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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Found one

......when I wasn't  looking! A while back I wrote a pretty detailed, three-part analysis of the sad state of "spanking cartoons". (and again, there are illustrations out there that I do not consider as part of this category: Franco, QBuzz, & Glenmore all do art or manips as much more of what I'd consider illustrations for their stories or fantasies rather than one-liner jokes. As such my critique is not directed at these types of spanking 'art'. ) I'm talking about cartoons or comics with the intent to deliver a punchline....or at the very least, a juxtaposition of subjects that resonates humorously with spanko people.

There aren't many.

But when I least expected it, I stumbled upon this one:

Ms. Merry has informed me that "whinging" is Britspeak for incessant complaining. (I had just assumed someone spelled "whining" incorrectly!)

Then I did find this humorous take on the all-too-often boring spanking machine:

Apologies for the Cartoonstock logo. The only problem with this one is that if you think too much about it, you realize: A. It would never be allowed for the reason depicted, & B. Instead of bratty kids, you'd probably have a bunch of  frustrated adult spankos waiting in line 
with a pocketful of quarters.

I also want to post a couple "vintage" comics that while not hysterical, DO depart from the lame reliance on the spanking AS the punchline. They deserve credit for that at least.

The punchline is about parental a nicely twisted way.

No big belly laugh here, but the punchline is the humorous irony of what TRULY attracts attention. I could see a modern re-working of this gag being pretty effective.

But while neither of those vintage comics ranks as a gem, I did find something that made me laugh.....especially after the whole Tumblr "Nipple debacle". It's not spanking-oriented, but at least I think it's funny:


  1. Always liked Dan DeCarlo's stuff, mostly done before he started drawing the "Archie" comics. Would've LOVED seeing Betty and Veronica spanked...

    1. Google it and you'll get your wish! There are TONS of Archie spanking spoof cartoons!

    2. Oh I know. But I actually meant IN the actual comic books when I was a kid. There's a lot of weird "unauthorized" drawing regarding the Archie characters from a variety of artists. Not just spanking either...

    3. Yes, you can search out ANY character or show and find all sorts of "fan art" taking them in all sorts of directions!

    4. Crimson Kid (C.K.)October 26, 2019 at 8:28 PM

      Actually, I do recall seeing one real "Archie" comic story in which Veronica was spanked by her father, after she'd been under the impression that he was actually someone else in disguise and thus had been defiant to him, even pulling his hair... --C.K.

  2. FIRST POINT: Whinging is NOT misspelled. It's a British term meaning "to complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way."

    I'll be back!

    1. All are funny in their own way. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and a gleam in my eye!

    2. Thanks for that clarification. I guess I have been more conditioned to misspellings than I have to Brit-speak. ;-)