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Monday, October 21, 2019


This past weekend, Rosa and I, along with a friend and my son, spent some time camping at a State Park here in NJ. It went pretty well, but it was surprisingly cold at night. (like 32 degrees cold!) But we survived, and the days were very nice.

My only "adult-oriented" regret is that we didn't have the privacy necessary to indulge in a bit of outdoor frolicking, and on Sunday when we did, it started to rain. But, these things happen. Still, I think given my past, I tend to associate camping with some kinky fun in the woods and when it doesn't happen, I feel like I missed another opportunity for adventure. And a few things this weekend highlighted for me the unpleasant fact that....well.......I'm not 19 anymore. As such, missed chances for adventures now seem more regrettable since I'm starting to wonder how much 'sand' is left in the hourglass of opportunity.

One highlight of the trip was when Rosa went exploring on her own and discovered what appears to be "The Perfect Campsite" in a spot we have never tried before. So it looks like we will do whatever it takes to book in advance and get that spot for next year.

Here is a nice shot of a fast run-off and pool in Tillman's Ravine:

The last time we were here, a group of people were sitting in the pool.....something that certainly ruined the view.

I have a bit to do today, but wanted to post at least briefly.  I also have another new cartoon in the works, with an idea for yet another. I appreciate the positive reaction to the last series, so thanks to all who had nice things to say!

I'm not sure why, but I'm in an odd mood. I'm hoping that I can shake it off as the day goes on. Considering how the weekend went, I would have expected to feel more relaxed.....but I have this anxiety-thing brewing. With luck it'll pass.


  1. It's been a number of years since we've gone camping, and it always seems fun in retrospect. Then, I remember the cold nights, back aches from sleeping on the hard ground, poor quality sleep, etc. But, I am with you on the issue of sand in the hourglass. I've had a lot of nagging physical problems the last few months, probably age related, and it made me wonder whether last year was my last season for certain activities, and I let them pass by without knowing that would be my last.

    1. Hmmm, once again it sounds like we have similar ....while perhaps not identical....concerns.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I haven't gone camping in about 7 years, and yes, I do miss it, but like Dan, I feel way too "creaky" to do it anymore.

    1. I am just going to keep doing whatever I can and just wince through the pain.....until I just physically can't. It is a bit scary though....this whole 'mortality-thing'.

  3. Yes, getting chilly for camping! Once again I read your post and nod my head in agreement.
    Have had some kinky fun while at my in laws "camp" and always hope for more when we are there. Also have had what I call "hot hotel monkey sex" when staying at hotels in the past. Probably because we were away children, but also being in a different place helps lessen the inhibitions. I still hopefully pack a big bag of "toys" when we are going to a hotel.
    I also agree on the "running out of time" issue as we age and the physical limitations we start running into. When was the last time I rode my bicycle?
    Thanks for the update, looking forward to more cartoons.

    1. You are welcome, Bill. We do seem to have a little group here with a lot of overlap to our experiences and thinking....even as we remain individual and unique as well.