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Friday, September 27, 2019

Creepy thought for the day

Given the recent political climate and its proximity to Halloween, I had the following unshakable thought:

Every time Lindsey Graham speaks.........

........another part of John McCain's corpse falls off.


  1. It really is disappointing. I was a big John McCain fan and once thought Graham was a real protege and someone who engaged in straight talk and would speak truth to power. Now he's just Trump's favorite fluffer.

    1. I have recently come to believe that Trump has film footage of Graham fucking (or being fucked by) a German Shepherd. (and unfortunately for Lindsey, he doesn't have the "pee tape" with which to counter)

    2. I'm voting for fucked by . . .

      I don't think even the pee tape could shame Trump or his followers at this point. I read a depressing statistic today. 40% of Republican say the don't believe Trump talked to Ukraine's president about Joe and Hunter Biden. But, even Trump ADMITS he did that! He doesn't even need to tell his own lies any more or even have surrogates do it for him. His little MAGA hat wearing zombies just stumble along from rally to rally believing that anything looks bad about him is Fake News