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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Confession to Nickki

[ This post was originally published on the private blog on August 15th. Since then certain bits of information may render some of this moot. Still, for the sake of continuity to those who could not access the private blog, I present it here as written.]

Wednesday morning I was on the phone with Nickki, who happened to be home with Jean that day, and asked if she would mind hearing about something that was bothering me. Naturally she wanted to hear what I had to say and since I had planned on sending what follows to her, I just read it to her instead. Here's what I said:

 "I have been thinking about a couple of things and with the recent development between you and Jean, and I am inclined to make a sort of combined confession/request. While the majority of real punishments are initiated by the authority figure or offended party, it has been a practice of ours that at times, when certain issues bother me more than they do Rosa, that I can respectfully  ‘request’ an actual punishment. These requests are not for fun, but for the real deal, so if they are accepted and agreed to, what ends up happening is no different than if Rosa herself initiated things. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I did at least want to say what I was thinking and naturally leave the rest in your more-than-capable hands.

I fully understand that the "black slapper incident" is probably not even an issue for you. I would guess that you are seeing it as my way to react to the situation at the time and to encourage you to get what you have been after. But while I went out of my way to call you and correct this as soon as I realized my error, I kept thinking: “what disaster might have happened if after I left and before I called the next day, Jean decided to use that on you?” It could have ruined everything! And my eagerness for you to experience what I do, while understandable, is no excuse for being reckless…….especially given OUR respective roles. 

So………….here is my sort of conditional offer: IF the two of you actually do engage in a spanking situation together, I think it would be completely appropriate for you to add to your list a very specific punishment for me.  I think YOU should use the slapper on me as a sort of “so this is what you wanted for me? How do you like it?”-punishment. I feel like it would serve two purposes: 1: it would teach me to think first before suggesting something that would have hurt you way too much. (I feel so bad about this now, you have no idea!) and 2: I think that despite you submitting to Joann, between you and me, YOU are the one on “Top”. And perhaps a good roasting from you would be a fair reminder of the hierarchy in place."

The interesting thing is that just prior to making this confession, Nickki informed me that she and Jean DID in fact experiment with some light hand spanking.....which is a great first step for the two of them. So, my 'condition' of their having engaged in a spanking is already met. During my confession Nickki listened and made those 'nodding along' sounds as I read. At the end, she fully understood my point and there was very little need to discuss it much more. She saw my point and also saw the inherent justice in such a punishment. She informed me that she would consider 'adding it to the list' and also an amount and such. So it's probably a good chance this will happen......which I am currently happy about (though I may not be so merry at the point at which she starts swinging that very stingy slapper!)

Nickki & I concluded our chat with a mutual joke about 'hierarchies'. Even if she ends up submitting to Jean on occasion, Nickki is STILL the one in charge between us. We also joked about the black slapper I left with them, pointing out that IF such a nasty implement is going to be used in their house, it's MY behind and not hers that it is going to be used on! OUCH!


  1. A good chat between you and Nickki. It would appear the ground work has been laid and you will be getting a lot more spanking in your future and I'm sure Nikki will enjoy giving it to you.

    1. Thanks. I think that if the nastier aspects of "life" would just STOP getting in the way, this would be very true. But you would not believe all of the little to not-so-little complications that have menaced our playtime!