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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Of Monarchs, Masters, & Mistresses

“I am monarch of all I survey,
My right there is none to dispute,
From the centre all round to the sea,
I am lord of the fowl and the brute.
O solitude! Where are the charms
That sages have seen in thy face?
Better dwell in the midst of alarms,
Than reign in this horrible place.”

― William Cowper, The Poetical Works Of William Cowper

Several days ago, before my new chaise cushions arrived for the two outdoor lounges I built, feeling proud of my accomplishment and feeling quite smug in my chair, I took this shot......

........ and, as a joke, put it on Instagram with the caption: "I am the master of all I long as I don't look past my fence." I can't relate to being a 'monarch', so I switched it to 'master'.

Then today, I was looking at my phone photos and saw that over the weekend, after the new cushions arrived from Wayfair, Rosa had taken THIS shot on MY phone and left it there for me without telling me:

Obviously my Honey feels like she is the "Mistress of all she surveys" and if you notice....I am part of what she's surveying!  Who am I to argue? 


  1. Just like our house KD. We may think we are the Masters but we all know that it's the Mistress who rules the roost !

    1. If not completely then at least significantly. LOL

    2. Rosa has much nicer legs than you also KD!

    3. No argument there, either, Glen! (But, frankly, I would hope so. )

  2. It is a wise man who knows the truth.

  3. Well, when you have great things to survey, why not?