: yes I could see how that would skew results, but I think it would be improbable that such a criteria was used. (But....ya never know.)

  3. I'm agnostic about the percentage of crimes committed by whom. But over the years I have employed immigrant workers to do jobs on my property that no one else wanted.

    In almost every instance their work ethic was unbelievable and they were sweet people. I saw where some of them lived, 3 or 4 to a room - and sending every dollar they possibly could home to help their families.

    Just saying.....

    1. Agreed. I grew up in a rural community, and the work ethic of the immigrants was a hell of a lot more impressive than that of the some of the farm owners they worked for.

    2. The trouble with anecdotal evidence for or against anything is that for every story of one type, there is another depicting the opposite. However, as for work ethic? I would tend to agree based on my own observations, but also on the logic that a person desperate for employment and income would naturally be far more inclined to make more of an effort than someone more likely to rely on some sort of safety net/entitlement.

      Also, I don't think that US born people realize the way labor functions in poor countries. When it comes to ratios of labor to quality of life, it seems like Europe is ahead of us, and we are ahead of places like Mexico & China, and they are ahead of places like the Republic of the Congo.

  4. Afraid of Satan? Not afraid or less afraid of volcanoes and earthquakes? WOW!

    1. Well, why not? A volcano may or may not erupt, but the Devil? He's ALWAYS on the prowl looking for souls. LOL

  5. Crimson Kid (C.K.)June 23, 2019 at 8:11 PM

    Unfortunately, being ignorant of current events and political issues, even being functionally illiterate, doesn't seem to prevent Americans from voting--some of them brag about making their choices based on their feelings, often wishful thinking, rather than on facts and reason.

    Barry Goldwater fretted about "the preachers" getting control of the Republican Party way back in the mid-1960s, unfortunately he proved to be correct.

    I find these evangelical 'Christians,' who reject the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, to be quite a serious threat--if Satan truly exists, they are dupes doing his bidding... --C.K.

    1. Hypocrisy is probably our greatest threat, and these folks are just the perfect 'poster children' for it.