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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Plumber's crack

Yesterday I went over to Nickki and Jean's place to see about that faucet installation. I was prepared to either give it a try, or just evaluate what I might need to remove the old one and come back another day to do it. As it turned out the situation was a bit complicated (age and corrosion made removal a challenge) but not as bad as I thought it could be.  So, armed not only with the usual bag of wrenches but also with a can of WD-40 and a Dremel, I wrenched off the stubborn parts and ground off the ones that would not cooperate at all.

Nickki and Jean were both thrilled that this was finally happening, having been unhappy with the sink since they purchased the new place. Nickki  even hung around as my helper at several points while Jean was cooking in the kitchen. A couple of hours later my friends were able to admire a shiny new faucet set on their now more secure and steady pedestal sink. 

Then after putting away all of the tools, cleaning up the residue from the drain, and a short rest, Nickki said it was time for 'payment'. Since Rosa made the condition of my front being covered at times when she was not present, Nickki eschewed my offer of the thong panties in favor of an apron she preferred. So, deprived of the traditional "plumber's crack" while I was working, Nickki now had the full moon on display.....and ready for chastisement!  Thus attired, (or semi-attired) over some pillows I went and Nickki gleefully laid into my butt with her paddle......crisply!

She seemed determined to end up with a particular shade of red.....which took some effort, but that she eventually achieved. It was not a wimpy spanking by any means.

This was me when I got home.

Her other goal was to have me remain red and sore for a second day. She said that if I recovered too quickly, she would make sure to go harder the next time. (She still owes me for the pool opening and once her frames are finished. So she will have two more chances quite soon.) 

Besides the spanking itself, there was some discussion of the negotiations among the four of us. Since my last post, Rosa began to think that Nickki did not want to do the punishment because she wasn't as into it as I may think, but Nickki assured me that was not the case at all, and said she would talk to Rosa and seek to do a joint punishment rather than a merely witnessed one to show her interest is mitigated solely by physical limitations of doing 400 hard smacks herself.

Afterwards I told Rosa everything that happened, including some very interesting comments from the once-reluctant Jean, that were deliciously ominous. (Jean said she had discussed the spanking idea with Nickki and said something along the lines of wanting the spanking to be what SHE wanted it to be ......which was my intent when I suggested "real" type spankings rather than play ones. Jean totally understood that and agreed that was what they should be. Very cool. In fact, when we were alone, Nickki warned me that when it does become Jean's turn for the deck, that if she indulges in a couple of drinks beforehand, that given her strength and determination, I might be in for a far more painful experience than I might realize. LOL)

So things are definitely off to a start and it doesn't look like anyone is unhappy with this new arrangement.