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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Final Decisions

Yesterday, after waiting to get more definitive answers from my uncharacteristically cryptic friend, Nickki, she texted me a string of what were her 'final decisions' on all of the things previously on the table. I say 'final decisions' because she made it pretty clear that any "rebuttal" from me would not sway her. She said she would explain her reasons.....but not change her mind. Each revelation surprised me in some way and to differing degrees. 

First, she informed me that the 2018 close-out punishment she had promised me and had been discussing with Rosa would encompass 400 smacks..........BUT due to her arthritis Nickki decided that amount was too high for her to give personally and so she wanted Rosa to give them, though she did agree that she'd be a witness to the proceedings.

I was surprised about the number because Rosa had told me that in their discussions, Nickki had been trying to come up with a total and that her initial suggestions were quite low. Rosa said that she suggested adding all of our 4 ages together which would be a bit over 200. Not a horrific spanking by our standards, but Rosa felt that at least it was more substantial than the previous musings. So to then end up with 400 seems to indicate a definite change of heart. It even surprised Rosa, though she is fine with spanking me as Nickki requested. (And I think my Honey is going to do her best to "show off" to the expense of me sitting comfortably!)

Although Nickki claimed arthritis, which is valid, her unwillingness to give even a part of the 2018 "400" makes me think there's more to it, and given the reasons she gave for why I was being sentenced to this number, I got the feeling that she wanted Rosa to 'have the honors' because the things cited directly hurt her. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty good at reading a situation. I think if Nickki wanted 400 and only felt like giving half herself, she could easily have split the total with Rosa rather than deferring the entire amount to her. Being surprised (and admittedly disappointed) that Nickki declined to give them though made me also wonder if she was backing out of her role, but her very next text, proved that to be incorrect. 

She then informed me that both she and Jean like the "spanks for work" bargain and that she would be giving me a spanking soon for opening their pool and Jean herself offered to deliver the pool deck reward spanking she had playfully threatened. After hearing about Jean's willingness to administer the smacks, I admitted surprise to Nickki who said that it had surprised her as well.....but was exactly what happened. Nickki even told her 'how' to do it. So for whatever reason, "Vanilla Jean" is apparently ready, willing, and able to do some ass-whacking! Nickki said Jean had just one condition, and that it was that she didn't want to see my "wee wee". (I am totally fine with that but find it humorous only in that Jean has already seen me naked twice when I was skinny-dipping with  her.) Rosa and I both felt the best answer to this was not so much positioning, but me just wearing one of my thong pouch-panties for the spanking. 

But wait, there's more. LOL. 

After some banter Nickki then wrote this:

"So if you really want to play we need our faucet changed just because it is old and has crud around it. I bought a new one but couldn't unscrew the nuts. Remember me telling you?

And when you come to work you must be paid immediately so be prepared.


I now had ample proof that my offer was being taken very seriously and that Nickki, and to a degree, Jean as well, were happy with the mutual benefit in such a policy. It also seemed like Nickki was enjoying my "no back out"/ "no say about the spanking" conditions and was taking full advantage by now just telling me what she wanted and what would be the result for me. ( I think Nickki may enjoy this "bossy-power" as much or perhaps more than the spanking authority itself. Rosa agrees.)

Nickki seems pretty eager to get things rolling too, even suggesting a visit as early as last night and all through this weekend. Unfortunately circumstances on our end may prevent that from happening, but Rosa is definitely on board for all of this. Then later last night, Nickki texted me with an offer of "spanks for work" for a mutual friend! Both Rosa and I were a little uncomfortable with this and I told Nickki that my spanking offer was "exclusive", but that I would be willing to help this person out if time allows. She said they both understood and were fine with that. So it's not like Nickki sounds reluctant about any of this! She's already willing to 'pimp me out'! LOL

My only question for my Honey was if she was OK with Nickki giving me "immediate spankings" on the days I do certain jobs even if that may mean Rosa herself would not be present? Since this was something Nickki came up with on her own I thought it good to ask. In the past Rosa either persoanlly witnessed Nickki spanking me (October), or was just a floor away (January). Interestingly, Rosa made the same condition as Jean, saying she was fine with it because she trusted us both, but that she wanted me in pouch panties at the time of the spanking and not bare in front......just the back. I find this interesting with Rosa also because she has never been shy about me being exposed before. But I think it could just be a symbolic thing .....kind of a friendly, subtle reminder between women of territory....which I get and have no problem with. In fact, given how tiny I get in front when spanked, pouch panties at least will hide that fact......while doing NOTHING to protect my bottom!

Pouch panties of a style very similar to a pair we own. It is quite likely I'll be wearing something just like this to Nickki and Jean's place sometime soon.


  1. Sounds to me like the 3 ladies colluded by the pool with a bottke of wine to decide your fate KD. It certainly seems well planned and I expect the execution will be even more precice. Ah the perils ov being a handyman !

    1. If you mean Nickki, Jean, and their friend, then 'yes' that is EXACTLY what happened. And I think Nickki meant well by offering me out to.....let's call her "Jane". But while I know Jane and have done work for her in the past, as adventurous as I am, even I am not comfortable including her in on this deal. Rosa is definitely not. LOL But it was probably just one of those 'lubricated ideas' on the lades' parts.

  2. An excellent turn of events. Could be lots of 'lite work and High Pay' Most folks would love that employment compensation program. All be it with less seating restrictions. I can imagine so many quick tasks... "Hey can you come over and take out the trash for us?" "Since you're so tall, can you retrieve the bowl on the high self for us?" I hope this situation grows over time. Crimson Services - We bend over for our clients! John G.

    1. It will be interesting to see what 'qualifies' going forward.

      As of now there is one punishment to witness.
      One reward owed by Nickki

      One to come from Jean at the time of the deck being done.

      One to come for the faucet from Nickki.

      And one up in the air on my offer of a spanking as payment for making some frames for Nickki.

      And it's only the beginning of June!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great arrangement and one I would enjoy. A little while back I said the 3 ladies would get together you lucky devil.

    1. Thanks, Joe. I guess I am lucky.....but I have to say sincerely and a bit embarrassingly....I do instigate a lot, and suggest a lot, and do a lot for the people in this arrangement. So to a degree.....a person looking to do what I'm doing needs to be prepared to get a lot of disappointment and still persist AND without crossing the line into "pest territory" (which I think I dwell right on the border of)....and then eventually something surprises you. So there is a lot to be said in cases like this about "making your own luck"......and then still keep a rabbit's foot handy! LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Hopefully. It's mostly talk so far. I'll post if and when something tangible happens.