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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

It's drizzling here in NJ right now but it's supposed to stop and hopefully allow for the Trick-or-Treaters to come out around dinnertime.  We'll see. In the meantime, I thought I would post a sort of "Halloween Collage" of art and photo images, personal and public, past and present, as a multi-media salute to my favorite day focusing on some of my favorite things! Enjoy!

Let's start with something new and creepy: 

Another piece I really like.....

.....and one referred to me by Dan.

And this one by Laurie Lipton is creepy yet has a slight DD flavor to it.

And now, to change things up, let's pay a visit to my favorite fictional family:

The BDSM innuendos in The Addams Family movies aren't even subtle.

And while this is cute, I can't help but wonder what Wednesday would ever be spanked for?

But if Wednesday can end up spanked, it could happen to anyone!

Obviously this Gypsy-girl didn't see THIS happening in her crystal ball!

Dark forces are always out to get ya......even in your dreams:

Or in our..................

.......kitchens?????? Wow imagine popping in here for a cold one during a Halloween Party and coming upon THIS scene? A willing 'spankee' is never safe!

Heck....we are not even safe in our own beds!!!!

Two years ago, I was spanked by this surprise visitor, and last year, Nickki came by on the morning of our Halloween party and spanked me in front of Rosa. I wonder if this year holds any surprises?

But there is more to life.....even kinky life....than just spanking. For example, we all have to eat:

You could start off with a little appetizer.....

.....before going for the main course.

Nor does 'being eaten' have to be unpleasant...'s a trick WITH a treat for everyone involved.....even if the target changes!

Afterwards just sidle up to the bar for a nice after dinner drink.

Or you could go Trick-or-Treating? It doesn't have to be just for kids:

Just don't overindulge on too much candy, or you might end up having to visit Nurse Klismania, like these poor kids of Sunnydale:

For a re-visit of my fictional resin figure town click here: Sunnydale

But  on Halloween even the dark clouds have deliciously dark linings, so once you're all cleaned out and feeling better, maybe your partner might take advantage of that opportunity for some costumed role play?

And what would Halloween be without PUMPKINS?

First you got to get one.....

....then carve it up. (But be careful with that knife!)

Once finished, you can proudly show off your work....among other things.

Though not everyone always ends up happy with the outcome. You have to love the wit of the carved expression on that lovely body!

And be safe! It's 2019 for goodness sake! Use battery-powered  lights in your Jack-O-Lanterns
....and save the candles for OTHER things!

And now that I have hopefully gotten you in the mood, slip into your costume........

.......or what there is of it........

And get your ass out there!

Don't be a baby about it! True some costumes are a bit uncomfortable, but it's Halloween!

And if you play your Tarot Cards right, that costume will be coming off before you know it!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It's tomorrow!

Do you have your costume ready? Here are a few ideas:

"Wonder" in: "I wonder why her top is down?" Can't you just picture her entangling some guy with her lariat of truth and asking: "so what do you think of these?"

A pirate and some 'booty'. This looks like they spent so much time and money on his costume that when it came to be her turn, this was all they could manage. I'm not complaining though and I doubt anyone else is either.

Cute, but I didn't know Zorro was a baby-snatcher? 

There's one in every crowd, right? that one person who just 'puts it all out there' while everyone else plays it safe.

Proof you don't need a lot to make an eye-catching costume.....just yarn and some tape!

Or maybe just a cheap mask? >thwip!<

It doesn't even need to be coherent......if you're going to be half naked!  I doubt anyone (besides me) is looking at her and thinking: "just what the fuck are you supposed to BE?"

Don't let your age hold you back. (Actually while a 20-something version of this outfit would be sexier, there's something about this that does give off a very witchy realism.)

And you don't need to be super-svelte either! It's Halloween! EVERYONE can get in on the fun.

This year I'm reprising my "Victorian Ghoul" from a few years ago. I had considered a new generational incarnation (1820s) but ran out of time. I did add a couple of minor twists to the ensemble, but you can see for yourself when I post the party pictures!

I'm still not in the best frame of mind, but it is clear that Rosa is sincerely trying to cope with her anxiety. She seems willing to try her best to cope with the party.....but I'm not going to swing on this pendulum of hope/despair. Whatever happens, happens.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween traditions

Does anyone here have any particular traditions they engage in prior to Halloween to "get themselves in the mood"? Is there a particular movie you re-watch? 

I love Jamie! * Chromosomes be damned.

A creepy story perhaps? 

If you intend to do a candlelit reading of  "The Raven", may I humbly offer my short story "C 5" (link)
to go along with it? long as it's just adults around. LOL

Maybe you and your SO visit a particular place that gets your skin goosepimply? Or maybe you have a favorite pumpkin patch? A carving ritual? A corn maze? Or nowadays, even a "zombie paintball hayride"?  Diehards may be into doing one of those ghost tours. Or maybe you like to go to something like "Frightfest" or one of those flashlight only, walk-through, jump-scare tours in old buildings?

I'm not much for these since many are lame, but I've been to the Philadelphia Prison during the day and it was creepy. Too bad this tour is expensive for several people to do together.

I've done my share of most of these but none have become full-on every year  traditions. Maybe it's my own need to change things up every now and then? 

But here's an easy chance for you all to participate. Just tell me what you do PRIOR to Halloween to get in the mood?.....even if it's not an every-year 'tradition'.


* 'Halloween' may be a classic......but so are these:

Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween is Thursday

And in NJ it looks like it's going to rain from tomorrow straight on through Friday. So much for doing my annual outdoor greeting of the trick or treaters. But given my current mood, perhaps it's for the best. I am barely managing enough enthusiasm to get through preparing for the party on Saturday. I ran some errands today and have just decided to not even bother with a few usual finishing touches to the indoor decor.  I am just going through the motions since  know people have already made plans for scheduling and costumes and are looking forward to the thing. (I wish I still was.)

My energy level runs pretty evidenced by what you all see displayed here...but my reserves are not infinite. I need to be rejuvenated and sustained. A degree of enthusiasm from those surrounding me usually is sufficient, but lately, especially with Ana away, I am only being siphoned but rarely replenished. Sometimes, but not enough right now.

Oh well. Life is hardly perfect. 

Anyway, enough of that. How about more creepy pieces of artwork to continue that theme? Here are a few more:

Ironically this one is called  "Gloomy Sunday". Too bad I didn't post it yesterday! It certainly would have fit.

What is it about old wallpaper? 

See? Not EVERY piece I like is strictly black & white!

There are a lot of images out there. Most are very well rendered. And most tend to be meticulous depictions of individual subjects.....mostly portrait-type stuff. But very few rise to a higher level and incorporate the entire space as part of the piece. I tend to look for pieces that are 'whole', not just a central disturbing figure. A figure can be scary but it's an overall atmosphere I appreciate most.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Dark Sunday

Not a great day over here for a number of reasons.....but as such perfect for another creepy image:


Rosa had to work  an evening shift today (a bit unusual but not unheard of) so we spent the morning being lazy and watched (or I should say RE-watched) "Shadow of the Vampire" (Click for more on this movie). If you have never seen it, I do recommend it. But if you have never seen the silent classic "Nosferatu" that first!

And after that the day went downhill. (Rosa has been experiencing increasingly frequent bouts of severe anxiety just prior to whatever party we have planned. It happened just before the RenFaire, and it's happening again now. Unfortunately anxiety is a tricky thing to deal with......especially when the person being affected by it is not one to seek therapy for it. I have tried all sorts of things to alleviate it, but nothing seems to have a lasting effect. The result for me is that rather than having a partner to help me with everything, I have to do everything myself and also cope with the added stress of her anxiety. I wouldn't even mind the solo work if she could just relax and enjoy the party as another guest if not hostess.  Fun fun fun.)

The weather has also been dreary. And now I'm just sitting all alone with my you guys get a post I hadn't planned on. LOL

Friday, October 25, 2019

A Friday Mix

Well, it's the end of the week and i have been busy with all sorts of things.....some more practical, some more 'fun'. Here's a fun one I just completed last night:

I intend to place this inside a snack bowl with whatever candy or chips making it look like the hand is rising from some void .

This was a Halloween project I had not planned on. However, one evening Rosa was cruising around Pinterest and saw something similar and said: "you should make something like this."  So I did. Interestingly, due to already having all sorts of 'bits & shits' laying around, I only had to spend around $2.00 on this. ( a cheap Dollar Store hand, and a base....only because I was being lazy and Walmart had a decent one for 97 cents.)

I sliced the knuckles of the hollow hand about halfway with a razor so I could position the fingers the way  wanted them with coat hanger wire inside. Then I made the arm out of some scrap dowels I had taking up space in the garage. I used paper towel this time with the liquid latex rather than toilet paper to give the skin a scaly, dimpled texture. And finally I just assembled it all and painted it. The eye was made from a discarded doll's eye  (plucked from the dolls I made last year) inserted into a ping pong ball, and enhanced with latex.

And since Halloween is now less than a week away, how is this for a painting project?

Though I suppose if one is going to 'take a brush to someone's behind', it won't end up like this. 

It will probably be more like these:

But not all Halloween is cuteness and kink.....especially in my house. I promised to share some of my favorite, creepy art pieces that I've found online, so here's one to start things off:

Not sure of the artist, but it's like a blend of Corot and Gorey!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Found one

......when I wasn't  looking! A while back I wrote a pretty detailed, three-part analysis of the sad state of "spanking cartoons". (and again, there are illustrations out there that I do not consider as part of this category: Franco, QBuzz, & Glenmore all do art or manips as much more of what I'd consider illustrations for their stories or fantasies rather than one-liner jokes. As such my critique is not directed at these types of spanking 'art'. ) I'm talking about cartoons or comics with the intent to deliver a punchline....or at the very least, a juxtaposition of subjects that resonates humorously with spanko people.

There aren't many.

But when I least expected it, I stumbled upon this one:

Ms. Merry has informed me that "whinging" is Britspeak for incessant complaining. (I had just assumed someone spelled "whining" incorrectly!)

Then I did find this humorous take on the all-too-often boring spanking machine:

Apologies for the Cartoonstock logo. The only problem with this one is that if you think too much about it, you realize: A. It would never be allowed for the reason depicted, & B. Instead of bratty kids, you'd probably have a bunch of  frustrated adult spankos waiting in line 
with a pocketful of quarters.

I also want to post a couple "vintage" comics that while not hysterical, DO depart from the lame reliance on the spanking AS the punchline. They deserve credit for that at least.

The punchline is about parental a nicely twisted way.

No big belly laugh here, but the punchline is the humorous irony of what TRULY attracts attention. I could see a modern re-working of this gag being pretty effective.

But while neither of those vintage comics ranks as a gem, I did find something that made me laugh.....especially after the whole Tumblr "Nipple debacle". It's not spanking-oriented, but at least I think it's funny: