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Monday, July 15, 2019

Ana's Home

It's been an interesting weekend. Rosa and I went to Nickki & Jean's on Saturday, and my Monster came home earlier than she had said and we had a great day together on Sunday.

Ana and I planned some adventures for the week since she will then be off on a trip to Canada before returning again. But since we know our Summer-vacation time is more limited than usual with her starting Dental School, we are trying to pack a lot into the time we have.

I also got to talk to Nickki about my butt damage (which as of today is mostly back to normal). I told her what I think led to the degree of skin failure I experienced and she agreed that we needed to make sure that such extensive abrading did not happen again. I assured her that given my 40 years of experience in this area, that there are plenty of ways to ensure a genuinely sore bottom without crossing into that undesired consequence.

One strategy was to target a bit lower like Rosa does and another was to use sequential spankings for serious offenses in order to make them "un-fun".

As of today there are several "owed" spankings, one for behavior at Ana's Graduation ceremony, and three for work rewards (though as I've written before, these 'rewards' have been agreed upon to not be handled like rewards.) The deck project is postponed until September, and Nickki said that upon completion of that one I will get around 600 swats!

Last night I talked with Ana about a slew of topics and brought up the impending punishment Nickki intends to deliver sort of in her honor. Ana was curious as to what I did and I told her that it was a series of sarcastic remarks about the mundane, hackneyed similarities to ALL graduations and that I had been to so many, it was torturous. But I explained ....without really having to....that my eagerness to celebrate her achievement was never in question, even though Nickki took my remarks as disrespectful to her dear Ana. Ana laughed at how she knew that what I said was true and admitted that she sat there thinking their speaker was atrocious and some of the logistics were poorly planned. But she also admitted to being very touched by Nickki's protectiveness and could see her point too and said while she is not upset with me, she might have been had I made similar comments within her hearing that day. And so with Ana being Ana, Nickki being Nickki, and me being me......she thinks the whole outcome is just perfect all around.


  1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)July 17, 2019 at 6:41 PM

    Graduation ceremonies, i.e. "commencement exercises," are important to the graduates and their loved ones, yet even they can end up being rather bored my 95% of the 'pomp and circumstance.'

    As a former high school teacher, one who taught seniors most of the time, I've attended numerous graduations. What I found to be most ironic was that the 'honored guests' sitting elevated on the front podium were mostly district bureaucrats who hadn't even had any contact with the graduates doing their school years, yet were considered to be so much more important than us mere teachers of those students.

    There's no contradiction in having a cynical attitude toward graduation ceremonies in general, and being supportive of any particular graduate(s), I'd venture... --C.K.

    1. I agree......but Nickki doesn't see it that way. I'm OK with it though. She explained it to me a few times and it's apparent that she feels very strongly about it. I guess on this one my objections are minor compared to how deeply she feels about it and I like Ana's diplomatic resolution to it. So I won't fight this one.

  2. Thus we have learned, Right words, wrong time, wrong place, right punishment. Hehe

    1. I'm glad you are back to being able to comment now, Monster. Hopefully we'll see more?

      And I suppose that succinct evaluation is pretty accurate.