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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jean & more

As promised in the last post, I will be revealing some of my personal thoughts regarding Jean as a spanker in comparison with Nickki. But first some other tidbits:

I have recently discovered, to my annoyance and frustration, that once a blog goes "private" the links on other blogs will no longer update. Those of you who have my blog linked will see that the last update featured is the one with the medieval image in it. So......what to do? I don't know how to let my private group know of my updates other than: if you "follow" the blog on your personal devices, or if you all would like an email sent out when I update letting you know there's something new to see, or if you all just want me to do nothing and just rely on when folks feel like checking in.....even if that may mean missing out on conversations. So.....when I realized no one was coming around believing probably that there were no updates, I decided to make "Collected Submissions" public again and create a second blog "Private Submissions" for the actual posts. I apologize to all who had to go through the nonsense of approving the additional email generated by Blogger for access to Private Submissions.................but this is Blogger's policy. 

The other thing that may be a benefit is that anyone who feels they were left out by mistake can now easily leave a comment here.

And now........more about Jean:



  1. I just don't visit all the time. So this is NOT private?


    1. It was for about a week. Not anymore. The private version is linked above.

  2. To Blogger, private means exactly that. There is no feed for a private blog, otherwise your posts would be going out to everyone who reads your blog via an RSS feed or reader, whether they have been invited or not. The blogroll is populated by an RSS feed, hence no updates.

    Private Submissions appears at the very bottom of my blogroll, with no post title or date. But I'll make a habit of scrolling down and clicking regularly.


    1. Thanks, my friend. That makes more sense I guess. But you only need to keep an eye out for this blog and it will tell you when there's something new on the private one. The reason I'm dong it this way is so that the Collected Submissions link updates for those who would probably be access members anyway. You could say I'm using this blog as a public gateway to the private blog. Though I have toyed with the idea of making certain posts here and others there. Still thinking about that.