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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Jean's Spanking

[ The following piece was originally posted to the private blog on August 16th. But since a lot of you were unable to get in, even with granted access, I am reprinting the three pieces from there here. At this point the fate of the private blog looks bleak, but not everything always goes according to plan.]

So today I went to Jean's place to finish the door project and what was my surprise when I found that Nickki had taken off from work? I had thought that it might just be  me and Jean and wondered how that would play out, but having Nickki there provided an aspect I had not anticipated. 

Everything was going pretty well with the project, with just a few glitches when I felt I had taken it as far as it could go. I may need to do a follow-up visit once everything dries, but we'll see. So we sat around a bit and Nickki smiled and took out the apron and slapper and left it out for me to see while chatting. But then the unexpected happened! Nickki went outside to close her garage door and came in wringing her hand in pain. She had closed the door and accidentally pinched her two fingertips between the panels! OUCH!

Jean and I scrambled to get her ice and check to see how extensive the damage was, and eventually she seemed better but still very sore. Nickki said that she would not be able to do any whacking today, but since this was supposed to be Jean's deal anyway, it provided us with a dual purpose: a reward spanking for the job, AND entertainment for the injured Nickki! I even told Jean she could impart enough pain for me to make Nickki feel better about her own.

So I changed into my apron and Nickki sat in a chair with a clear view of me on all fours and Jean straddling me with slapper in hand. And she even took this shot:

Jean in action!

Jean spanked hard! I was truly struggling with each slap and very proud of her determination. I realized later that Nickki had originally decreed 100 whacks for this project but I'm sure I received much less......though I was not in the least sorry when Nickki told Jean to finish me up with another ten........and BOY did she make me feel those! Especially the last five!!!!

And then it was all over. I got dressed and Nickki informed me of the photo she took. When I saw it I asked her if she would mind snapping off one more of what my butt ended up like and she happily obliged:

Maybe less than 100 but my cheeks were actually throbbing as I sat!

I have to say that the spanking I got from Jean today already has me feeling.......calmer. I know that seems like an odd choice of words, but let me explain. Given Jean's initial position on spanking, I always felt a bit cautious over not saying or doing anything to upset the amenable position she had eventually arrived at. But now that she seems not just tolerant, but comfortable, I feel relaxed.  As much as I was struggling with her crisp slaps, there was this strange feeling I had while feeling her legs gripping me in the straddle and her smacks making me 'ouch' and twist. I felt accepted rather than indulged. And as soon as that feeling hit me, I must confess that I felt like I would have no problem accepting whatever Jean wished to dole out. It was like she fit the role of a caring but firm disciplinarian so naturally that I'd be content to submit to whatever she wanted.....even if it hurt like the Dickens!

Since this was technically her first solo spanking, (the only other being the experimental one she delivered during my paddling with Nickki), and even this one still had Nickki present as audience and instigator, I must confess, I have a fearful (in a good way) curiosity about her giving me an even longer and more thorough roasting, when (like the hard punishment with Nickki)  it's just me and her for something else. And I'm feeling now like such a session would not be in any way weird but rather the most natural thing for us. I just have that much trust and respect for both of them!

Other conversation revealed that Jean has in fact smacked Nickki on two separate occasions since the time I left the slapper seemingly experimental and the other for a remark she made. Turns out Jean seems to like the idea of "DD". It will be interesting to see how things develop between them......and I am also very interested to see what having this authority will mean for Jean and me? As I said, Nickki is VERY comfortable calling me out for behavioral issues, but that is uncharted water for Jean and me. However, after today I do feel like I would be very careful not to anger my playful friend, because I don't think she is any longer inhibited from taking an implement in hand and reddening a it Nickki's or mine! Love you, Jean!!!!! (and you too, Nickki!)


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  2. A job well done by you and also by Nickki and Jean. It would appear you have Jean to also roast your bottom when she feels like it.

    1. Thanks. hope it continues, but it always seems like just when things are going good, something comes along to mess it all up. (Besides photos, another bit of evidence that what I write about is real and not fantasy LOL)

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    1. Thanks, Tomy. LOL. It's hard for me to think of myself in those term.