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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


While the actual spanking detailed in my last post may have ended at around 3 or so on Sunday, it is certainly not the end of the story. Plenty more transpired that would have made the initial post into more of a short novel. So in this segment I’m going to recount some significant things that occurred afterwards, and even a few things that were discussed prior to the event.

Going out of order, I do want to say, I actually had trouble sleeping that night due to how sore my bottom was! I had not expected that at all. I kept waking up and at one point, in the middle of the night, took down my boxers, turned on the ceiling fan, and tried to let the breeze cool me and help dry the abraded areas. I was surprised also at how long it took for the abrasions to scab. Only as of this morning has that happened. All through yesterday they were still 'wet' to the touch......and burning like fire!

A quick shot yesterday morning.....after a rough night.

Another thing worth mentioning is that she is like me in that she can easily distinguish between subtle aspects in spanking, ranging from pure play to pure punishment and everything in between. And we also talked about the topic that always comes up between me and Dan (and others) over limited consent on certain issues. When I explained my position, she understood completely and thought my very limited restrictions were not only reasonable, but not at all hard to understand and navigate. So I am now left with wondering whether explaining myself online leads to misunderstanding, or if it's a matter of the mindset of the listener? 

But let's go back to the rest of that day. The first thing that surprised me chronologically, once we got back to my house, was that instead of a dip in the pool soothing my bottom, it stung even more. The interesting part was that I was now the only male in a pool with four women of various ages, ethnicities, and body types. Marta even asked me about this very fact at one point, whereupon I assured them all that being in such a situation “did not suck”. Still, while Marta would have been fair game to include in on what had happened, only Rosa and Nickki knew for sure where I had been and why......with Nickki and I sharing a lot of little euphemistic teasing.

After some floating pool “beer pong” and conversation, we had a small dinner and eventually called it a night. At this point I drove Nickki back home. The ride gave us the opportunity to revisit the earlier events and exchange feelings about them. ( It was actually here that I learned about Nickki’s strong reaction to my “yes, Ma’am”. ) 

But it was also at this time that I found that my characterization of the punishment as a “gamechanger” was not shared by Nickki, who said that for her the “gamechanger” was the very first time Rosa and I approached her about participating in the Year End punishments via discipline slips. (you can read about this in greater detail in "Spanking by Committee" 1/15/17) It was at that point, when she realized that her personal opinions on my behavior and her choice for consequences were going to be taken seriously and acted upon, that she felt things “changed” between us. She said that doling out this particular punishment was more of a 'next step' in an existing progression, and not a departure. While I saw her point, I can’t help but make a distinction between recommending a punishment and administering one, but feelings can be subtle and are certainly personal.

She also said that she sees her previous efforts as warm-ups to where we are now. (Nickki had personally spanked me three times prior to that day’s punishment: the morning of the Halloween Party, the night I taunted her, and when I installed their faucet) And given some of what we discussed prior to the spanking, she now has some clear ideas on how she intends to deal with various things, from rewards for jobs done, to a very real punishment she is determined to give me with Rosa’s approval over a comment I made at Ana’s graduation that is bothering her to a large and genuine degree.

At first, during an earlier talk, she said she can’t wait until next year’s ‘year end’ to deal with that one EMPHATICALLY and I just said it was silly to stew over something that is bothering her so much for another half year when she has full disciplinary authority now. I asked her if she really thought Rosa would say ‘no’ to such a punishment and Nickki laughed and said, "of course not." So I said that with all the times we’ll be together why would you want to be harboring this when you can just spank me for it sometime in the near future, and get it out of your system? Nickki saw the validity of that and I think it also helped her see that my behavior was something she could deal with herself (with approval) in...or close to...the moment. 

And since another thing that came up during a previous discussion were alternative punishments and add-ons, she thought the idea of mouth soap for thoughtless verbal offenses was perfect for this case. And so, she said that with Rosa’s approval I can expect to be spanked good and hard for my graduation remark........all with a bar of soap in my mouth for good measure. 

(I can honestly say that given the number of times Nickki has brought this up, and the way she has already scolded me for it....repeatedly....that this is bound to be a genuinely angry, determined, punishment. And after this last one, knowing what Nickki is capable of, and how far she is willing to go, I do believe this one could be just as bad or maybe worse.)

As we were driving I thought a bit about the foot kisses. In retrospect, I also felt a little odd about having just impetuously sprung my impromptu gesture on her before we left and wanted to know if she thought it was a little too over the top or out of line. To my relief she assured me that not only did she not mind it, but that she "really liked" the gesture and found it powerful and flattering. 

Soon we were in her driveway and I asked if I could come in for a very short bit. She agreed and I smiled as I looked at my watch and asked how long it had been since when finished the punishment. Immediately reading my mind, Nickki blurted, “Oh yeah, you want to check out your current condition?” I admitted that given her ‘lasting effects’ goal, it might be appropriate for a look and a follow-up shot for posterity. And after drawing the blinds she unashamedly said, “Ok let’s see.” Here’s what I looked like 6 hours after the spanking:

Back in the living room where it all happened....6 hours later!

I pulled up my  pants and told her that I was now going to leave, but…..based on her very positive reaction to my foot gesture earlier, would she like a quick repeat to cap off the evening?  I was frankly surprised at her quick and positive response. The last time I did this she had on the same pool flipflops she had on now. But now knowing what I was going to do, Nickki actually slid each off and lifted each foot in turn just an inch or two off the floor. She raised them no more than that, which I found to be as symbolic on her part as the kiss was on my part. It seemed like a non-verbal: “yep, I beat your ass raw, and now, here you go…’s my foot….  go ahead and show me your appreciation”. ( I’m always amazed at how the littlest and relatively innocent gestures can be so dramatic.)

I took this earlier this morning. The spank-color is still there but faded and harder to see in the photo, but the scabbing for the abraded areas is now very easy to see.......and YES they STILL HURT PLENTY!

The last thing I’m going to mention is an overall comment Nickki made earlier in the day but after the punishment was done. It wasn’t a clever tease, or a bossy warning to behave. It was a simple statement with perhaps the biggest implications going forward. When we began evaluating the session, the first thing Nickki said was that “now I get it”.......meaning that up until yesterday she had various notions of what Topping could be like and had been toying with them in our past encounters. But this being a genuine punishment showed her what it meant to have real disciplinary power and what it felt like to wield it. She understood BDSM, but DD was a bit of a conundrum……..yet by doing it, she now realized what it all meant. So now that SHE "gets it", I'm sure I'LL be "getting it" too!

Me and Nickki: It's now easy to look at this innocent shot and imagine her leading me to a stack of pillows for a good whuppin'.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww! How sweet! (in reference to the last picture)

    1. Thanks, Honey! That was an older shot from about a year ago when Rosa, Jean, Nickki, & me were walking as mixed couples back from a restaurant. Rosa and Jean were behind us and Rosa took this shot.

      The "colors" have turned out to be more of a problem than expected. I will probably post something about it at a later point, but I think everyone from Rosa, Nickki, & me are looking to avoid a repeat of abrading this severe. (I am oozing daily through my pants. Not a good thing when travelling or running errands.) Lasting soreness is not an issue for an of us, but I think we can achieve that without this extra complication in the future.