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Monday, July 8, 2019


Every now and then in life, something happens that just alters our perceptions, or upsets a status quo. Yesterday was such a day for me and my “friend-with-disciplinary-benefits” Nickki.

It all started Saturday when I found myself with some privacy I had not had in days due to our house guests. My thoughts had been running from one thing to another and I ended up texting two of my favorite ladies (Ana & Nickki) about all sorts of things….including ‘lifestyle topics’. 

Ana eventually had something to do, and Nickki said she was in the middle of a craft project, which made texting difficult. I was about to just give up on conversation when she surprised me with a call, saying she would be happy to chat and that on speaker she could do so much better than trying to type out periodic responses with paint-covered fingers. It worked for me, since I prefer talking to texting, especially on nuanced subjects.

Naturally the conversation made its way to the owed spankings I had coming and how she and I might go about handling the backlog. But rather than go into detail on that, suffice it to say that by conversation’s end, she had contacted my Rosa to ask that I swing by on Sunday afternoon for an owed paddling…...though she told me that it was not going to be the reward spanking for opening her pool. What neither Rosa nor she DID tell me was that she had changed her mind about doing my old 2018 Closeout punishment jointly with Rosa and had decided that she would like to give me the entire, hefty amount…..numbering loosely, though not restricted to a target of about 400 smacks!

When I arrived, Nickki sprung the surprise on me early, but because we have discussed this topic many times, she was aware of my personal need for a few minutes to mentally process the gear-switching of submitting to a real, genuine, no-fun punishment when I was thinking of something either mostly fun or at least partially fun with maybe some real behavior stuff sprinkled in as what we jokingly refer to as “fuel”. So to help prepare I asked if we could talk a bit and Nickki agreed. 

The conversation ran the gamut from her intent, both of our goals, some advice on technique, and my own thoughts on the significance of getting a 100% pure punishment from her and how I thought it might further skew our previously egalitarian, though slowly shifting towards greater imbalance…...friendship.  By the end of what seemed more like a sincere collaboration than a mere conversation, we had arrived at a mutual understanding of what was going to follow: a hard paddling in which I had no say and no reason to speak (unless there was a real problem). Nickki would choose from among the various techniques discussed without seeking any further input from me. She said she would use the proscribed "400" as a loose guideline, but regardless of numbers......which she would not count.....she would not end the punishment until SHE felt fully satisfied with the results. One shared goal that neither of us had to convince the other of was that this particular spanking be significant enough to sting well past a few hours. It was to be one of those cliched “you won’t sit for a week”-category punishments, where that term was actually used during the course of our talk. The idea that this was ostensibly for genuine misbehaviors throughout the entire 2018 year, laid a foundation for significant consequences. Nickki felt that not only should the spanking hurt, but given the scope of a year-end comeuppance, that the sting should last for days. I had to agree, and said so, assuring her I would in no way resent such a punishment, but find it appropriate to offset my unquestioned guilt.

As my demeanor shifted to a more penitent state, I asked Nickki if she would indulge me in two favors. One was a request for a shot or two of us together at the end, so that I could use it for a blog post; they could serve as both proof that this story was genuine and ‘souvenir/trophies’ for us both. She agreed…..even agreeing to have her face revealed. The second favor was something brewing in my head about connection. The first spanking Nickki gave me was over her lap, but ended up a bit on the mild side. After that she found she had more leverage and power to strike from alongside me. I understood the practical logistics and agreed that the punishment would be more painful delivered that way, but wondered if……..when she felt I had already had enough…...would she consider concluding with an add-on of a token number of around 50 or so across her lap? I told her they could still be hard and punitive but that psychologically I thought this position was very maternal and bonding and a nice….though still painful….. way to end things. I further explained that I was asking for this now, while I was still brave, because I might not have the nerve to suggest it once the punishment concluded, but that if she agreed now, it would be an inescapable addendum, no matter how sore I was, or how I felt at the time. She immediately understood and agreed. 

 Nickki and me in her living room mere months ago.

Eventually a slightly awkward silence fell as we realized we had discussed everything that needed to be discussed and the time for action was at hand.  Nickki informed me that this time, since we had total privacy, I would be getting it right there in her living room. She handed me my apron (the agreed-upon condition for spankings outside of Rosa’s presence) and I went off to the bathroom to disrobe. 

We hugged briefly beforehand, and then I draped myself over a small random stack of pillows…..all while my bottom was facing towards her big, bay window, light pouring in and open to the street. (Now honestly as most people realize, it’s very hard to see into a house on a bright day, but it still had a bit of an embarrassment factor for me, making me feel like my punishment was almost a public event.) Then she began!

The first four stung but were bearable, but as early as the 6th or so, I already knew I was in for something unprecedented between the two of us. Nickki spanked like an angry Mom with a mission. Her paddle landed hard and at a pace just between what would have been slow enough for full processing and too fast to handle without having a coronary. Bearable but only barely: a perfect punishment pace. I was astonished at her determination to eliminate any chance that I find any part of the spanking enjoyable, playful, or fun. Anyone thinking that this was a play adventure between buddies would have soon changed their mind had they witnessed the spanking.

Given the haphazard pillow stack and my involuntary reactions to her swats, it was inevitable that I ended up slipping downward into a more prone position. The very first time it happened, I was already in a total mental state of penitent obedience, so when Nickki pointed out that I needed to re-position the pillows and myself, I instinctively responded with a “yes, Ma’am” and a scramble to realign myself to her liking. At the time I didn’t think too much about this because her request made perfect sense, and given my situation, there was no way I was going to do anything other than comply with the utmost respect and deference. However, I found out later that for Nickki this was the most memorable part of the entire paddling and became a powerful revelation of what was going on between us. She said it changed her entire mindset from merely being committed to a serious and deserved punishment to one of reveling in my sincere and profound submission. She found that my “yes, Ma’am” and almost nervous scramble to obey her had effectively elevated her status. She found it thrilling.

The paddling continued long enough and hard enough to provide several more opportunities for the need for my re-positioning, but after that first one, her subsequent ‘requests’ were much more like barked commands, complete with a tone of annoyance as she reprimanded me for yet again sliding forward and making her job more difficult.  Each time I would repeat my ‘yes, Ma’am” and desperately attempt to better re-stack the pillows and even struggle to try to give her  more access to my already burning bottom. I was far too preoccupied with getting through a punishment already significantly worse than I expected and attempting to do nothing to further annoy my disciplinarian to realize that each time I replied and scrambled to obey, I was feeding Nickki’s dominance to a powerful degree. 

After a while an emboldened Nickki began to not so much scold me, but rather comment repeatedly and emphatically on how red my bottom was and warned me about how this was not a spanking I would soon forget nor stop feeling the effects of. She sounded nothing like a bragging Top though but rather so much more like a mother who was truly determined to thoroughly punish her son. It was threatening but yet had a loving ‘you had this coming’ tone at the same time.

At one point she stopped, and changed her tone to one of questioning concern, as she pointed out that my left cheek was now sporting a wet oval within the overall red surface. I told her that she had probably succeeded in abrading the skin with her powerful and relentless strokes, but to reassure her I told her that such ‘skin failure’ does sometimes happen during a particularly hard paddling, and that while further spanking could very well lead to some bleeding, as it currently was, this would just be a particularly extra-sore spot that would eventually scab over and heal just fine. What happened after that exchange was my biggest shock of the day.

As I lay flopped over the pillows, she told me to take a short break …...but that we were not done. I thanked her and stood up, as she instructed me to sit in a nearby cushioned chair right by the bay window. Thinking nothing but gratitude for the break, I did as directed and sat down, giving my strict friend a nice reassuring smile that I was OK. What was my surprise when Nickki reacted with a loud “what? You can sit down after all that and smile at me?!” 

I tried to explain that my bottom was indeed burning but given the cushioned chair and her directions I was just being obedient, but Nickki felt that I should be wincing and sorry-looking...... not seemingly comfortable and smiling. And my break was suddenly cut short as Nickki literally yelled at me to get up and to get back over the pillows immediately. And I think if my first ‘yes Ma’am’ reply was Nickki’s groundbreaking moment, THIS one was  mine!

I found myself seeing my friend as a force to be feared and reckoned with. She had warned me that I had more coming so there was no way I could rationalize any objection to being ordered back into position, but looking back I realize that it was at this moment that she had me. Truly had me. And while I may have known more was coming, after the abrasion, I wasn’t looking for more. Still, I got into position utterly fearful and eager to give Nickki no further cause for annoyance, but at that point she had already made up her mind: “yes,” she admitted to me aloud. “Your left cheek is abraded…….but the right one isn’t!”.  She elaborated that if an abraded behind wasn’t dangerous, just painful, then she promised to make sure I ended the day with matching, equally-raw buttocks! And that’s just what she did! 

I have been abraded before, but it was always an unintended, though always possible, outcome of a long or hard punishment. This was the first time such an end result was used as a goal. Nickki was determined, forcefully attacking the same spot relentlessly until she got her desired matching oval. She even turned her attention to un-spanked areas at the outskirts of the usual target areas just to ensure an entirely red bottom. I just took it all feeling utterly defeated and completely at her mercy.

At one point I was so lost in just trying to process everything that I had forgotten about my earlier request to end the day OTK. And I rarely forget anything I say. So when Nickki told me to get up and to climb over her lap, I was again surprised……yet not surprised. True to her word, Nickki gave me a hard OTK before ending the punishment. For a few minutes she just let me remain over her lap recovering, but then it was time to get up. She took out her phone and snapped a few shots which you can see here:

Nickki and me in that same living room yesterday, about a yard from where the first picture was taken. Trust me.....that is one sore bottom!

We did a brief post-punishment hug with her in a chair (the same chair I'm sitting in in the first picture above) and me on my knees… I wouldn’t have to sit, and it was then that she complimented me on my compliance with what was obviously a difficult punishment. Nickki later told me that this moment was the only time she felt a brief wave of sympathy for me, not in any regret-based way, but rather the way a satisfied mother might feel once her intended spanking was finished. I then mentioned that I wasn’t trying to be fresh, but given my wet abrasions, would it be OK if I just stayed in my apron a little while longer to let the air cool and perhaps dry the areas a bit before we left. (we were both going to come back to my house to join Rosa, Marta, and our guests in the pool.) She agreed and even gave me some paper towels to sit on so I wouldn’t stain her chairs cushions. She also got the chance to palp her handiwork and admitted my buns definitely felt more like swollen hot leather than normal flesh.

A fairly good shot from Nickki's phone clearly showing the two abraded spots on each thoroughly, reddened cheek. 

We did some follow-up, with some feedback, reassurance, and specific thoughts about the punishment, including thoughts about how Nickki was now viewing the future. It was pretty intense. So much so that after I dressed, and just before we left Nickki's house, I made the last-minute gesture of bending and giving the tops of Nickki's feet one very brief kiss each. Be assured, despite my feelings on feet, this wasn't some wild bout of grovelling foot worship, but a measured gesture of respect and appreciation. Just two dry pecks as symbolic acknowledgement of how we both sort of know how the day has changed our respective statuses with each other. Nickki assured me she fully understood the significance of the gesture and definitely "liked it very much".

Despite her stern expression in the other shot, Nickki obviously couldn't hide her gleeful satisfaction for very long!

I will write more about this in a second installment as I process more, and also cover things that transpired when I took Nickki back home in the evening. But this pretty much describes the “main event” of 7/7/19 and the initial, key takeaways.


  1. What a lovely recounting. I hope it's not racist, but I have found black women to be particularly good (and fond of) doling out spankings others might consider ridiculously strict. You can certainly tell Nickki enjoyed it, and your butt is very well toasted, kd!

    1. Thank you, Julie. Always nice to hear from you.

      I'm not sure you can that racist, since Nickki and I discussed corporal punishment within family settings and while it is certainly not a popular view, Nickki is a believer that it was a mistake to abandon spanking completely rather than see it as a valid option when not abused. As such, when discussing this session, the use of mother/son comparisons came up frequently, and resonated strongly with her.

      I don't think there is any doubt for her or me that despite our differences in age, race, and relation, at several points, or perhaps even throughout, there was a very strong sense that this WAS a kind of serious spanking between a mother and son.

      And yes. I can barely sit at all today, let alone comfortably!

    2. Something about this definitely resonates:

      "After a while an emboldened Nickki began to not so much scold me, but rather comment repeatedly and emphatically on how red my bottom was and warned me about how this was not a spanking I would soon forget nor stop feeling the effects of. She sounded nothing like a bragging Top though but rather so much more like a mother who was truly determined to thoroughly punish her son. It was threatening but yet had a loving ‘you had this coming’ tone at the same time."

    3. Yes there was certainly a way more maternal feel to this than any sort of BDSM adventure between friends. And the conversation we had about things going forward echoed that characterization.

  2. For small lady she sure knows how to paddle KD.The ladies will be teasing you mercilessly for the next little while I bet!

    1. I'm sure they will, and YES SHE DOES!!!

      My poor bottom is burning even as I write this!

    2. Judging by her expression she really enjoyed it!It is always nice to see a lady smiling proudly after dishing out a good paddling!

    3. I can assure you, she did. Just read her comment under my name.

  3. Nickki saw the post and wanted to comment but has been having major issues getting her comment to 'take' on, she sent me a text of what she wanted to say and here it is verbatim:

    Nickki: "I must say your memory is on point. I can't think of any expression that you missed. Folks, his butt was extremely hot (radiating like the sun), Even the pool couldn't soothe him. I know he is a good boy but there are times his mouth gets him into trouble. And for those times there needs to be a punishment, it helps him back to his place of respect as a bottom and helps the Top fulfill her needs as well. I'm amazed he blogged so quickly and so very lengthy, this just goes to show that yesterday there was a flaw. He seems to have been able to sit for a considerable amount of time typing to you folks about his punishment, I will make sure that the flaw is corrected the next time I have to issue a punishment out. He will blog but it will be while laying on his belly, bottom you, Nickki"

    1. Thank you for commenting, Dear. I'm sure our readers will appreciate your words. And yes, I have been sitting for a long time doing this, but let me PROMISE YOU! MY BUTT IS BURNING LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE!!!!!

      It is only my dedication to my readers, you, and the fact that I had some privacy since my guests went out shopping, that I stayed in a chair as long as I have. You should see how pathetic I look getting in and out of a car today!)

      But if you DO choose to roast me worse the next time......there's only one thing I'll say in reply: "Yes, Ma'am."

      Love you too!

  4. Thanks for the great accounting of your punishment and Congratulations on having such wonderful people in your life.

  5. YOWCH!!!

    I like her "work." Very impressive!

    I have a spanking "date" of my own later in the month, and I'm looking forward to "tanning" some hide of my own.

    1. Thank you, Merry!

      "YOWCH" (which I believe is a valid technical term) is precisely the right word in this case. ;-)

      Good luck on your date. (Or maybe I should be wishing your 'victim' luck?) ;-) I've seen a few of your videos and I know you are also a force to reckoned with!

  6. Nickki gave you one beautiful hard spanking my hat is off to her she does know how to spank. May i mention the pillow problem. We have had the same problem where you slip out of place or they flatten and it seems to happen even with three pillows. You might want to try this. Take a one person blanket fold it in half length wise then roll it up. it should be a little wider than your hips. You will find it will not flatten and you will not slip out of place which would make anyone toasting your bottom happy. And you did take that spanking quite well.

    1. Thanks, arched. And thank you for the pillow suggestion. I will try it in the future.....if Nickki agrees, of course. I don't have that problem with Rosa, since she an OTK-er!

      And it's interesting that you complimented my 'taking it'. I've been thinking about that more now that the dust has settled and am a little surprised at myself. It was not an easy one, and yet as I wrote, not only did I not complain or try to get away, at Niccki's periodic order I would re-align with a frightening desire to please her with my position. And it's not the first time this has happened with her. I'm not sure if it's me or her, but I seem to go a bit out of my way to make my bottom more vulnerable to her attacks.....which as you can imagine...are not "pleasant". HMMMMM, Something for me to ponder further.

  7. Probably the most courageous F/m blogger out there. And same goes for Nikki; sharing her image (and delightful smile)with all of us.

    Good on Ya'all.

    1. Or the most exhibitionistic? LOL

      Anyway....thanks, Tomy. I hope Nickki sees your comment!

  8. a few posts ago you talked about the looks on faces and how genuine a model or participant was is or could be. Nikki's smile on these pics crosses between mischievous and glee. Very good to see.

    1. Absolutely. Naturally when they were taken you can see that I couldn’t see her expression but when she forwarded them to me I thought “oh wow. These are PERFECT!’”

  9. Thanks for sharing that with us. I loved it. After reading that post I totally understand why you feel a need to go private with your blog. In sharing things like that with us, you are giving us a lot indeed. I read your post and felt all warm and understood. It is good to know that people like you are out there .

  10. I love her expression in that last photo! <3

    1. Yes she does have the best smile! Thanks for the comment!