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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Waiting for the call

Over the weekend Rosa informed me that she would be spanking me before we head out on vacation. She did not say when this would happen, but it's already Wednesday and we leave on Friday. Today she texted me to do a tease and then lock up so we can go shopping later with me feeling like her property. 

So, needless to say, my mind has been on this eventuality. And frankly? I'm looking forward to it. I am in that frame of mind where I just want to be summoned and spanked. I don't want to have to ask or provoke. In fact we already have a genuine (and overdue) offense hanging about. So now it's just down to the punishment.

I'm not crazy about the rustic flavor here, but the expressions are exactly where I'm at.

When I get back, I'm thinking of doing a post elaborating more fully on the odd appeal of being summoned by someone with: a good reason, a determined mindset, and just enough lingering upset to ensure a bottom roasted a bit more fully than one is prepared for.

Friday, August 23, 2019


While "READING THE ROOM" is always a good idea in many kinds of circumstances, there is probably no better instance espousing the wisdom in that advice than checking out the toilet paper roll before sitting down.

Put  simply: "LOOK BEFORE YOU S(H)IT!"

However, as helpful as the former advice may be, when it comes to "bathroom wisdom" what can possibly compare with R. Crumb's classic (and hysterically thorough) message from back in 1971?

Anyone else out there old enough to remember when this came out?

Recently Red did a post about leaving the toilet seat up. It is a perennial topic among FLR-folks, but as was pointed out, the flipside of saying "look before you sit" can be just as compelling and it seems to me that in a DD household, the determining factor in which approach is best seems to be determined not by logic, but by which spouse is the one who wields the paddle.

Credit to Red from"Consensual Spanking" from whose blog this was borrowed....lifted? stolen? LOL

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Looky here...

Anyone having trouble with the Blogger invitations should look here.... (NOT up there! Behave!) LOL

Hermione (of the infamous and wonderful "Hermione's Heart") offered the following advice:

"First of all, the reader MUST have a Blogger account in order to accept a private invitation. That might be stopping many of your readers. Reader MUST also be signed on to the Blogger account before trying to accept the invitation.

Next, the reader must act promptly, because invitations have an expiry date (not sure how long an invite is good for - it changes). Reader must accept the invitation then visit the blog right away.

Sometimes cookies and filters (ad blockers and malware blockers) will prevent an invitation from being accepted. The reader must allow cookies. This is hard to trouble-shoot, but if reader can't accept invitation from one device or computer, try another. Or try a different browser. But make sure reader is signed on to their Blogger account."

So, please make sure these conditions are being met, and I will resend the invitations to the folks having issues again in a couple of as to give you all time to see this and perhaps take the steps recommended.

In the meantime, my Honey is in the hospital and hopefully coming home today. No definitive answers as yet to a mystery episode she had yesterday. She seems fine now though. First Jean, then Rosa. Weird.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Obstacles & updates

Yesterday was Rosa's birthday but we kind of treated the whole weekend as her celebration. It was pretty good......except for the insane heat and humidity! But we had our fun nonetheless. And yet, we also had some troubling news on Jean, but I will respect her privacy just by saying it was serious, but not as bad as it might have been, and she now seems OK. 

I had to laugh at something that happened while we were out with a friend, though. Rosa & I were at an antique store and she called me over to see a particular knick-knack. Now, it's always thought that we guys are the ones with the dirty minds, but you ladies can be just as bad. So, I came over to where she was and she pointed to this thing and said, "what is that dog doing?" with a naughty smile:

Well, yes, it's obviously supposed to be a dog trying to catch a rabbit by its tail, but it definitely reminded Rosa of something else....and ended up being a bit of a prediction of 'things to come' later in the weekend. LOL

The other thing is this Blogger issue. I have about half of you all logged in and approved and able to log on to "Private Submissions" and another group who can't seem to get the process to work no matter what. I checked Blogger HELP and found the issue to be rampant and seemingly unsolvable. Loads of suggestions, yet no clear answer that works for those complaining.

Frankly, I feel frustrated and even defeated. I wanted to do something seemingly simple that would open up discussion in a more secure environment, but it seems like the "Blogger cards" are all stacked against it. If I can't get a resolution soon I'm not sure what to do. I may just have to give up on the private aspect, not because I want to, but because Blogger is making it near impossible. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Jean's spanking

I got spanked by Jean today.....with Nickki as audience and coach!
The full story (with pictures) is now available to members at the Private Blog.

Updated to state that this story is available here in a newer posting. The Private Blog will not be updated in the foreseeable future.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Heads up?

Oooops! Well that didn't go as planned.

Please read the next post for an update on what's happening with "Collected Submissions" and information about the private blog complications.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jean & more

As promised in the last post, I will be revealing some of my personal thoughts regarding Jean as a spanker in comparison with Nickki. But first some other tidbits:

I have recently discovered, to my annoyance and frustration, that once a blog goes "private" the links on other blogs will no longer update. Those of you who have my blog linked will see that the last update featured is the one with the medieval image in it. So......what to do? I don't know how to let my private group know of my updates other than: if you "follow" the blog on your personal devices, or if you all would like an email sent out when I update letting you know there's something new to see, or if you all just want me to do nothing and just rely on when folks feel like checking in.....even if that may mean missing out on conversations. So.....when I realized no one was coming around believing probably that there were no updates, I decided to make "Collected Submissions" public again and create a second blog "Private Submissions" for the actual posts. I apologize to all who had to go through the nonsense of approving the additional email generated by Blogger for access to Private Submissions.................but this is Blogger's policy. 

The other thing that may be a benefit is that anyone who feels they were left out by mistake can now easily leave a comment here.

And now........more about Jean:


Sunday, August 11, 2019

A shared spanking!

Surprise, surprise! Guess who likes whacking hinder after all?

Yes, my ‘other’ Honey, Jean. (I’m blessed with a lot of Honeys!)  

So,Tuesday 7/30 was a day of surprises. The parts that weren’t spontaneous were me planning to go to Nickki &Jean’s place to finish the door sill I started. The idea was to go early, finish it off and get some “back pay” for a couple of other past jobs in the form of a “reward spanking” presumably from Nickki but with the knowledge that Jean would be there and the opportunity could be used as a bit of a training session so that Jean could feel comfortable doling out some “rewards”  she tentatively agreed made more sense coming from her. 

When I got there, we all did some catch-up chit-chat, and then Nickki informed me that we would do the back pay first, and after I could work on the door. Given the heat, and that I was all nice and showered and fresh then and probably wouldn’t be after working, it made sense. She said she would be doing a double payment for opening their pool and for helping her with some decorative frames. Nickki also informed me that Jean would be present to watch, learn, and maybe even assist.

This was not a surprise and I thought that such a thing was highly likely given past conversations we had on Friday. As such, I took the liberty of bringing an A&G “Little Bear” rubber slapper, because somehow in my head I could picture Jean having an easier time with it than using Nickki’s paddle….(which Nickki prefers).I told them I had brought it and Jean was interested in seeing it. As she looked it over and gave it a few trial swats (on herself and then on Nickki LOL) her face seemed to brighten. And once I explained the ideal position for both user and recipient she really seemed to like it.

However, before that I was sent to change into my apron and then Nickki showed me the spot for today. Having read my post “Gamechanger” she recalled my feelings about their window, so today she took it a step further and had me actually lean on the ledge facing out into the bright sunlit street as my bare butt faced the room.

Soon her paddle was landing and I was struggling to stay still. After I started to really feel it I joked with Jean about whether there was any doubt about what a good paddling meant. I think I said something about it not being a cutesy pit-pat giggle-giggle play thing and she quickly agreed. And then? Jean wanted in. Only she wanted to use the rubber slapper in the way I had described. So I got on all fours and she straddled my body with a leg on each of my hips as she faced my waiting rear. Then she started to just swing straight down, cheek by cheek. WOW! I had forgotten how much that bugger stung! I suddenly realized that Jean truly seemed to have no problem spanking for real. I don’t know how many I got but it was less than a full dose yet still way more than a couple of experimental swats.

The best thing though was her reaction. She genuinely liked it! I’m not sure which of the three of us was surprised by that most. But before I could get too caught up in that, Nickki firmly told me we weren’t done and to get back in position by the window. She said it so authoritatively that even Jean commented on it, saying something to me like “whoa, she sounds real serious” and Niccki grinned her priceless grin as I got myself ready. She then paddled me hard until just short of another skin failure. Now, sensitive to the possibility, both she and Jean were on the lookout and said they could see just the hint of it happening again, and Nickki said we were done. 

I found it interesting that this time Nickki had me pose for a commemorative shot without having to ask as I did the last time. (Seems like she is proud of her work!) LOL

Again, you can see the black apron hanging behind me .....or actually in front of me, LOL. You can see the spots that failed in the prior spanking, being revived......but not fully abraded this time around. So plenty of "ouch" but no disruptive oozing on my ride back home.

It was after the photo that things got interesting. Jean kept saying how she really liked the slapper and how she now sort of ‘got’ the appeal of this thing that she had once thought Nickki, me, and Rosa were nuts to engage in. Later as I worked on the door, she playfully threatened Nickki with the slapper and even gave her a few swats. 

(Now a while back, The “paddles & stuff” post on Nov. 19/18, Niccki that day had told me that she sort of wished she could get Jean to take the sort of authoritative lead with her that Rosa had with me. She confessed to feeling guilty over her often unfair treatment of Jean and said, she always felt bad about it, but sometimes just couldn’t help being that way. She speculated that perhaps a good spanking, like I got, would help her behave better as well.) Well that day I saw plenty of evidence between remarks and actions to make me think that Nickki might be soon get her wish! To that end, before I left I even told Jean that she should call me when she wants me to come back for her solo “payment” for the door. I said that since she was a big fan of the slapper and since I would be coming back there soon, that maybe I should just leave it with them. And then with a very obvious teasing expression, added, “and if in the meantime, you two were to find use for it, well…...then so much the better.” I even teased Nickki as I hugged her before I left that she might now be in one of those “be careful what you wish for” situations herself. (However the next day I quickly called Nickki to apologize, saying I truly hoped that she and Jean would engage in some spanking but to PLEASE NOT start off using the slapper I left! I told her I could see that being a disaster and felt like an idiot leaving that particular slapper behind. I recommended a bare hand spanking or maybe just a regular wooden spoon from the kitchen. This slapper is tough even for a veteran like me, so for a beginner it’s akin to trying to bench press 300lbs on the first day at the gym!)

Another surprise was that as I was working both Nickki & Jean boldly took it upon themselves to pose for this shot:

Jean, Nickki, & that nasty rubber slapper! 

I did not request it, but was very happy that they both seemed so comfortable posing as they did. So all in all, it was a very revealing day for all of us. (of course having been the one bent over wearing nothing but an apron, I suppose I was most revealed. LOL)

Another thing that Jean said also got me thinking: after admitting again to having enjoyed spanking me, she went on to say that she now felt very comfortable about doing it again and teased me about making sure to behave in her presence from here on out. I laughed and agreed and then pointed out that between the two of them it always seemed that it was Nickki who had a problem with my behavior and that I  couldn’t recall a single instance that Jean ever seemed genuinely upset with me. One “gin & tonic” incident was brought up by Nickki but only to say that it started that way until the facts came out and then I was exonerated of wrongdoing. Still, I promised Jean that I genuinely liked that she felt comfortable enough now to not only “play-reward” but also punish if necessary and she readily agreed.  In another follow-up I will go into more thoughts on Jean as “spanker” since she has a very different personality than Nickki and now, having her as another authority figure to contend with stirs very different associations than Nickki.....which I will address specifically in my next post.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Waiting & Busy

I am still waiting on Sissysnow & Lurker48 to contact me so I can take the blog private. I will post the Nickki, Jean, & me story on the blog once it is, as I promised. In the meantime, I am preparing for an earlier-than-usual RenFaire party, for this Saturday and that is taking up most of my time.

Medieval art can be so fucking weird! This is an actual detail from some illuminated manuscript.

Thursday, August 1, 2019



I have most of you, especially those who have had contact with me via email recently, but I don't want to leave any deserving folks out and I'm missing email addresses for Lurker48, sissysnow, and probably some others I can't recall right now. If I don't hear from you it is very possible you'll be shut out even though that is NOT my intention.