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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Unblock the Pop-up

Having trouble leaving comments from your phone?


I and several of my friends (including Ana & Nickki) have complained that they can't leave comments on Blogger forums like they used a few months ago. Both wanted to comment on the recent posts and couldn't. Here's what to do:

On your phone, go to SETTINGS, and find the SAFARI icon and go to it.

In SAFARI make sure you allow POP-UPS (You also want to be sure you are allowing: COOKIES, and CROSS-SITE TRACKING.)

I tried this myself and successfully left comments here and on Dan's Blog using my I-Phone......something I could not do yesterday!

(Maybe now I'll start seeing more comments? The post from the other day got 1400 views..... a Collected Submissions record! And yet, only my most loyal followers left any comments. Rather than be hurt, I'll just assume it was pop-up trouble. Something that can happen to any of us!) ;-)


  1. on a samsung my challenge is the im not a robot verifyer. particularly the traffic light ones do you click on just the light or the pole too? i have tried both and usually get another pic to try again.

    1. I find some of those verifiers to be confusing and arbitrary as well. I say just go to the next one.

  2. Thanks for the helpful instructions. I don't use a phone to comment so I never would have known about the solution to the problem.


    1. Thanks. Yeah, the phone thing worked fine.....right up until it didn't. The only problem is a lot of folks (Nickki being one of them) doesn't like having to allow so many concessions in their settings.