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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tuning problems?

If you are having tuning problems like this, 
you might want to buy a new G-String.

Lately I have been a little obsessed with the idea of both accidental and intentionally punitive or humiliation-based exposure. And I'm not sure why. I do know I have been having recurring dreams where the specific situations change but the unifying theme is that I am in a public and even professional setting.......while naked. Interestingly in some of these dreams my public nudity is regarded as inappropriate as it would be in the real world, but in most of them, my nudity is kind of like this "understood quirk" among the others in my dream. It's like the nudity is unusual....(no one else is) but no one is freaking out over it either. It's like it's an acceptable condition for me.

Anyway, dreams aside, I have to admit to having a lot of exposure-based fantasies lately fueled no doubt by some of the images I've come across. Here are a few of my favorites:

As I said, in most of my dreams, my nudity doesn't really cause a stir.....much like this city girl's exposure. Just another day in the city, right?

But a lot of photos are like the first one.....daring nudes in outdoor, public spaces. This a mall.....hits a little closer to home since my job was in retail and malls were my second home. In my dreams I am always running around taking care of work-related things in a store......all while completely naked among clothed colleagues.

But unlike those daring folks who choose to stroll out into the clothed world naked for their own particular thrill or amusement, there is a different sort of appeal to images where the nudity is not 'fun' for the person exposed.

I particularly like these public humiliation shots that are out there on the internet.

"Public Disgrace" is a company who specializes in these situations. But after a while, even these lose appeal as the commercial aspect detracts from the situation.

I like this especially due to its non-commercial flavor and the sub's uneasy acquiescence.

And even though this one is clearly a posed, studio shot, I love the idea of it.

And while I've shown this one before, it remains a favorite for SO many reasons. Though posed, the vulnerability element, with the potential for punishment inflicted from a stranger, is thrilling.

As is the case with this one......which was not created in a photographer's studio, but possibly somewhere very real. The paddle and switch leaning against the wall behind her add true menace to her situation. I wonder what it would be like to be rendered so exposed and vulnerable.....especially with willing people around who'd be happy to oblige her chalked request? And in that regard, I wonder what actually happened to her after this shot was taken?

But without question, this one is my favorite! I can't help but see this as a dorm stairway. And while she is smiling for the camera, I can't help but wonder at the potential for some real embarrassment depending on who comes up those stairs. And given the bondage, it's not like she's able to go anywhere. This seems like one of those "it seems like a deliciously risky but fun idea when agreed to" that might feel different once it plays out. Those clips alone open up a world of painful possibilities. And I also think she's adorable.

But I suppose given my feelings, and the fact that I had no problem displaying all of these charming ladies to illustrate a point being made about myself, that it would only be fair to take the added step of adding one more image (that has been posted before with a caption and later deleted) to sort of 'put my money where my mouth is':

Oh well.....maybe not the same as the fantasies running through my head lately, but definitely within the realm of  'embarrassing'. I'm not young enough, muscular enough, or endowed enough to delude myself into thinking this shot is flattering......just the humble truth. LOL


  1. Interesting that you are one of the most "out" people I know in this lifestyle, yet you are having nude exposure dreams.

    Oddly, I almost never have those. My metaphoric insecurity dreams mostly involve my teeth falling out or missing a test at school and flunking out.

    1. The nude dreams are just weird but not overly anxious. The anxiety nightmares almost always involve the same scenario in different school settings: the semester is ending, finals are being given, I have discovered that there are several classes I somehow never attended and in trying to find them I can't locate the classrooms in a maze of hallways and buildings.

      (And then there are the ones that are just some vampire/zombie/demon trying to kill me. I wake up yelling a lot. Drives Rosa crazy!)

  2. "And in that regard, I wonder what actually happened to her after this shot was taken?"

    A true sadist would fulfill her chalked desire by untying her and wrapping her up in a luxurious robe.

    Midwest Reader

    1. "True" and "Real" are a matter of opinion!

    2. Welcome M. W. That indeed would be cruel.....but what a waste! ;-)