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Friday, August 23, 2019


While "READING THE ROOM" is always a good idea in many kinds of circumstances, there is probably no better instance espousing the wisdom in that advice than checking out the toilet paper roll before sitting down.

Put  simply: "LOOK BEFORE YOU S(H)IT!"

However, as helpful as the former advice may be, when it comes to "bathroom wisdom" what can possibly compare with R. Crumb's classic (and hysterically thorough) message from back in 1971?

Anyone else out there old enough to remember when this came out?

Recently Red did a post about leaving the toilet seat up. It is a perennial topic among FLR-folks, but as was pointed out, the flipside of saying "look before you sit" can be just as compelling and it seems to me that in a DD household, the determining factor in which approach is best seems to be determined not by logic, but by which spouse is the one who wields the paddle.

Credit to Red from"Consensual Spanking" from whose blog this was borrowed....lifted? stolen? LOL


  1. I never saw the one from "Tommy Toilet" before

    1. You're either too young or were too ladylike as a girl. ;-)

    2. I was 10... too young, I guess.

  2. we are definatly a seat down down household. i am not allowed to stand so the only time its up is when i am cleaning it. no guesses needed who wields the paddle

  3. A clean toilet is fundamental to a normal healthy lifestyle. It's just another "tool" that requires maintenance.