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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Cartoon criticisms Pt. 3

Today I will get down to the main problem with the vast majority of spanking cartoons, regardless of what style they are done in or with what level of technical excellence they are rendered: trite or obvious situations or captions.

How many times have you seen a spanking cartoon like this?

Imagine for a moment, this same image without the captions. Any difference ?

If a caption adds nothing to the scene, it is ultimately unnecessary, and frankly.....makes the piece worse. And this type of cartoon accounts for about 99.9% of what's out there! How different is the sentiment in this next one from the one we've just seen?

Not a bad anime piece. It has its charm......but that caption? Really? Like none of us have ever heard THAT one before?

As I mentioned in the other sections, it becomes pretty obvious after a while that a lot of the images we are seeing are not really geared towards entertaining an audience, but rather towards indulging the cartoonist. The pieces are fantasies made visible for their own gratification, or explorations of scenarios otherwise unavailable to them. 

Now I'm all for doing what one has to do. A lot of us have our coping mechanisms, but as I said before about not wishing to eat a meal prepared by a lousy cook, I also have no desire to be entertained by someone else's "therapy session". Just take a look at this one!

If someone told me that this was actually a page recovered from a serial killer's private journal, I'd have no problem believing them. You can almost sense the human hair clipping used as a bookmark between the pages.

But not everything trite can be written off as some sort of self-indulgent fantasy. Some cartoonists are very clearly TRYING to entertain. No better examples exist for this grand goal and equally grand failure than the "vintage" spanking comics from the past. Admittedly they are from a time where chauvinism was the watchword of the day and product advertisements depicted wives spanked over household mishaps. But while these notions are laughable in their myopic misogyny, unfortunately the comics themselves are not 'laughable' in the way they were intended to be. Here are a few "gems".

Wow! Now this is truly hysterical, right? (Anyone feel the urge to call 911? or vomit?)

Less disturbing......but equally unfunny.

Another rip-roaring knee-slapper!

And then we come to that especially hallowed land of the "spanked secretary" (and I don't mean Maggie Gyllenhaal). There are so many of these equally unfunny cliches that I'd need a book to document them all.


Or a trip to HR, the police, and a massive lawsuit.

You must have missed that class. Given how many of these cartoons there are, I'm sure it was part of the curriculum at one time.

So popular is the notion of the spanked secretary that even after the 50's and 60's ended, the images continued right up until today:

Much more modern and amazingly..... just as humorless.

Even KamiTora, (whose work I often like) couldn't resist putting his own spin on the secretary theme. At least it's a tiny bit refreshing to see the genders reversed.....but it's still nothing clever or funny.....and there's that massive, spurting dick again. He really loves THOSE doesn't he?! Another example of an add-on that doesn't have anything to do with the joke....but could possibly add a very 'special sauce' for the sandwich.

I suppose I could go on for days and pages with examples of cartoons or comics that fall painfully flat, but I think you all get the point. But rather than point out the clunkers, I will end this series with a bit of advice to those out there looking to entertain with their work. This advice is not geared towards anyone for whom their work is private and therapeutic but those truly wishing to amuse an audience.....and hopefully an audience who understands the world of spanking .

1: Unless there is a very good set-up, a spanking in and of itself is rarely a punchline. Way too many cartoonists treat it as such. And maybe to a vanilla audience it might work as one......but to a spanko audience the 'spanking' is a given. To make it amusing you need something else.....something clever. Spankos already know that a spanking hurts, that Tops are in charge, and that you can expect a spanking for misbehavior. These are not punchlines, they are givens. Givens aren't amusing.

2: If you have a clever idea, you don't need to have the illustration skills of Norman Rockwell to make an effective comic, but know your limits and develop a style that works for your skill set. A clever word bubble emanating from a circle head on a stick body is way better than some lame-ass "Ow, it hurts" remark over a beautifully rendered figure.

3: If your idea is NOT clever, adding motion, CGI, or any other fancy technique is not going to magically elevate the piece.

4: Less is often more. Margaret Mitchell wrote only one novel in her lifetime.....but that one was Gone With the Wind. When you run out of ideas, stop until you have another good one......unless of course you are being commissioned to make more, or as stated before, your work is your personal therapy.

5. Avoid too much unnecessary crap. You don't need extra fetishes, nudity that thwarts the point, or whatever other little tidbit you feel compelled to add that has nothing to do with the gag.

My best advice is to just think of your own experiences, mishaps, personal musings, uneasy truths, or whatever, and be honest with your audience. Share your 'truth' with a little scenario a fellow spanko can relate to, see themselves in, and chuckle or grin at. 

In conclusion, I would like to end with a request for my readers: PLEASE! If you know of any really witty and clever spanking cartoons or comics that you personally love, share them with us! You can e-mail them to me and if I agree with your assessment, I will post the comic here .....and give you credit for discovering it. 


  1. If the third one had a reference to either "facing the wall" or "got no argument from me" I'd say the psycho killer in question was none other than Sean/Jack/Susan. Seems to fit the writing style perfectly, though slightly more coherent . . .

    Regarding the reference to Maggie Gyllenhaal, I need to watch that movie again. I've always been a big James Spader fan (all the way back to Tuff Turf, when he actually had hair), and she was great. But, it pisses me off that just as the kinky Top in 50 Shades got that way as a result of abuse, here Maggie's character begins the film as a suicidal self-harmer. When do I get to see a kinky character like myself -- a semi-normal professional who likes drinking beer, riding motorcycles and having both vanilla and non-vanilla sex?

    1. You have just been in the zone lately! Another chuckle-worthy quip. Nicely done.

      As to your other point? I wrote about that a while back I think, in a comment on Hermione's blog. And to be honest? I don't we'll see that depiction in our lifetime......except in stories written by "us" in the community.

    2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)October 26, 2019 at 1:55 PM

      The references to "Secretary" and "50 Shades of Gray" characters as being psychologically 'damaged,' and hence (because of that) into BDSM/spanking activity, reminded me of "Exit to Eden." in which the dominatrix played by Dana Delaney was shown as having a cool, dispassionate father and also having had a negative sexual experience in high school. Of course, the implication is those issues caused her to enjoy whipping people's butts, rather than that she was a normal, healthy young woman who just happened to enjoy administering a friendly or erotic spanking on occasion (and made a fun living while doing so).

      How about having an emotionally stable movie character who just happens to like being on the swinging side of a paddle, or on the stinging side of one, or even both...?? --C.K.

  2. Dan, Jack here, married now, in the relationship been wanting and what these blogs fulfilled prior to marriage, something wrong with that? My wife is fully into being in charge, knows of my involvement with these blogs, understands. But as I have learned reading about and having it happen is two different things, but I have what I've wanted and a strong marriage. So if people like us read these blogs, they serve a purpose and in my case I dread and enjoy the spankings, most of all they relieve stress, worries and content, more so than I have ever been.

    1. Jack: I'm assuming you are responding to Dan's comment, and as such I will not delete this for being off-topic from the main post since you were mentioned directly and should have the right to respond.

      Anyway.....first: congratulations on your marriage. I am sincerely happy for you. And you are right. You WILL find the reality different from the fantasy. Which brings us to the next point. Dan's frustration with your comments in the past is no different from the same frustration from countless other bloggers (myself included as you well know). While no one is denying someone the use of blogs as an outlet for what they don't have but wish they had, your comments were rarely on-topic and often self-indulgent....what I called: "non seXquiturs". THAT is the objection, not your presence or reasonable participation.

      As such, the rules here are the same as always, and hopefully, now that you are getting some actual experience, will be easier for you to follow. Follow my rules and your comments stay. Indulge in "non seXquiturs" and they will be deleted. Believe me, it's nothing personal and I will do the same to anyone else doing the same thing.

    2. Thank you for responding and this I appreciate. The marriage is what I needed, wanted for a long time and very thankful to find someone who truly understands. I will do as you requested, but most of all Thank-You, you have done so much for me when I needed it the most. Jack

  3. One deficiency you missed in your series: gender differences in the way spankees are depicted, and the almost total absence of art depicting genuine male emotions.  It's all exaggerated howls of pain, or poorly rendered expressions of remorse.  Whenever I want to post a drawing on my blog depicting genuine emotions displayed before, during or after a spanking, I almost always have to use a drawing with a female spankee. 

    One of yours -- the one with the woman sitting on a couch and the spankee kind of sitting on the floor with his torso draped across her knees -- is one of the few exceptions. And, there the emotions are all conveyed through body language since his face is not shown. But, with a few very isolated exceptions, there is an almost total absence of spanking art depicting real male emotions, whether anxiety, fear, regret, remorse, relief, etc. 

    1. Yes, you and I have discussed that before but this may well sound like splitting hairs but I was trying to focus more on “spanking cartoons/comics” this time and not spanking art/illustration. I realize there’s often a blurry line between the two but if you take my own work..... as you so kindly did in your example, I would make a strong separation between the drawing you cited and one of my black and white comics ( like the one where the woman is barely holding it together and then gets pissy when the guy finally stops).

      To me there’s a difference.

      But perhaps I might do something similar regarding “illustrations” in the future.