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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cartoon criticisms cont'd.

Yesterday we discussed the various technical maladies afflicting the simple spank-oriented cartoon. Today we will deal with subject matter.

Subject issues:
1. Nonsensical pairings 
2. Too many add-on quirks
3. Gratuitous nudity
4: Trite, obvious situations or captions

1:Nonsensical pairings. How many times have you seen a spanking situation depicted with characters from other sources whose situation makes you scratch your head over whether the cartoonist had an understanding of the characters' personalities? 

Take this one: two popular characters from Seth McFarlane, Francine Smith and Lois Griffin, both of whom have had rather clear spanking stories and references attributed to them right in their very own, publicly broadcasted shows. BUT if you recall, Francine was the one who wanted to be spanked, and Lois was depicted dominating Peter. Yes, there was that one scene where Lois bent to be smacked and Brian their dog obliged. But if you were going to pair these two, the most logical dynamic would be the reverse of the one shown. 

In your wildest dreams can you picture anyone submitting to Norm Fell's nebbishy 'Mr. Roper' let alone Janet & Chrissy? Especially with his way more dominant-looking wife around?

And THIS one just defies explanation of any kind.

It seems using known characters in spanking situations is a very popular subject. Just search any favorite cartoon and add "spanking" and you're bound to find something. Most are terrible in execution, but at least make some sense in terms of who is spanking whom. Endart has so many 'celebrity spanking' images that I sometimes look at them wondering where he finds the time.......not just to render them all, but to have watched ALL OF THAT TELEVISION?! I swear, I sometimes look at pairings he's done wondering, "am I supposed to know who these people are supposed to be?" 

But there are also superhero spankings, Disney character spankings, video game character spankings, and an entire UNIVERSE of Manga character spankings! Oddly very few ever rise above the most obvious situation where the mere pairing is supposed to be enough to sustain the image. (Attention cartoonists: It's not.)

Here are a few spanking scenes derived from the  Resident Evil series of video games to show what I mean:

In terms of humor or appeal, this particular scene means nothing. It is utterly gratuitous with nothing about the characters and their current roles meaning much of anything.

This is a little better. While there is no caption, any fan of the game would instantly relate to this as probably something anyone who has ever played as Leon with Ashley tagging along and getting in the way would have wanted to do at some point. 

But THIS one actually is humorous for anyone who ever played with these characters in a co-op mode. Especially with knives drawn or a rocket launcher in hand.

So there it is. Pairing known characters can be humorous (albeit mildly) but merely slapping characters together in a situation with ass slapping is just nonsensical and .......boring.

Too many add-on quirks. One distracting trend that clearly illustrates how much of spanking art is driven by the cartoonist's own fetishes rather than a genuine attempt to cleverly poke fun at the 'truths' inherent in being a spanko is their tendency to always include their pet "thing" in many if not all of their work. And if your work is just meant to appeal to a niche within a niche or only yourself, then, achieved it! And there are some very talented folks out there who are guilty of this. (H-Bum has his 'she-males', Kamitora has a combination of she-males, and ridiculously-endowed guys, etc.) And then there are these:

Sorenutz has countless images of spanking and domination cartoons......all featuring giant Amazons and abnormally tiny men. After the umpteenth one, I can't help but want to yell, "enough! Can't you do anything else?"

Spanking Toons does a very nice job with rendering, expression, and overall charm......BUT EVERY SINGLE SITUATION IS ROOTED IN AGE REGRESSION! I'm OK with that for a change of pace, but every time?!

So, while I'm not averse to seeing some little extras thrown in every now and then, I do think the possibility of that 'universal spanking truth' told cleverly, suffers when there are all these little quirky add-ons tossed into every cartoon.

Gratuitous nudity. We don't need to spend a lot of time on this one. It's a simple, and VERY common issue, not just in cartoons, but in all media representations of spanking. Now, I get that a lot of spanking is sexual and I myself have drawn naked couple spanking. And in that context, mutual nudity makes sense. But not when the spanking is clearly supposed to be punitive. 

This take-off on the Traveling Thornberrys could have been charming......if Mom had just kept her fucking clothes on!

Scantily-clad spankers might appeal to some, but they need to make sense and not just be some gimmick to show more nipples than necessary......or worse, ruin the entire point.

There is one more category to go: the trite and obvious. But THIS one is HUGE! So I will leave off here for now and attack that one another time. (I'll need the energy of a fresh start and blank page to deal with what is actually THE #1 problem with spanking cartoons. )


  1. Crimson Kid (C.K.)October 26, 2019 at 2:44 PM

    Well, I accept that the "Spanking Toons" site is pretty much purely about F/F age regression, with spanking as simply one key element of it, usually because the regressed women were overgrown, entitled brats as adults, and therefore have been regressed so that they're treated as the naughty toddlers they've behaved like.

    While I enjoy some of Kami Tora's work, he does seem to be focused on males having truly massive erections, he even sometimes draws people with otherwise feminine features who have gigantic male genital endowment. (Perhaps a bisexual female would enjoy having sex with someone like that, at least until his/her erection ripped apart her vagina.)

    I do accept that Sorenutz is going to draw gigantic females and much smaller, nonmuscular males, however most of his ladies are extremely top-heavy with massive breasts--if they don't want serious back problems by the time they hit 40, they'll all require major breast-reduction surgery before then. I enjoy Sorenutz's purely spanking drawings, even though they often involve gratuitous feminine nudity and the naked men are being whacked on their small behinds by oversized paddles (more fitting to their female spankers' derrieres), however his occasional 'CBT' images turn me off entirely.

    Actually, I can fully understand Lisa Simpson wanting to give her mother's bare bottom a good hard paddling (and she might be clever enough to arrange it as in the drawing), since Marge is basically a good person who however still puts up with the immature shenanigans of her clueless husband and Lisa's bratty big brother. "Get a backbone more often, Mom!" (However, why the girl would strip naked herself to spank nude Marge, that makes no sense.)

    I know I'm commenting here quite tardily, I had surgery (successful) last month... --C.K.

    1. I'll give you the Lisa Simpson rationale......except, like you said......the nudity renders even that explanation a bit shaky.

      I hope the surgery went well. It's always great having you around to comment in such delectably focused detail!