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Monday, August 19, 2019

Obstacles & updates

Yesterday was Rosa's birthday but we kind of treated the whole weekend as her celebration. It was pretty good......except for the insane heat and humidity! But we had our fun nonetheless. And yet, we also had some troubling news on Jean, but I will respect her privacy just by saying it was serious, but not as bad as it might have been, and she now seems OK. 

I had to laugh at something that happened while we were out with a friend, though. Rosa & I were at an antique store and she called me over to see a particular knick-knack. Now, it's always thought that we guys are the ones with the dirty minds, but you ladies can be just as bad. So, I came over to where she was and she pointed to this thing and said, "what is that dog doing?" with a naughty smile:

Well, yes, it's obviously supposed to be a dog trying to catch a rabbit by its tail, but it definitely reminded Rosa of something else....and ended up being a bit of a prediction of 'things to come' later in the weekend. LOL

The other thing is this Blogger issue. I have about half of you all logged in and approved and able to log on to "Private Submissions" and another group who can't seem to get the process to work no matter what. I checked Blogger HELP and found the issue to be rampant and seemingly unsolvable. Loads of suggestions, yet no clear answer that works for those complaining.

Frankly, I feel frustrated and even defeated. I wanted to do something seemingly simple that would open up discussion in a more secure environment, but it seems like the "Blogger cards" are all stacked against it. If I can't get a resolution soon I'm not sure what to do. I may just have to give up on the private aspect, not because I want to, but because Blogger is making it near impossible. 


  1. Please help,
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    Thanks in advance
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    1. It must not be THAT popular since I don't seem to recall you commenting here before.

      I would have no problem linking someone, but I would need to know them a bit before doing so. At "Collected Submission" we are all about participation.....which from the interactive nature of your blog, I would think you'd appreciate more than most.

      So let's see what the future brings.

  2. What Blogger problems are you having? I used to be a Top Contributor so maybe I can offer you advice or at least an explanation. Feel free to email me.


    P.S. I agree with your response to O&P.

    1. Hey there. Well, I wrote about it in my most recent post. Essentially I clicked on all of "my contacts" that I wanted to give access to (for "Private Submissions") and about half (like yourself) had no issue accepting the invitation that is then sent out by Blogger and having clear access to that blog. The other half cannot seem to be able to accept the invitation and instead get all sorts of warnings like "invitation not found" or some such nonsense.

      Dan in particular has tried a bunch of things and I've resent invitations to refresh them and still the problem persists. I went to their help forum......which for me, and a lot of other folks, has been no help at all.

      Any advice would be great. Just put whatever solution you think might work right here in a response comment so that those with the issue can see what to try. Thanks!!!!!

    2. Here's what I was able to find.

      First of all, the reader MUST have a Blogger account in order to accept a private invitation. That might be stopping many of your readers. Reader MUST also be signed on to the Blogger account before trying to accept the invitation.

      Next, the reader must act promptly, because invitations have an expiry date (not sure how long an invite is good for - it changes). Reader must accept the invitation then visit the blog right away.

      Sometimes cookies and filters (ad blockers and malware blockers) will prevent an invitation from being accepted. The reader must allow cookies. This is hard to trouble-shoot, but if reader can't accept invitation from one device or computer, try another. Or try a different browser. But make sure reader is signed on to their Blogger account.

    3. Thank you, Hermione. I will feature your advice in a post. Hopefully it works.

  3. I am so appreciative of being invited but seem to be unable to complete the process. I look forward to this unsolvable problem being resolved. Again, thank you for the invitation.

    1. We are working on it, but in the meantime I will probably just post my updates here so no one feels left out.....except for the very few posts already on the private blog.