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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Back from Peru

Hey all! We're back. In fact we have been back since Saturday morning but there was just a lot to do. As for the trip? Very eventful. In our time there we whirlwinded from one destination to another: Lima, Callao, Trujillo, Caral, Nasca, Palpa, Paracas, Iquitos, the Amazon, and more. But I won't bore you all with every detail.....though I will say that one particular highlight for me was catching a nice-sized, toothy piranha in the Amazon. 

And there have been DD spankings happening as well: one before as promised....a reminder to behave, and a very hard one after, not for anything that happened on the trip, but rather an argument we had on Sunday that once again stemmed from personality quirks unique to Rosa and me. But that's all done with.

I wanted to post something soon to get back into blogging but truth be told, I'm just not into writing anything extensive. I still have a list of little errands that need to get done and my mood and mind keep wandering. However, this being a blog of an adult nature and me being a bit of a fan of the creepy, here are a few Peruvian artifacts, both ancient and modern, to illustrate those themes:

As it turns out, in pre-Inca culture, the dead are a very randy bunch using sex acts and semen from the underworld to fertilize the earth from below.

It's a big job to fertilize the earth......and requires the right equipment to get the job done.

But not all semen makes it to the ground.

Just a couple fooling around......but seriously, doesn't this look like he's putting a coin in a vending machine?

There are even depictions of bondage........except instead of being bound for some kinky fun, this poor bastard is awaiting his turn to be sacrificed. (Too bad this predates 'safewords'.)

And lastly, this modern retablo was on sale in the gift shop......except it was too expensive. However, how can you not love this? I may just have to make my own!


  1. Replies
    1. And I didn't even photograph the really sexual stuff! (I found it too.........vanilla for my tastes. But depictions of intercourse and fellatio are RAMPANT!)

  2. Looks like you saw some interesting things!

    This past weekend was our 6 year wedding anniversary, so we combined his bucket list with a road trip. I did all the driving, and while I don't have anything quite that interesting, I understand Shilo took a video of some naked dancing.

    1. Naked dancing can certainly count as interesting.

      Congratulations on the anniversary, too!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great trip so happy for you. Hope to hear all about it.

    1. Thanks, Joe. I hadn't planned on sharing too much since I figured it might be boring for others to read about someone else's vacation......especially one so heavily focused on visiting archaeological sites, but perhaps in light of your comment I might share some highlights down the road.