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Thursday, June 6, 2019

More on Nickki & Jean

Could this be Jean going over my "to-do list"?

Soon after my exchanges with Nickki, I started having........ideas. So I texted Nickki and asked if she liked when a person in my role makes an offer that they can't back out of which could end up more fun for the Top than for the sub. Her replay was "Be bold. Take a stand. Let's see where the cookies fall."

So I wrote up the following email and hit "send". She told me she reviewed it last night with Jean and that "was positive". But that's all she said and told me she had a lot to do today and that she will speak to me later. Here's the email:

I was obviously thinking a lot about 'stuff' given our recent conversations and naturally my imagination got the best of me and I started to think of an idea that is so simple yet so mischievous I just had to run it past you. As I said in text if you agree that’s it. Period. It’s on and I can't back out.

Ironically the basis for the idea really came from you and Jean. On several occasions where I did something for you, you guys teased about me getting a reward spanking for it. It came up about the pantry and then more recently about the deck with even Jean getting involved. So I really started thinking and wondered, "why not take that joke and making it official policy?" What about from now on anything you think is substantial enough gets me a spanking as a twisted little payment?

And before you think this is just me trying to have way too much fun let me put a major twist in it: what if we agree that whatever spankings I get won't be "fun" ones for me but real, genuine, like-getting-it-from-an-angry-mom type scorchers? No cutesy ones with giggles and teases, just hard whacks and loud 'ouches'. Does that  sound a little more challenging?

 So here are my suggested guidelines. I will agree to the following rules if you do, to make sure this ends up more fun (and helpful in a practical way) for you than me:

1:Anyone can suggest a spanking reward, even me. If you feel like I should get one for a job you want done, then I get one no matter what. You don’t need me to agree. But if I want to ‘charge’ one for something I make that offer up front, but not after the job is already done, and you can agree or not. And if you do agree then again I can’t back out later. So for example, it’s too late for me to suggest one for the pantry or opening the pool but I could suggest one for closing it in September and if you agree it becomes official. If I help close the pool and rather not get spanked for it, too bad. I get spanked anyway.

2: Since the work is for you two, one of you has to do it, not Rosa. It can't just be filling out a "slip". It can be one or both of you, but I’m thinking Jean is probably not really going to want to, so it’s basically going to be up to you.....which I don’t think you mind lol.

3: They have to be done relatively soon after the job is done without waiting too long. Only fair.

4: Now here’s the condition for me: even though the reason for these will  be rewards, and even if they are fun for you.......the spankings themselves can be as real as a punishment and as bad as you want. Meaning even if the idea is fun for me the spanking itself will end up being anything but. And that’s the catch for me: yes I can get a spanking...... but no playful ones, only real ones. Like I said that doesn't mean they can’t be fun and playful for you. They should be. In fact this condition means you don't have to scale back on a paddling just because it’s supposed to be a reward. Instead you can go all out and let yourself enjoy the power.

Now I should explain that when it comes to real punishment for things I actually screwed up on, I do like them to be fair. It's how I rationalize getting real spankings as an adult. However when the reason is a reward or just playing around between friends, then I actually get a kick out of things being UNFAIR. So working hard on a project and then getting a really hard spanking as payment is funny even to me. Painful yes..... but still funny. So you don’t have to worry about me resenting anything you do. After all, I am the one suggesting this, so I can't be too against it.

And that brings us to...

5: You have total say about the spanking itself. If you want to reward a small job with a major paddling because you feel like it, I can’t refuse or complain. Major or minor it’s your call. The only thing is that you need to let me know the deal when you ask me to do whatever it is so it’s all up front with no wondering on my part. For example, if you say "KD, will you help me move the patio stones?" and there's no spanking offered, then it's just helping you. But if you say "KD I want you to help me move the patio stones, and you're going to get a spanking as a reward."  Then I can't say no, and after the job is done, I have to accept whatever kind of spanking you feel like giving.

Now if you like this idea, let me offer a couple of starters. You are the ones who mentioned a paddling for the deck so why not make that official?. Instead of money, if you agree, I will get a paddling. And since you offered $300, feel free to use that number. Of course you can go higher........and there’s nothing I can do about it. LOL Hell you can say "300 from Jean and another 300 from me" and there's nothing I can do but say "yes, Ma'am." ;-)

And here’s one from me: the frames. The frames are a simple job so I won’t set an amount ....especially since that’s your job. But I think that could warrant a spanking, don't you? Mutual benefit and mutual cost .......only difference is which of us ends up sitting less comfortably afterwards.

So that's the offer.  I'm thinking that you have been reluctant at times to use me for stuff because you felt funny bothering me. This policy provides a way to not feel hesitant to ask me for help since I will be getting something out of it each time, and yet it's free, easy, and hopefully fun. As for me, I will admit the idea is very enticing since I like when stuff like this ends up being more challenging than expected. Knowing I'll get attention on a regular basis,  but also knowing that attention isn't going to be easy in the moment, is a very appealing contradiction. And for you, I think it gives a way to be able to use that paddle of yours even when I'm being a pretty good boy. You need not wait for me to do something wrong. And if I do, you still can give a behavior spanking whenever you want. That's our standing agreement between us already. This is just something extra.

I think the funniest irony would be for you to agree to this and then give me such a scorcher of a  punishment spanking that I'll be regretting I ever sent this email. Imagine what I'll be thinking if you really roast me but good and I think about all the spankings to come ......and not being able to back out of them. You should love that! A real "be careful what you wish for"!

Let me know what you think. Once I hit "send" I can't back out and this email can be kept as a contract and proof of my agreeing to all this.

So she has read it and discussed it, but that's all I know.Still  I wanted to share it with my readers. This way we can all wonder what is going to happen next. She has been unusually reserved in her responses though. And so it would not surprise me if there were further amendments or caveats. We will see.


  1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)June 6, 2019 at 10:39 AM

    Well, I would have to say that, based on what I can figure out about your psyche, especially your spankophile feelings, that it would be nigh-impossible for female friends who care about you (and therefore wouldn't harm you, as opposed to just hurting you a whole lot), to administer "such a scorcher of a punishment spanking" that you would have long-term regrets about making this proposal. That you might regret it during a truly severe punitive paddling, or immediately afterward, perhaps--but over the long haul, I'm highly doubtful.

    Based on your descriptions of these ladies, they're basically 'vanilla' types who are interested in your top/bottom relationship with Rosa, so whether they'd totally fulfill your expectations in spanking you soundly in return for your extensive favors, who knows? It seems like a good arrangement to me, because they could feel like they were 'paying' for your help, making it a friendly "quid pro quo" rather than anything monetary, yet if they're uncertain about actually delivering the 'discipline,' it may end up being a lot of talk about a little action.

    There may be a difference in agreeing to this kind of situation in theory, as opposed to actually carrying it out. However, you obviously know these women well, so perhaps they will indeed 'buy in' to your proposal with a decent degree of enthusiasm... --C.K.

    1. Hey, CK, if you scroll back you can read much more about NNickki and Jean. Nickki has written out spanking slips in the past and has delivered two spankings personally.....the second of which, in January, left me sore and actually pulsing and throbbing back there! So she's not "vanilla". She even enjoys watching bondage videos.

      And the reason her second spanking was so hard was because she felt she learned a lot from her first more tentaive one and now decided that she wanted to see a truly red and sore butt at the end of her efforts. Hardly a reluctant vanilla.

      Jean is much more the way you speculate.....but even she has come a long way and now jokes openly. Whether she would do one is doubtful.....but not impossible.

      We will see.