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Friday, October 25, 2019

A Friday Mix

Well, it's the end of the week and i have been busy with all sorts of things.....some more practical, some more 'fun'. Here's a fun one I just completed last night:

I intend to place this inside a snack bowl with whatever candy or chips making it look like the hand is rising from some void .

This was a Halloween project I had not planned on. However, one evening Rosa was cruising around Pinterest and saw something similar and said: "you should make something like this."  So I did. Interestingly, due to already having all sorts of 'bits & shits' laying around, I only had to spend around $2.00 on this. ( a cheap Dollar Store hand, and a base....only because I was being lazy and Walmart had a decent one for 97 cents.)

I sliced the knuckles of the hollow hand about halfway with a razor so I could position the fingers the way  wanted them with coat hanger wire inside. Then I made the arm out of some scrap dowels I had taking up space in the garage. I used paper towel this time with the liquid latex rather than toilet paper to give the skin a scaly, dimpled texture. And finally I just assembled it all and painted it. The eye was made from a discarded doll's eye  (plucked from the dolls I made last year) inserted into a ping pong ball, and enhanced with latex.

And since Halloween is now less than a week away, how is this for a painting project?

Though I suppose if one is going to 'take a brush to someone's behind', it won't end up like this. 

It will probably be more like these:

But not all Halloween is cuteness and kink.....especially in my house. I promised to share some of my favorite, creepy art pieces that I've found online, so here's one to start things off:

Not sure of the artist, but it's like a blend of Corot and Gorey!


  1. a friend of mine used to decorate for Halloween and he had a dummy by the front door and he had a mic. so he could talk thru the dummy.

    1. I like that. My favorite Halloween gag (which I did many years ago) is to set up a large cardboard box as a table with a hole in the center. Then you cover it and put a plastic candy bowl over the hole which also has a hole in the bottom. Then a person resides inside the box out of view and when a trick-or-treater's hand enters the bowl, they grab it. Priceless!