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Monday, October 14, 2019

Full Fall Weekend

Hey all!  What a weekend! It's hard to believe my last post was only a couple of days ago. As you last recall, I had just finished a day of bedroom clean-up, while plugged with the girthy "squid" and was anticipating a short but hard spanking for my dare-induced, but genuine confession of having not made the bed even when I could have easily done so.

However, Rosa called to inform me that she'd be working late and by the time she got home and we ate, we both sort of 'hit the wall' energy-wise. The next day was spent hiking with some work friends of Rosa's and so it wasn't until Sunday that Rosa finally had me kicking over her lap. She stuck with the 100 I had offered (which surprised me a bit, because the way she lectured me, I really thought she was going to add on more) but they were exceptionally hard. Despite it's playful origins the spanking itself was anything but. Ouch!

The exact details are off, but the essence of how confessing to feeling guilty over not making our bed as per our household rules played out for me is there.

But the weekend was very enjoyable overall. The hike was great. (part of it involved revisiting a place I used to go with my father.....50 years ago!)  Rosa and I spent a lot of time together. I pampered her a bit, worked on some projects with her and on my own, and later yesterday she and I took Osito out for an early birthday dinner at a Peruvian restaurant we like. 

Another fortuitous occurrence was when Rosa was working on re-organizing our kitchen and by pure, ridiculous luck, found my missing glasses. This was a relatively new pair that disappeared inexplicably after I came home from a fishing outing. But get this: she found them in a container in the back of a cabinet mixed in with an array of cookie-cutters! I would never have found them there and they probably would have remained in that box until Ana returned home and decided to do some baking. I have a theory as to how they got there but am frankly just relieved they were found before I just went out and got another pair......which I was recently contemplating doing. (Saved some coin on this one!)

At one point, Ana texted me and we were chatting about this and that when she told me about a movie she wanted me to watch so we could discuss it. I asked if it was on Netflix and she informed me it wasn't so I said I could probably just rent it. It was all very innocent and matter-of-fact, so I was blushingly surprised when my Little Monster, out of nowhere, tossed out a teasing threat:

Obviously her next to last remark should have read: "spend 3 dollars" (the cost of a movie rental).

I added this tidbit to show that Ana's playful bossiness with regard to me obeying her wishes is not some projected illusion but a genuine part of how we interact. Granted she isn't a screeching harpy over stuff, but her text is pretty clear in its implied ramifications should I ignore her cinematic request. 

This Friday Rosa and I are going camping with my son and a longtime friend of mine. As such I have been gathering up the needed equipment and making sure everything is in order.  Still, I should have time to put up some posts this week before we leave.


  1. the mixture of playful kink and day to day life is very refreshing in this post

  2. and yes you most definetly need to do as you are told and rent the movie

    1. Oh, I know! Truth be told, Ana is not as inherently kinky as I am to be sure, but she definitely enjoys knowing she has me....and others....wrapped around her finger. She also knows it takes very little on her end to ensure real consequences on my end....(pun intended LOL).